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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Ear to Hear, Compassion
Teachers: Elyon, Jessona

May 9, 1999
*	Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, friends, I am your teacher Elyon.
	  This happens to be a time where I celebrate an anniversary, for it is in
this month, as you mark your cycles, that your fellows chose to seek the
we teachers offer to this world.  This is the time when I realized my assignment
was coming and my work would begin.  I mark it with joy and a feeling of
I see that we are no longer in the beginning stages of our relationship and our
lessons, and I equally recognize that we are as yet a long way from the end. 
Even though the human life is short, there is a lot to be learned.  The very
lessons you receive over these years will not be any different from the ones you
will receive on the mansion worlds and the worlds beyond them, for along
with the
quantity of topic matter there is a great depth of experience.  Each life allows
a deeper penetration.
	We teachers have nudged you at times with exercises, ways to focus during
your week to help leverage your progress in spiritualizing all the details of
your life.  You have used the phrase, "How might I see this differently?" as a
means of shifting your perspective for looking deeper, for seeing the spiritual
significance.  Today I would like to consider angles of the phrase, "He who has
ears let him hear."
	Discerning truth has two sides to it.  One is the repeated experience of
recognition where you recognize truth and experience in writing or in
The other is the new discovery of truth where you discern for the first
time, not
merely recognizing prior discovery.  One notes that an often repeated sound soon
becomes ignored.  It may be heard, but it is no longer listened to.  But
when you
listen, use your ears.  Even the sounds that are often ignored become more
Spiritually one's mind can be so attuned as to receive contact-tones from the
Father.  Many expressions of the Thought Adjuster go on within your being much
like the ambient sounds around you physically that take place yet are not often
noticed.  Stillness is a time when you can resensitize yourself to hearing these
constant sounds.  You have all experienced in a meditative exercise how much
noise there is when you seek to be quiet.  The noise was there all along
unnoticed when everything else was astir, including yourself. Having ears to
is having the attention to listen for the recognition and the discovery of truth
in all events, insignificant and profound.
	If an episode in your day does not appear to be revealing to you truth, be
not concerned to your effectiveness at digging it out, finding what must be
buried there that you cannot perceive, for the event may not be the medium
through which you will perceive this truth.  It may be that the Father is
speaking within you.
	You are all becoming expert at understanding that your life is twofold,
that you live in the mortal realm and that you are a soul ascender. It is a
challenge to the human being to live both lives harmoniously, where each
complements the other.  There are times when your life teaches and there are
times when your life appears to offer nothing for spiritual gain.  At this
time it is important to acknowledge and to work within the realm of the soul, to
listen internally, for you are living a life that will carry on throughout the
morontia life and on into spirit realms.  It has begun here, and it will
for ages, even long after events on earth have gone their way.
	The mortal life has great value, for it is fertile soil wherein you gain
many experiences and discern the profound truths the Father has woven into the
patterns of evolutionary life.  But this is merely your starting point; it
is the
potting soil, and you will be transplanted into larger gardens of experience. 
Listening carefully to expression by others, discerning in actions, you will
sharpen your skills at mota discernment; you will enlarge your perspective; you
will discern things differently.  You will view your life in the manner in which
Michael viewed his.
	The discovery of new truth is exciting; the undertaking of new experiences
is thrilling.  I encourage you to develop an increased sensitivity towards the
re-expression of truth in your life and around you, to express the same
enthusiasm and thrill even when it appears to be redundant, when it appears
obvious the truth that you recognize and have done so for a long time.  Treat
every expression as something you have just recently heard.  You have read that
Michael never grew weary of repeating himself.  
	I have finished my lesson and would love to receive your feedback.
	Mark:  Receiving with the ears resonates with me like trying to tune in to
pick up the various frequencies around us.  Stillness is a practice in tuning
into those other-than-normal frequencies.  I appreciate your perspective on
*	Elyon:  It is difficult to remember, when the physical ears are full of
sound, to listen with your spiritual ears when activities are numerous and so
immediately one after the other, to catch a space between them and recognize the
stillness.  Yet it is from that anchor of peace and reside in the Father
that the
turmoil of events are artfully handled with control and skill.  Just as a
can accommodate the addition of one more ball into his cycle, you become better
able to accommodate those extra events that appear to burden.  Yet, when focused
and still with the Father, you can juggle them all.  
	Mark:  The challenge I face is combining the two frequencies, of random
mortal life and of stillness, remembering to transform the mortal frequency with
the stillness frequency.
*	Elyon:  You have made an excellent point.  That harmony would be natural on
a normal world.  Today  Urantia appears like an orchestra that is tuning up.  A
lot of random noise, very little harmony, but it is to be noted that the
orchestra is tuning up.  The circuits are stabilizing; mortals are becoming more
sensitive and are hearing spiritually.  One day we will witness that longed for
advancement where the onlookers will witness the first full harmonies from the
life events and the personalities on this world.  Though you will have left this
world long before such an event, you are in no way barred from making this
attunement within yourself, as you have illustrated, bringing harmony to the
frequencies of your dual nature.  I might add, an instrument cannot be tuned
without careful listening.
	Mark:  Thank you.  I accept that as my challenge.  Sometimes I feel I am
listening to two different songs.  The mortal vibration is always fast paced. 
The spiritual vibration, which I hear less frequently, is at half time or
time to the fast-paced frequency of mortal life.  I need to dial in the beats so
they harmonize.
*	Elyon:  I  do understand.  I assure you that your efforts, even though you
may feel inept at times, meet with my approval.  I would also assure you that
that same difficulty will continue following your human life.  The simple fact
that we are a family of God, that the universe is teeming with
personalities, and
that we all have free will makes certain that we will continually be involved in
events that play in and play out and impose and superimpose themselves upon the
individual.  There will be projects you initiate, projects others initiate, and
therein rises the need to coordinate, even to back off, to decline involvement. 
The tuning you speak of will go on, so become not frustrated in success or
failure today.  Rather orient your view toward refinement each time.
	Mark: Life is about never-ending refinements.
	Tom:  "He who has ears" as it relates to "compassion":  Perhaps it is
natural to have the "I" viewpoint at the beginning.  In order for compassion to
hit its mark the "we" aspect must be considered.
*	Elyon:  This is a good point.  Compassion is more like listening than
speaking.  It is more of a receptivity than an expression, the desire to
to encompass another, that compatibility.  We have all experienced times when
another speaks and our minds are too preoccupied to hear what is expressed.  The
compassionate perspective is the listening perspective.  I point you to the
episode of Jesus when he interrupted his sermon to bless the little children as
an indication of his ability to hear the import of the moment, for him to leave
himself out, to put aside his desire to finish his talk in order that he may
welcome and receive the little souls into his arms.
	Evelyn:  Thank you for mentioning our anniversary of being together.  We
look forward to many years of association.
*	Elyon:  Yes, I make this note for it is a significant turn of events in my
life.  Even at this time while you were yet curious, I was packing bags
seriously, for it was reported that your free choices were heading in the
directions we needed to begin our tasks.  Though you had not yet been introduced
to me, I knew that my hour had come.
	Mark:  I hope we have done right by showing our commitment and appreciation
for your efforts.
*	Elyon:  Your dedication to date has given me complete faith in your
continued perseverance in the years to follow.  We can only give our love and
thanks to Michael for permitting this plan of the mission.  His compassion for
this world has mobilized an army of instructors, has changed the course of their
ascensions, and is further enriching this world, one that needs much attention
and one that is favored highly throughout Nebadon.
	Mark:  We join you in your petition to Michael, and we add our appreciation
of individuals such as yourselves who have rerouted your ascensions to be with
us.  We are grateful.
*	Elyon:  Thank you, and if requested to undertake this assignment again I
would do so wholeheartedly, for I have witnessed the great contribution it makes
towards my growth.  Even though it is a pause in ascension, it's a deepening of
experiences that still  contribute to my progress.
	I thank you all for your love and for your dedication to Michael, for this
bond you have with him is the reason why we continue our relationship and
why you
each have made profound influences upon others, even when you do not realize it.
	Tom:  I have a question for Jessona.  In reviewing  past transcripts, the
word compassion seems to be linked with healing.  Could you speak to that? 
Elyon, do you have some triangulation that would shed some light from different
angles on compassion, so we could get a different view of that word?
*	Jessona (Mark):  This is Jessona; I make my presence known, as you request.
	I would encourage you to view the two terms you mention in the following
relationship:  Compassion as you know it and as you will grow to understand
it is
the means by which you open the door for the healing process.  It is the
familiarity you have with the desire to do good for others, the desire to see
those around you made whole, the desire to comfort those who are in need.  These
manifestations are directed by your openness to compassion, and the physical
outworkings or manifestations are a result of your ability to constructively
orchestrate your compassion.  To use this avenue of opening yourself up to
powers in an effort to assist those other than yourself is simply opening an
avenue of yourself for this channel, for this specific purpose.
	It is also possible and sometimes necessary or required that one opens this
channel for their own benefit.  However, the feeling you have come to
identify as
compassion is your familiar key to opening up your person to the healing and
comforting abilities of those powers greater than yourself.  It is an art to
learn balance between pity on the one hand and egoistic approaches on the other
hand and to find yourself a middle ground where your sensitivity for the plight
of the affected individual elicits a response from you in which you offer to
become the conduit for the force that is able to be effective.
	To take the desire which comes from the empathy of a situation and to
constructively use that desire to make yourself into a tool for the delivery of
this healing; it is difficult to accomplish this, as it is easy to include
aspects of your person in your desire and your approach.  But the more you
practice at it the better you will get at desiring to be of assistance with out
expectations, desiring to be of service without acknowledgment.  This is when
your channel for healing is at its widest, its most open, and its most
	So, do you understand that the sense of compassion is how you may access
the reality of the healing process, to use this desire, to turn  this desire
selfless, and then to provide your services to the sources most accessible
to the
situation?  Has this made any sense to you?
	Tom:  Yes, it has.  Thank you very much.  I will review that.
	Evelyn:  I understand not having expectations of reward or recognition, but
what about the outcome?  Faith that there will be some healing, is that an
expectation that should be dropped?
*	Jessona:  It is well within your expectations and your rights to exercise
your faith to the degree that you truly believe that in the end all will
turn out
right for this individual.  Where your expectations may not be met is in the
physical, in the time, in the space in which you desire that they be met.
If you
set yourself up for disappointment with your expectations of miraculous physical
healings or large transformations then you are bound to encounter frustrations
and disappointments.  If, on the other hand, you proceed boldly forward with the
knowledge, with your faith that you are being of assistance, that your
contribution is a positive one, and that in the end, at a time you cannot see
from this point, all will be right and that your contribution toward that
eventual outcome is significant, the time spent here on your world may be too
short for you to see some of the effects, some of the rewards of your patience
and of your compassion and of your efforts.  But doubt not that your efforts to
help your brothers and sisters on this world will meet with certain success,
of it invisible to your human eyes.  Your success may the comforting of their
souls, the guiding of their spirits.  These are real and actual successes.  They
may not be visible to you as you observe an individual in distress. Again I tell
you these contributions are real and valid and necessary and that you making
through your compassion and with your conscious choice is a very actual valuable
contribution to them.
	Does this clarify your question?
	Evelyn:  It sounds like having expectations doesn't effect healing one way
or the other.  It may effect me but it wouldn't stand in the way of healing.
*	Jessona:  Another important thing to consider is in the imposed limitations
which expectations may bring with them.   You may, in your expectations,
dream of
more than can actually physically happen.  Likewise you may set, through your
expectations, certain limitations on your effectiveness.  This would also be
discouraged.  You are not given to know all the facets and aspects involved in
the overall process at this time.  We would encourage you to not limit yourself
to any particular set of these conditions.
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  This is Elyon again, butting in.  I would like to
respond to Tom's question on compassion and triads.
	Let us take this perspective:  We know that the Father is all love and that
He loves all equally.   The Son experiences that love of the Father fully.  The
Son likewise experiences the loving that is the Father.  He receives the
love and
gives the love.  His position is unique in that his perspective is bifold,
one as
a creator and one much like the creature.  The Son is compassion.  A lightbulb
gives off light, diffusing it throughout an area.  The light itself does not
create obstacles that create obscurity beyond.  The Son has been revealing the
Father through the many Michaels, in a sense much like a spotlight, for the
reality of the Father is focused and directed through the revelation of the
Compassion is love compressed, focused, and directed.
	The Spirit and her many ministers help every individual accommodate and
apply, to recognize and respond to the revelations of the Son.  Healing is the
accommodation and application of compassion.
	You, in a position of healing, are like the Son who receives the love of
the Father and can equally give the love of the Father, even as the Father.
compassion allows the reception of healing forces and the expression of these
forces to another.  In so doing you must always have a faithful reliance on the
spirit ministers around you who are the effectors of the transformation being
requested through healing faith.
	I hope this has been helpful.
	Tom:  Very much so, thank you both.

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