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Thu May 20 13:07:51 PDT 1999


Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel. Greetings, my dears. How pleasant it is to be in
such intimate association for I am sitting here among you for sure enjoying
your repartee, your interaction, and especially noting the freedom with
which you have conversed and shared with each other. This is, of course,
partly due to the numbers that are diminished this evening for it is easier
to engage in a conversation with fewer people.  But it is also due to your
sincerity and your efforts in spiritual growth in obedience to your high
calling, to your voluntary giving of yourself to doing the will of our
Father in heaven. 

This evening there are with me a number of friends and guests. Of course
your personal teachers are all in attendance. I have a request from Larenzo
for a few moments and you will be hearing from him. Also Klarixiska, wishes
to make some comments. And we shall see who else might turn up in this
congregation tonight. 

I have no prepared lesson because the configuration of your intimacy lends
itself more to a seminar approach than to a lecture. We wish to truly
interact with you and so please remember you are not confined to the role of
questioner only but you are of equal dignity status to us even though we are
older and more experienced. And now Larenzo wishes to greet you. One moment.

Larenzo (Bill): My friends, I am Larenzo. And as is my custom I am extremely
pleased and excited to be given voice in the company of my peers; for I wish
to offer words of encouragement to you all including my special charge, Ken.
Thank you for your opening prayer, Roxy, acknowledging the joy of your life
and the beauty therein, for this is the way we perceive it, having passed
beyond the veil of mortality into the morontial status. 

It is very difficult and requires much effort for you to shatter the mirrors
of cultural repetition who picture reality in a manner that is completely
incorrect; for your culture says that you are merely animals accidently
evolved with no intelligent purpose at the center of the universe and that
your lives are harassed by evil and powerful forces that you cannot
surmount. But the truth is just the opposite. And I don't need to elaborate
to you tonight about this. 

My friends, the task that you are beginning is truly enormous for you are
the first to model the life lived in morontial reality: the life of the soul
rather than the life of your animal nature. Oh, I know your animal nature is
still with you and if you were on a normal planet it would be much easier.
Still in all, you are in fact truly "In this world but not of it," to use
phrases from the New Testament. Your biggest job, or at least one of your
largest tasks, is to keep this perception at the conscious level of your
mind so that you don't slip back into the illusions that are the result of
the original lies told by Lucifer and his cohorts. 

You see, when you are asked how it is that you love, where most people are
angry, that you are not afraid, where most people are cowering in fear, you
must refer to your reality which is consonant with God's reality. And in the
telling of your reality do you present your listeners with literally
mind-boggling information. It is much more than a mere exchange of opinions
when you bear witness to the truth that you have experienced so that you
know that it is truly your truth, and yet which does in fact exist, on its
own, outside your own minds and their capacities for perception. The trouble
with the lie is that it closes people's minds. It throws up walls that block
out the possibility of seeing the greater reality. This is the difficulty
with your interactions with people as they hear you and see you live from a
Source of life which they truly have not made contact with. And yet, as the
Urantia book says, they can be starving in the presence of a feast. 

I would counsel you to start with an approach which directs them to turn
within and hear their own God-fragment guiding, directing, whispering,
suggesting, rather than as Isaac likes to think, constructing some
intellectual vehicle that will bring them around. Some people do indeed have
the capacity and interest to think along logical lines but even this
intellectualizing, while it has value, must always be combined with
experiential approach to truth. Yes, you can say, "Well this is what works
for me. This is how I have come to discover God within." And you can
recommend quiet time. You can also tell them, "Is there anything in
your universe which you believe to be true that you are not following
through on?" For it is a spiritual law that no new truth will be given to
one who has not acted on the truth he or she already has. Well, these are my
suggestions for you in the midst of your many interchanges. 

I thank you for listening to me and I would be willing to interact with you
because this has been given to me tonight to do. So, what would you like to
say to me? Are you interested in a conversation?

Ken: Thank you, Larenzo. You touched upon many of the subjects that we
talked about this evening in our socialization part of this. I don't know if
I have a particular question but I would like to say thank you to you and to
the many others that are with me and give me the insight into many of my
questions that I have in my mind; particularly the answers from the First

Larenzo (Bill): Ken, it is such an honor for us to be associated with you
mortals that we feel just as grateful as you do for this interaction.

Ken: We are more grateful than you.

Larenzo (Bill): I will not argue with you. But I will say, "You really don't
know that."

Ken: I don't think I really won that one, did I? 

Virginia: Larenzo, I had a question and it's from a very beautiful
illustration that Ken gave months ago, I'm sure, on a wheelbarrow, if I
remember right, full of, actually, bricks. And he was saying that he throws
out the bricks if it doesn't fit and if it doesn't work for him and the load
gets lighter. And I have not forgotten that, but he gave you the credit. He
said he's sure that unconsciously he heard you tell it. And yet he always
says he is deaf and that he can't hear you. And so, I wonder if you would
comment on this.

Larenzo (Bill): You wish to put me in an embarrassing position?

Virginia: No, I wish to give credit to Ken if indeed it comes from his mind
because I do think it was really very beautiful and sometimes we
underestimate what we are. And so that's why I am asking.

Larenzo (Bill): I thank you for these words my dear. I wish to reply in
general to all of you and not merely to Ken. 

Your perceptions are accurate in that our truth that we share with you
interacts with your personality, and any truth that you recognize to be your
truth has in fact come through the filtering process of your personality,
the intellectual aspect but also the values that are implied and the
meanings thereof. You see, it is little understood on your planet how much
of human thought is borrowed, is truly circuit-like and it is the
prerogative of the personality through its will/choice function to open the
doors of perception to impact the mind with new information and new
understandings of the meanings of the relationships of factual information
and filter that through the values which act as a screen.  There are
differences in the capacity of people in terms of what you call
intelligence. That is a fact. But everyone of normal mind has the same
opportunity to impact truth in their lives. Therefore they are responsible
for the degree to which they are willing to be led by truth, which is
synonymous with being led by God. 

Many spiritual influences effect your thinking. Your thought Adjuster is
leveraging your thinking when you place that fulcrum so that you can
experience an elevation of values and new insights. Michael's Spirit of
Truth is within you as well. And the Mother's Spirit's Holy Spirit's circuit
is active. The conclusion of all of this, in answer to your question....of
course Ken is responsible for his part in his understanding that, to use the
illustration of the wheelbarrow, we all carry the wheelbarrows full of the
scaffolding of truth that has in our past served a good purpose. There is
also in that wheelbarrow the erroneous bricks of misunderstanding and
illusion which have a long history going back to the rebellion. 

It is therefore incumbent on every person with a heavy wheelbarrow to
frequently sort through the load to discern what was scaffolding of truth
that is no longer needed and put that aside. And also find out where the
rotten bricks, that crumble under pressure are, and also to discard them.
Actually, as some are discarded, you will discover along the path that you
wheel your wheelbarrow, that there are beautiful stones that you desire to
pick up and add to the load. New understanding and truth also requires
continued effort so that at no time does the wheelbarrow become empty and
require no effort to put it in motion.

Virginia: Shucks!

Larenzo (Bill): Has this helped you in your question?

Virginia: Yes, it has and you reminded me of the full beauty of that
illustration, too, Larenzo. And I thank you for taking time to answer that.

Larenzo (Bill): And I enjoyed myself. 

Ken: Thank you for helping me understand what I said.

Virginia: I'm not sure I wanted to pick up any more stones. Oh dear.

Larenzo (Bill): you see, this process doesn't stop with your mortal career's
termination but continues. It is, of course, well known to you  who read the
book that the universe is one vast school. The difference is the effort that
you undergo in morontial education, and even more so its spirit education, I
am told, is of a different nature.  It does not tire the soul. It does not
discourage you. You don't become exhausted. But as you rely more and more on
worship for rest, the effort to do the will of God has a different flavor.
Words that I would like to use I cannot translate. 

And so, Letah, do not be discouraged by my words that you will continue to
pick up new stones because the weariness associated with work will lighten
until it fundamentally changes into a different kind of effort.

Virginia: Thank you.

Larenzo (Bill): My friends, I have been overzealous in my time with you for
there is another who wishes to speak. She does desire her usual TR if she is
willing. If she is not willing, we will proceed through Isaac's mind.

Virginia: I would appreciate it if you would do it through Isaac tonight. 

Klarixiska (Bill): My dear, I respect your fatigue and shyness. I am
Klarixiska and I spend much time in the presence of Virginia/Letah, and
Bill/Isaac. Alkon and I are best pals and we have had a very mutually
beneficial relationship. 

I want you all to know that I speak for your personal teachers, everyone's
in this room, when I say that it is truly an honor for us to associate with
you. I know that some of you feel that the honor is all yours. And that's
fine. But you don't know your value, even as I know it. Oh, yes, you're
getting some glimpses now. But if you could only understand how much God
loves you as a most treasured, valuable, irreplaceable, unique, beautiful
child of his! If you could understand this, it would transform your life. I
know that you are beginning to understand this in various degrees. But you
have a legacy of Luciferian thinking which runs so deep in this culture. The
shame of that deceiver has tarnished the races for thousands of years. You
don't deserve that
shame. You are not born in sin. All of that is legend. All of that is the
legacy which I call you to consciously reject. 

If I could extend my arms around you each so that you could feel this love
that even I experience, you would have a greater understanding of the arms
of God which encircle your soul. Please go into stillness now and feel those
comforting, loving arms. See that smile of pure delight on the face of your
Father and your Mother. 

(Long pause)

You do so well, my friends, to swim upstream against the currents, to stand
up for truth when it is hard to do, to follow the Master's loving ways when
your culture calls for hate and retaliation. Oh, some day we shall all stand
on Paradise itself, perfected Finaliters and joined in the worship of the
eternal Central universe. We shall bow down before the shining of the great
Trinity presence. We shall become perfect in our sphere as God is in His. It
shall be so. 

I desire you all to stand and hold hands. Let us worship. 

Oh, great final Parent of all parents, Father of all fathers, and Mother of
all mothers, we worship You. Our words fail us in our adoration and our love
but you know our hearts, you see our thoughts and our feelings. We long to
be at home with You, although we know we must make much progress before we
can see the shining of Your glory. All praise, all honor be unto You!
Forever, and ever may it be so.  Amen.

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