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Bill Kelly billk at ida.net
Thu May 13 23:26:39 PDT 1999

May 7, 1999 

Alkon:(Bill): Greetings my friends. My name is Alkon. I am Isaac's personal
teacher. Many of you are familiar with me but not all. As was intimated in
past discussion, we personal teachers are part of this Pocatello/ Southeast
Idaho teacher base and we are invited to contribute to the teaching plans
for all of you. 

I am impressed with your willingness to be at ease with each other and to
share things of importance and significance as well as to engage in the
lighter social banter which keeps the wheels of communication greased and
makes it possible to keep a balance between serious discussion and humor. 

You have touched this evening upon a most important point on which I wish to
elaborate. Along with the overall purpose of the ascension career to become
perfect in your sphere, as God is perfect in his/hers, there is the
secondary goal of experiencing the nature of God in inter relationships with
other beings of dignity status. It is obvious on your retarded world,
through no fault of its own, that you are a long ways from experiencing the
essential unity which all freewill intelligence shares in this cosmic
siblinghood; but it is also true that you do experience the humanizing oils
of familial bonds and cultural unity which is essential for human life. 

All of this is a developmental journey. Just as an infant first finds the
source of nourishment and comfort in his mother and then expands his world
to include her father as well as her mother and other care givers, so do
you, in your spiritual journey, begin your most profound and intimate
relationship with your divine Parent. And once that is clearly established
are you then able to recognize a wider and broader world which embraces your
brothers and sisters and even those of us unseen to your mortal eyes. You
realize that the purpose of life is, indeed, in establishing your
connections with other people and in expanding your family relationships to
embrace a wide universe. 

This is only at the barest beginnings in your mortal career, for you do not
as yet meet fact to face with the orders of angels and the divine Sons, the
Morontia Companions and the mortals ascended from other planets as well as
the natives of various station-stops on our universe ascension career. But
you have all taken steps of courage and dared to experience that which was
not familiar to you, contact with those of  us who have gone before you in
the ascension career. At the same time your vision embraces this planet and
you see your essential connection with every other mortal in a way which
truly few others have embraced in its fulness as you have. I say these
things not to enhance your ego so that it becomes that unruly task master. I
tell you this truth because it is your privilege and task to, by your
demonstration of this reality of siblinghood,  teach your brothers and
sisters who you interact with every day that there is a life that is
possible beyond the walls of fear and the boundaries of trust, so familiar
in your culture.

Therefore, my friends, I enjoin you to continue the efforts that you make in
your own spiritual development between yourself and your indwelling Fragment
of the Father, because as you do this, do you also experience the greater
reality of your siblinghood. Cherish your families. Enhance all good that is
represented and effected by healthy family relationships. Transcend, and by
your transcendence, show to others that there can be such a thing as
functional personal relationships, functional families, functional marriages. 

I say to you, "Welcome to the cosmic family of God." Open the arms of your
heart to embrace each other and so experience the exhilaration of the
enhancement of Supreme experience as we are all part of the evolution of God
the Supreme. Some day, my friends, we shall all know each other in a flash
when the Supreme has completed itself and we will share such a profound
unity that there is no way we can imagine it. This I have been taught and
this I know to be true. But now, we can experience it in some measure. I
say, "Enjoy each other" and thank you for the opportunity to interact. Good

Alexis: (Cathy): This is Alexis. I would like for each of you to, in your
mind, picture a perfect sphere of glass. There are many who would search for
beauty and meaning by spending hours gazing into the sphere
of glass when in actuality your capacity for the appreciation of beauty– be
it a flower, a mountain, an animal – is directly proportional to your
acknowledgment of beauty in yourself. The greater your recognition of your
status as a beautiful child of God, the more readily do you recognize
beautiful things exterior to yourself. 
There is another who desires to speak. I will withdraw.

Aaron: Greetings. I am Aaron. Good evening, friends. Tonight I would like to
take this opportunity to talk with you concerning service.  Indeed, you each
have perspectives regarding this word. I would like for you to share with
me, if you would, regarding your views on service as it pertains to your
outward look at humanity. How you would perceive to serve others? And, if
you would, give me an example of how you spend time in service to yourself
and your inner development. 

Pat, my friend, I would like it if you could share with me on how you view
the term, "Service" as it relates to yourself and others in your life. Would
you be willing?

Pat: Yes. When you say service to yourself, I had not thought in those terms
very much. Service to myself – when you said that, I guess that's really
important and I haven't thought too much about that other than my
quiet time. I would say that is a service to myself. Service with others, I
have thought a lot about, and have not quite known how to go about that,
other than, since I am not a very outgoing person, I'm not very aggressive.
So, I try to perceive people in my everyday work life and personal life and
just see how they are feeling and if there's some little gesture that I can
give them, just a smile or something. I try to be aware of that for the
people I come in contact with, or try to make their life a little bit
easier. In the workplace if I can help get their work done and help them in
any way, I try to do that – and try to not do it begrudgingly. Is that what
you were after?

Aaron (Bob): Yes. Thank you. How do you feel is the balance between inward
and outward sharing? Do you feel that you offer yourself enough value such
that you feel comfortable with the manifestation of giving to
others if you're understanding me, I am simply wondering if you feel that
the time you offer to yourself supports your outward efforts by
strengthening adequately.

Pat: Probably not. I probably need to spend more time probably in service to
myself so I am stronger. I would probably be able to serve others better if
my base were stronger. 

Aaron:  I know that from our perspective, you are a consistent beacon of
kindness and at the same time we recognize this unsurity in yourself.
Therefore do I probe simply to offer you an opportunity to ponder while at
the same time, offering you recognition from ourselves that you are a very
dependable person when it comes to feeling goodness toward others. I hope
this conversation has helped you somewhat, my friend.

Pat: It has, Aaron. Thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome. As before, I do not particularly desire to converse
large-scale with all of you. So some of you can rest easy. But a couple
others are here that I would like their perspectives shared.

Mike, my friend. I do indeed want to extend my friendship and welcome to
you. And I would certainly like to understand and share with you regarding
how you view service to others and inwardly how you work to
give yourself a sense of respect such that it enables your outward life to
be most effective in relating with humanity. Do you understand what I am
asking from you?

Mike: Not really.

Aaron:  Simply that, when you think of the term service, how do you view its
value or importance? And when I mention inward service towards self in a
non-selfish manner, but self developing manner?

Mike: Service is, how I view it, would be more helping people, humanity,
trying to live a good life. I don't feel like I'm doing a lot of service to
myself, or taking the time for myself a lot of times. But there is room for
me to grow, I know that. I think about things all the time, about steps in
my life, which direction I want to go. And how I know I can be of more
service to people, humanity, my family, my wife. I don't feel like I have, I
know the inner feelings that to build myself could probably have some work
done on them. But I know I am not against service to other people, helping

Aaron: Thank you. Indeed, I hope you all do not feel scrutinized by my
desire to communicate with you for this is not a test to see how good or bad
you are in manifesting these things. Rather I am interested
in hearing your perspectives and perhaps sharing with those of you who, too
this point, I have not had particular communication with regularly.  So I
look at these opportunities as time to be more chummy. 

I would also, in your case, Mike, mention that as humans you should not
necessarily underestimate the value of simple kindness. And I know as we
teachers sometimes communicate global and universal concepts your ideas of
what constitutes service to humanity may become viewed in a more macro sense
rather than a micro view. That we truly would like to encourage, which is
the day to day human desire to do good to others –that service motivation,
to see others become the best that they can be and to become equally as good
a person according to one's moral code, as they can be. And this, I would
like to point out to you, as well, that it is obvious to many that consider
themselves to be your friend that you are one who serves endlessly. My only
perspective back would be to also hear how you can better develop yourself
such that you are most effective in manifesting to a larger degree those
inner desires that you hold. Thank you for sharing with me this evening, my

Isaac, how are you doing, friend?

Bill: Well I'm a little ill tonight. Do you want me to answer your question?

Aaron: Yes, friend. I did want to take a moment and thank you for your
consistent willingness to be there for us in service to vocalize our words
to the extent that you are capable and knowing that you are somewhat under
the weather, so to speak, we appreciate your willingness to share and thank
you for your service in this regard.

Bill: I thank you for your "thank you." And I also enjoyed your comment
about the simple kindnesses. While I'm in a job that could be defined as
service oriented, jobs in and of themselves don't make people into servants,
it takes the desire to do that. And I think that I, much more than ever
before I was in contact with the Urantia Book or the Teaching Mission, now,
it isn't something I make an effort at, I don't even give it conscious
thought except when I ask for guidance to say the right things, and so
forth. I'm sorry I wasted so many year in active alcoholism, but that's all
behind me now. What remains for me, I'm eager to embrace to the fullest. I
don't mean to say that my life was a total waste in those days but it
certainly is different. And I'm now experiencing that inner contact with God
within that the poisonous habit was preventing. I feel very joyful, I guess,
despite the fact that I am somewhat ill. 

Aaron: Thank you. If I may ask regarding service toward ones self. When I
mention this, how do you view inward service to yourself?

Bill: Well, certainly, the time I take in quiet, reading from spiritually
inspiring material, prayer, talking to and listening to my inner Spirit, is
very important. I also allow myself a certain amount of exercise that I
enjoy doing. And I allow myself to listen to the music I love. I allow
myself times to do the things that I enjoy. So I think a combination of
reversion, worship, and fun, I guess. 

Aaron: Thank you again. And I am pleased to have you cover the importance of
service not only spiritually but physically and mentally and toward the
sheer enjoyment of one's hobbies for serving oneself to develop your nature
goes beyond simple overt God-time, so to speak.  Rather does every effort
towards giving oneself health in body, mind, and spirit, serve oneself
towards becoming most capable of allowing this
newer joy that is growing in self assurance to spill over into humanity with
regard to your service toward others.

Bill: Thank you, Aaron.

Aaron: Thank you again. This concludes my exercise for this evening. And I
appreciate those of you whom I called upon for sharing and I look forward to
discourse from those I have not called upon at another time. At this time I
recognize that my colleagues are willing to end this meeting. But at the
same time I would like to offer the opportunity for anyone to ask any
questions, if there are any at this time.

Minearisa: Greetings. This is Minearisa and we would like to join with you
in closing this evening by lifting our thoughts toward the highest Source of
our devotion, the Universal Parent. 

Great Source, our Father, we are here before you sharing in your presence as
it manifests amongst ourselves.  We are grateful for your creation and the
opportunity to grow within it, finding our place in the cosmic patterns. In
our diversity there are moments when we sense hints of unity and some
organization vastly beyond our own selves and scope that causes us to bring
awe and reverence to you. On this evening we pray for your continued
manifestation in our individual existence and in our relations with one
another and with all humanity and all celestiality. 

And my friends, go in peace tonight. We look forward to scouring the
hillsides with you tomorrow in your efforts towards serving
humanity...another way which we do applaud you for your motivation to be of
service. Good evening.

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