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Transmitted May 7, 1999
Butler, PA
Teacher: Minearisa
Subject: Relationships
T/R: Gerdean
GROUP: Nathaniel, Rachel, Gerdean and Angus

MINEARISA: I am Minearisa. My home base is in Pocatello. I have been
here before. I am a Melchizedek in residence on Urantia. I have been
intimately involved in your community development and am supportive of all
your efforts in fostering the reality of the gospel in your lives and as
reality extends outward into your greater community.

You have graciously requested a teacher to minister to you under the realms
of relationship and I am happy to comply by orders of my superiors to be of
service to you in this regard.

My initial thrust in approaching relationship is going to come, of course,
from the concept of the I AM, for how can there be relationship without at
least two I AM's -- except as you have a relationship primarily with the
First Source and Center and thus with yourself, for who are you but an
extension of your primal reality, your original Source and Center?

As you understand, your initial relationship with Life, through the Font of
Life, you can begin to develop the awareness of that Life within your life
experience, by and through your decisions, based upon your primary
relationship, or not, depending upon your free will choice.

As you branch off of your fundamental reality, you encounter what I shall
call static, for the fidelity factor has been diminished to the extent that
you have not focused yourself on who you truly are and from whence you truly

The same truth can be had in relationship with others. That same universal
law applies. If you either go too far afield of your primary
you become less real, and as you become less real, you stunt the growth of
relationship. Therefore the key to any successful relationship is to be
to yourself as you ascertain yourself as the son of the original I AM.

When you comply with that reality, and respond to its leading, you are then
in a continual condition of on-going growth. As others allow themselves
to be lured forward in their reality, they too are undergoing continual
progressive spiritual growth, and thus your relationship is in a constant of
growth itself, requiring adaptation and flexibility in relationship that
gives rise to a fresh approach every moment, and so love remains alive.

This is true in any kind of relationship, but there are many variations on
the theme depending upon the nature of the relationship. They are not all
comprised to foster and further spiritual reality in each other. Many times
relationships are really more of a contract of a sort than a living
friendship, but even contractual relationships can benefit from the truth
that all great sense of direction and purpose comes from a high ideal, a
standard, a worthy goal.

And thus in relationship it is beneficial to profess a direction, a purpose,
a fundamental goal, in order to have a mutual aim to grow toward, whether
that be material success, four offspring, romantic love or ultimate

You would like, perhaps, to engage us all in some discourse surrounding your
intrigue with relationship? The floor is open.

RACHEL: The floor is open. I don't have any questions. We don't
seem to be
full of them.

MINEARISA: Yes, you are.
RACHEL: (Laughter) I assure you, probably I am.
MINEARISA: You are all pregnant with questions.
ANGUS: Where to begin.

RACHEL: Discuss how to have a successful relationship. I guess none
of us
have had a successful relationship before, so we're entering some new waters.

MINEARSIA: Yes, it is apparent to us that there are new relationships
forming in hope of new levels of value and happiness for there is indeed
reason to believe that there is a new definition for love. The fact that
have all been given permission to love yourselves and have come to know how
you are loved, instills in you enough self respect that you attract love.
is a natural consequence of your evolution of late in your spiritual

You have sought your Source, found it to be good, and also within you. You
have begun to trust that the Father is in each of your believing brethren
you have been encouraged to love that aspect of the Father within each of
your peers. You have found peers with whom you may freely reflect your true
nature, your godlikeness. You have been found to be glorious, beautiful and
loveable. You have reflected that quality, those qualities, back from one
the other and found great comfort, great delight and great succor in such a
reflection of the Father.

The romantic aspect of your separate loves for one another is another aspect
of the religious life -- "refinement of sentiment" that provides further
proof of the greatness of God. Your every sense is gratified and ennobled
this trust and commitment to love. It cannot help but produce good fruit.

RACHEL: You are in a relationship to be true to yourself and your
Source and Center and also to have goals. Is there anything else you would
like to add? For ingredients to a loving relationship?

MINEARISA: I would like to pause on the threshold of one of your
pregnant remarks and that is to qualify the nuance of the self. Yes you are
to think of the self, but bISalways mindful of what element of the self it
that you are representing, for it is important to the human being to also
have personality expression and the human personality expression is tainted
by its animal origins, and thus it provides an intriguing study in character
to observe your reactions to situations in relationship that could leave you
finding yourself observing yourself in less than lovely ways.

This however is one of the values of a treasured friendship, for a friend
will embrace you while you allow yourself to let go of your lesser reactions
in favor of your superior responses as you begin to perceive your morontial
reality developing.

Now, you say "What else?" There is the nuance, if you will, of children,
offspring of relationship, and this in some ways is also a representation of
a creative outpouring for not all people procreate but they still have much
to offer their cultural progeny. And it is often in the decision to produce
life that the initial goal is established that contracts the parties in
relationship. Thus new relationships can come into being. But it does not
preclude the original value of the original friendship.

Relationships worth having are indeed eternal. It is error to think that
will only know a person for a short period of time. It is a fact that as
all approach your eternal career you will be approaching the same challenges
and university classrooms as you might here, and it is truly a small world,
even if it is a vast universe.

That which has value in relationship has value eternally. Therefore it is
imperative that you respect your parties in relationship, much as you have
self respect, for yourself, based upon your understanding of your infinite

In your human jargon you could say, "and they lived happily ever after" and
it would be quite true, although it would take different shapes and offer
different configurations under different circumstances, depending upon
plan. (Phone ringing) There, you see? Evidence of relationship.

I will step down. I know that Gorman is in the wings and is eager to meet
with you also. I will stick around awhile in the event that your
intermission gives rise to discussion that might warrant further questions.
Good evening.

RACHEL: Thank you.
ANGUS: Wonderful stuff.

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