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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Coming Spiritual Springtime, Thawing Problems
Teachers: Will, Elyon

April 25, 1999
*	Will (Daniel TR):  Spring is coming, my dear ones.  This is your sister
	As you see occurrences happening in your world it may be difficult for you
to realize that the season of spring for your civilization is indeed approaching
rapidly.  From your observations it may appear that you are still entrenched
within the throes of winter.  Wars, killings, greed, theft, they are all a part
of the winter season you are experiencing.  But already is the thaw beginning,
and each of you is part of the thaw.  As you allow the Father's warmth and light
to flow through you, you aid the thaw of all of the crystallized way of thinking
that your world has been frozen by.  You cannot expect yourselves as individuals
to thaw an entire world, yet without your participation, your part of the world
could still remain frozen.  Take your concepts of the Father and your
Creator and
Mother Spirit and allow them to warm that which is around you.  Already are the
buds beginning to open, foliage beginning to appear.  Watch for opportunities to
aid the thawing process, for you will also be providing moisture for the new
	Daily do each of you have numerous opportunities to do this, and surprising
to all of us in how very many of them you succeed.  You must overcome great
prejudices which have guided your world for many generations, and, yet
still, far
more often than not you allow the spirit of Michael to guide you in choosing the
most loving way.  Your role should include being parent as well as child,
as well as teacher.  See all that is around you with the eyes of a parent who
dearly loves this child even though the child may be doing things which are
harmful.  The parent also guides with love.  When you guide others, guide them
with your Mother's and Father's love.  Teach those things which you have
discovered in your personal experience and how it has helped you more to
appreciate your life.  These things are of great benefit to others who have not
had the opportunities for these experiences other than your sharing your own
them.  Let your own inner love pervade your lessons.
	From each around you, you have the opportunity to learn.  Many of our
greatest lessons come you, our students, who we are attempting to teach.  As you
come upon people whom you feel may benefit from higher awareness, recognize that
their experiences of life are far different from your own and others react
differently to similar situations.
	Remember always that Mother and Father are intimately with you at all
times; you need only recognize their presence to make use of it.  You are
becoming that part of Father which resides within you each.  That is your task;
that is your role, becoming one through your experiences with your own Fragment
of God.  Keep your motivations pure.  Step forward in faith and love, and you
will end up exactly where you truly desire to be and, consequently, will be
our Father's will.
	I thank you for allowing me to attend today.  I always enjoy coming and
visiting with your group.  Good day.
	Jonathan: Thank you, Will.
 *	Elyon (Jonathan):  Elyon speaking.  I will address the topics of problems,
troubles, conflicts, and obstacles as well as spiritual connectedness.  I have
been inspired by Will's discussion of spring and winter as it relates to
spirituality.  Receiving her message, I became aware of the usefulness of the
metaphor of ice.
	Ice can be seen as any one of these troubles or conflicts in your life that
you wish to melt.  When the environment is right, when the conditions exist that
can warm, that can bring solution, then your problems or your obstacles will
begin to dissolve.  This is like your conventional oven where the solution is
applied from external conditions.  You can as well use an internal technique not
unlike your microwave ovens where you warm the ice from the inside out using the
spiritual circuitry of the Father, the Son, and our Mother Spirit.  It may be
said that this is the method of exchanging your mind for the mind of Christ, for
in the circuitry of the Father and the Son and the Spirit we discover love and
mercy and compassionate service.  These are qualities that reside within you
now.  Love need not be sought; it only need be expressed, and therein you will
discover your possession.
	To be connected to the spirit forces and personalities of divinity, think
of yourself as in their microwave field.  They will warm you all over, every
place at one time, but it is well and good to fellowship with your brothers and
sisters to let love and compassion warm you from the outside in. Both sources of
heat will melt the ice.  Again, this illustrates the value of the coupling
of the
Fatherhood of God with the brotherhood of man, the realization of the
and presence of God and the many personalities that minister to you from all
areas of life.
	If you find that a conflict of which you seek resolution persists because
the time appears not right to resolve it, it may be that the conventional
oven is
not on.  You can apply the other approach, the spiritual microwave, and work on
that micro-level where those little factors that compose the problem each
heated, that is, thawed such that the greater macro-difficulty you perceive will
begin to resolve itself.  It may be that the situation involving numerous
individuals and their relationships is the difficulty, and you are one of the
molecules.  By becoming warmed yourself, you are as an element in the internal
makeup of the problem contributing to the warmth and the thaw.
	Other times you are not an integral part of the problem, per se, and you
act as a conventional heating coil and must warm the difficulty away from the
outside.  This form of ministry is often involved when you have already
the path of resolution of a conflict of a similar nature that another one is
undertaking.  It is growth that has gone by rather than growth you are now
experiencing concomitantly with another.
	Hopefully this will bring insights for you when encountering obstacles in
your life or when ministering to others who are dealing with their obstacles.
	I welcome your responses should you have them.
	I would close our meeting today by encouraging you each to play in the
warmth of this sunny day.  Refresh yourselves for your week ahead, to be
invigorated such that you will be feeling more powerful when you do meet
with the
challenges that help you grow and the challenges that help you serve.

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