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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Teachers of Truth, Voice of God
Teachers: Elyon, Malvantra, Lester

May 16, 1999
*	Elyon (Ginnie TR):  Good morning, this is Elyon.  We are so delighted that
you have had such a lively discussion on matters of the spirit.  It is a most
pleasing experience for us to witness so much liveliness, so much interest, so
much enthusiasm in your search for truth.  We are awed.  We can come to you
week.  We can tell you our lessons.  We can help you understand the difficulties
of concepts and relationships, but it is also a great delight for us to sit
around, so to speak, and listen to what you have to say.  It makes us feel like
we are indeed good teachers.  It is heartening and humbling -- for we still have
these experiences -- to witness your devotion to truth, beauty, and goodness. 
There is a great sense of sharing among you; there is a great sense of love. 
There is a great sense of generosity among you for being willing to keep your
light shining.
	We are beginning to have a relationship with you that is more cooperative
than it was before, in the sense that you are beginning to think of
yourselves as
teachers and colleagues of ours.  You are beginning  more and more to take on
this role and think of yourselves as truth sharers, healers, as disseminators of
truth, as searchers, and this is precisely what we have come to do on your
planet, to begin to form groups of intensely trained persons who will he able to
aid us in the future and in the present when new truths, new realities, will
to be looked at, will force their way into your consciousness. (By force I mean
the force of recognition and the force of love.)  You will need souls who are
informed as well as devoted.  It is one thing to have information; it is yet
another to learn its applications, and I see in all of you a deep desire to have
both the correct information and understanding as well as the ability to apply
these truths in your everyday lives.
	It is indeed true that we are with you always and that we immensely enjoy
your questions and your grappling with problems both in the practical and in the
mental world.  Feel secure in the knowledge that you are blessed with much help,
and you are immensely able to perform these duties of spreading the truth and of
developing a relationship of compassion and concern for those around you.
	Yes, indeed, your planet is very much beginning to realize that there is a
bigger picture, there are deeper meanings, and sometimes, as on a planet of your
status, it takes tragedy and suffering to learn these things.  But they are
	I come to you today simply to remind you of your importance as teachers and
lovers of truth.
	Feel not inadequate or unworthy.  Feel your ability to share and reveal all
that you know.  There will never be a time when everything will be accepted. 
There never will be a time when all will eagerly welcome your words.  Even our
master Michael was constantly confronted with those who could not understand. 
This is where your skills are most needed, to find a way to reflect our Father's
love in a way that can be accepted and understood by those you deal with.  Love
has many facets, and you will spend much time; much, much time; learning all
about love.
	These are my words to you today.
*	Malvantra (Jonathan):  I am Malvantra Melchizedek, and I join with Elyon
today in recognizing your spiritual abilities as ministers of light.  You have
been encouraged to use your receptive listening abilities to enhance discernment
of truth, to better sharpen and to increase your rate of recognizing lessons as
they come into your experience.
	You are familiar with the voice of God that resides within you.  In your
life you will benefit continually from this ever-present expression of the
Father.  Since we recognize you as teachers, you have the ability to express
voice of God for others.  Our encouragement is for you to further develop this
	As young ascenders in this universe, you may not feel advanced enough to be
a conduit of the voice of God, but you can regard yourself in two similar ways: 
You may consider yourself a voice from God or a voice for God.  	
	We teachers have come on assignment from the Creator and bring lessons
directed to you for your benefit that are composed and coordinated by our
superiors.  We then come as a voice from God, for we relay to you, we hand down
to you, truth as it has been placed in our custody to carry to you.  All your
training, all your advancement in the soul realm on spiritual levels, has
qualified you to be a relayer, to carry from God to another the truth or beauty
or goodness He would reveal.
	As a voice for God, a greater element of faith will enter into your action,
for here you are speaking as His child.  You may not have a clear sense that
you convey is precisely His wording, His lesson plan.  However, you are His
child; you are a qualified member of His family, and you have the right to speak
the truth as you know it.  You have done your homework; you have made your
realizations, and you have the ability to speak for Him.  Trust always that the
voice of God residing within you is your standard and your guidepost for how you
express.  To be an apostle, to be a teacher, you are given that recognition from
above, and you have applied yourself to be receptive and therefore worthy of the
	Ever throughout your spiritual career you will benefit from the voice of
God as it speaks to you, but you will not always be able to rest assured
that the
expressions you make in ministry are exactly of God.  They may be from or for
Him.  Herein lies the duty of an ambassador of spirit to represent the Father to
your highest enlightenment and trust that in your sincerity and integrity the
right truth will be conveyed, or at least further lessons will come your way for
greater understanding, and that with this honesty you will be most effective to
convey or to further receive truth.
	No matter what manner of expressing, the important point is that the voice
that is God is ever-present and will make itself expressed depending on the
circumstances, the will reception of others, and the level of comprehension.
	 I have finished my lesson for today.  I thank you for receiving my words.
*	Elyon (Ginnie):  Another little footnote is that truth has many facets; it
can be expressed in many ways.  The truth of your being, the truth of your
personality, the truth of your love, the truth of your knowledge, the truth of
your compassion, all these are aspects and facets of truth.  You would be
encouraged to let all of it hang out.  Truth does not reside only in the
intellect; it is a reality of being.
	Ginnie:  Lester heard his name and he is present.  He couldn't resist.
*	Lester (Ginnie):  This is Lester. I am here to lighten you guys up a little
bit.  I heard someone mention my name, so here I am.  I too am an aspect of
truth, believe it or not.  I represent that lightness of spirit and fun that is
also an aspect of truth.  I encourage all of you to let your fun side hang out
more often.  Let your lightness of being be enjoyed by others.  This is my
special ministry, and, believe me, it is definitely truthful.
	Jonathan:  Welcome.  When you made it to the mansion worlds, you found the
morontia experience like bootcamp, too rigid for you.  You demonstrate this
lightness of being, laughter, which shows us that as we face difficulties we
not be gloomy.  We can still be cheerful, playful.  I welcome your contribution
to the mission of this demonstration.
*	Lester:  Right on, brother.  I had a thought.  Maybe I am having a senior
	Jonathan:  You didn't forget, did you?
*	Lester:  Yes, I did.  My channel here is grappling with it.  Yes, thank
you, I can guarantee you that recognizing the truth, when you recognize and
acknowledge truth in an of itself makes you joyful.  Truth sets you free;
remember that.  It does not bind or constrict.  It does not put you in fear. 
Truth releases you from these constrictions so that you can express your true
being.  Learn to recognize those moments of truth as wonderful, bright, happy
moments.  They are not moments of drudgery and fear.  These expressions of God
are filled with light and happiness.
	Those are pretty serious words coming from me, but I tell you it's the
	Have a good spring.
	Jonathan:  Since we mentioned your name I had my antenna up wondering if
you would make contact today.  I got the line, "There is even beauty in dirty
laundry."  Do you have anything to say about laundry?
*	Lester:  Laundry what?
	Jonathan:  Laundry and truth recognition.  Or how truth can be derived from
*	Lester:  Are you talking about the physical aspect of doing the laundry?
	Jonathan:  I don't know.
	*Lester:  Laundry can be looked at in many ways.  It can be drudgery.  It
can be cleansing.  You see, it is how we approach what we do all day.  It is not
what we do, it's the spirit in which we do it.  There are many happy ditch
diggers and many sad CEO's.  Hopefully there are many happy CEO's and sad ditch
diggers!  So, those are my words of wisdom, that your spirit that you approach
any task, if you are speaking of laundry as a task.  You could turn even love
into a task if you really want to make work for yourself.  Or you could make
laundry an act of love.  So, you make your choice.
	Are these words wise enough?
	Jonathan:  I appreciate them.  Thank you.

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