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April 16, 1999

Michael (Bill):  Greetings my sons and daughters. I am Michael of Nebedon.
You, my children, are a delight to my heart. How could I pass by an occasion
with this much love emanating from each of your souls? I desire that you, my
new Apostles, become familiar with me, as much as possible, through the
medium of Spirit, as were my mortal companions during my bestowal career. 

When I prepared to leave Urantia, to sit down at the right hand of the
Father and receive the sovereignty of my universe, I was aware that I would
be present in a new way with my children who had been so faithful
and those who would be born thereafter. Today my presence embraces nearly 9
million inhabited worlds for through the bestowals of the Avonal Sons, their
Spirit and mine are mixed to bring  my presence to every faith son and
daughter. And so tonight, know that I am here with you just as I was with my
apostles of old. 

We have great work to do, my friends; and I call you friends for you have
chosen to befriend me, as well. Our work is to bring the gospel, the good
news of sonship/daughtership and brotherhood/sisterhood to this world. This
is not new information, I realize, but it remains the most important thing
that you do in the course of your day – to plant those seeds, to radiate
that love, to gaze into the eyes of your brothers and sisters and see their
divine being within them, to become affectionate so that you become truly in
love with another person. The purpose of these meetings are to provide a
laboratory of experience and a meeting point between mortal and celestial.
You that have eyes to see, keep them open; and you that have ears to hear,
unstop them that you may pick up the melody that emanates from Paradise, the
music of the spheres, the love of our great Parent. 

I am the vine and you are the branches; and without me you can do nothing.
So, abide in me, as I also abide in you, that you may bring forth much fruit
which will be pleasing to our Father and literally life-giving to your
brothers and sisters. 

Oh, my friends, you live in a time that has never been, that is trembling
with potentialities, that is literally bursting forth from the seeds that
were planted and are now growing into a strong and wonderful garden!. The
fields are ripe to harvest! It is time to gather in the grain. Put away your
hesitations, set aside your anxieties and any other weight that holds you
back and join the race of the ages toward the goal of Light and Life. Know
always that I, your Master, am with you. I am literally at your side through
my Spirit. 

I now take my place in this circle and invite your interaction with your
teachers and with each other.  Finally, let my peace really rest in your
hearts. Let that peace which is engendered in love drive away all fear and
all doubt.  Know how much I love you! Good evening.  

Daniel (Bob S): My friends, I am Daniel, your resident teacher, guide, and
friend.  I, too, tremble following the words of our Creator/Father/Brother,
though I have on many times been in his presence. He still fills me with awe
and expectation. There is something about him which you cannot fully glean
from the pages of the Urantia book. You can only capture them in his presence. 

I sense many of you tonight have, perhaps for the first time, felt this
Spirit of Truth well up in your very being. That, my friends, is the real
spirit of truth. Fortunate are you to understand this completement. How many
of your brothers and sisters remain in the dark! 

Now I ask you to pause with me for a moment and consider this fact, which
you have now heard, and remain quiet for a few minutes to consider what you
now know.  At the close of this time of reflection we will continue.
(A few minutes pause.)

Several months ago in this very room you were informed that a new concept, a
new phenomenon had been released to the mortals of this planet. Regrettably,
many, yes, most of your brothers and sisters remain ignorant of this fact.
You were told that a new circuit, if you will, had been established by which
mortals could instantly summon the Creator/Father/Brother, to your
consciousness. I, tonight, am reminding you of this fact because it seems to
have been lost from many of you. I offer again this evening this way for you
to contact our Creator on a more personal, individual, method. It remains,
of course, up to you to open this channel of communication. I feel confident
you will be most delighted with the results you will find. 

Now, my brothers and sisters, my friends, I pause to allow another to speak
to you. I remain here and may speak again later. I am Daniel.

Aaron :Greetings, friends. I am Aaron. Indeed it is a pleasure to be present
with you tonight to share in the honor of our Maker's presence. Allow
yourself to be sensitive. You have heard it said that it is not so important
to know the fact of God as it is to increasingly be able to feel the
Presence. As you are atuning not only to Christ Michael, representative of
our Father and attuning as well to the presence of ourselves and each other,
I would like to initiate some dialogue from yourselves regarding some of the
ideas put forth by our Lord. 

When you are encouraged to break free from fear and to feel assurance that
you can go forth to spread the gospel, to talk of love and truth, goodness
-- how do you perceive these assurances to have an affect on your life? If
you were to share your conceptions of what it means to share the gospel, how
would you do so? 

Beginning with Karrie tonight and moving around the room, I would simply
like your perspective, inwardly as you attune to the presence of our Father,
of what it means to share the gospel. Claireesa?

Claireesa: The meaning of sharing the gospel is being able to share a part
of myself with another and hopefully they are ready to hear it. But just by
my actions to let them see what God can do. 

Aaron : Thank you. Feel free to progress around the room as each one
finishes, as I do not have great commentary until you have completed. Thank you.

Lori: For me sharing the gospel is being kind and listening. I really feel
it when I have to reach further to get it out like when I'm confronted by
angry clerks or tantrumming children. And I feel I'm sharing the gospel when
I share what I believe my talents are with other people, teaching them and
helping them find their creative side. And I feel I'm sharing the gospel
when I tell the truth even when I know it  will be so much easier to avoid
it or compromise.

Virginia: And I've just been listening to tape 81, paper 157.   Jesus
continually tells the apostles that the gospel is the Fatherhood of God and
the brother/sisterhood of all of us. And I think when I am able to say that
plainly in an inclusive manner rather than a specialness that doesn't exist
with God, I am very grateful. I think when I do my best, maybe go beyond
what is expected of me that, that is sharing the gospel. I certainly
identify with what Lori said about speaking the truth without compromising
when it would be much easier to just keep your mouth shut. And, that
particular paper said, "Are you growing in tact?" And of course, that is the
issue, when I am honest, to do it with tactfulness.

Bill: Since I've come to understand the gospel that Jesus actually taught,
by reading the Urantia book and remembering some things from my training in
seminary, it's a lot easier for me to share the good news  because this news
is good news. The so called gospel of others is a gospel about "We're the
chosen people and everybody else is going to hell" and that never felt like
very good news to me. So, I am really believing the gospel in the last few
years much more profoundly than I ever did. And I really know that it's not
an ideal that other people are my brothers and sisters. It's a fact. I used
to think is was an ideal but it is now a fact for me. 

And it's even a fact that these little children who are younger than me by
many years are also of equal dignity and status to myself or any other
adult. And my understanding of that effects the way I act toward them and
care about them and so forth. 

I actually talk about that we're all brothers and sisters in several
settings; sometimes at school in my groups and sometimes with other friends
of Bill W. who are also hearing a similar message from their "big book". And
it's an area that I know that if I don't act that gospel then I really don't
believe it. But I am beginning to act it a lot more so I think I am
believing it a lot more as well. 

I think it's mostly how I treat other people that can effect the connection.
But I also think that sometimes we need to say, "Did you know we are all
brothers and sisters of one God?" That's it.

Lareen:   Well, for me, it's kind of a whole package. Tonight I feel like
Michael has zapped my Spirit of Truth, given it a little 'umph'. And then I
feel my Father fragment up here going, "Right on! It's about time!" And for
me it's a whole package of that completeness, that peace. Knowing that God's
universe is all working and then it just flows out of me. The words flow.
I'm in the right place at the right time. And to me that's how I share. And
it seems like it's going to be a lot easier after tonight for some reason. I
just feel like I got zapped. 

Angie: I try to be loving and kind to whoever I meet and that seems to work
for me.

Miriam:  I liked what Claireesa said on action. The way I share the gospel
with people in my life, it's like if the gospel is a body of water or the
river, I jump in to show them I know how to swim and I'm willing to stay in
the water and "Look here! You, too, can swim." I don't feel comfortable with
telling people stuff. I really liked Michael's words that we are branches
and the more I feel connection to the trunk the more I can grow as a branch
and I'll just be seen as a branch. And my most important responsibility in
all that is just staying out of the way...keeping me out of the way and
trying to be open to guidance to act accordingly.

Pat: I feel the same way in trying to be open and aware and also be patient
and try to perceive other people's feelings and very gently give them a
nudge if I can.

Ken: To express the Father's love. To be of service. To share with
individuals as I meet them as I am led to them or as they are led to me for
responses to answers. I have to go deep into my strength and ask the Father
for guidance that I may truly represent his love and mercy. I must set my
personal ego aside and turn it over to the Father. That's hard to do for me. 

Roxy: For me it's sharing what's already been given to me. It's sharing the
unity that already exists. It is not something I create. I just participate
in it and there is tremendous peace in just knowing it is
already such unity, such love, that's it's all oneness and so much love.

Mike: For me it is leaving every person I come in contact with either a
little happier, put a bigger smile on their face or trying to help them
build themselves in some way and see their potential and then trying to open
their mind to the possibilities of their spirituality and the things that
matter on a daily basis...every person...at the grocery store. If they look
down, bring them up. If they look up, bring them up a little higher. So
that's how the gospel is for me.

Carol: I think for me it's expressed through action and deed and what I hope
to impart to other people that I meet and hopefully be able to help them
trying to work a little more on bringing positive aspects to peoples lives
when I visit with them and try to take away some of the negative. I'm not
sure that I'm very successful there. But I've been trying to work on that
and help myself as well. But I think it's how I interact with other people
and what I can do for them and help them in their lives. 

Bob: As several of you stated, I think it is wrapped up in the Master's last
commandment to his disciples that they were to love one another as Christ
loved them. And by that all would know they were his disciples. 

I can't do that yet. I've tried. I'm working on it but I think it is like
Norman Engram said in Colorado. He said, "With God's help I'm learning to
love everybody. And I even like some of them now." I think that's where I
try. I suspect many of you are, too. That's such a giant step to take to
learn how to love perfectly. So we're not there yet...I'm not there yet. But
that's coming. I'm confident that one day we will love perfectly because
Jesus said we would. That was his promise. We would eventually learn how to
do that. So what do I do in
the meantime? Well, I'm assuming that my gift is in preaching and teaching.
So that's what I'm trying to do. And I'm trying to get the word out with my
newsletter and other things that I do. And I'm hoping that my incompleteness
won't get in the way of that too much. That perhaps when I'm helping other
people that are less mature I will be able in some way to assist them.
That's how I see my role. 

Aaron :  Thank you, Bob and each of you for sharing your thoughts on what
the gospel means to you. Indeed, you have a common awareness. I know that
sharing these feelings in words are not always easy to do. But inwardly I am
confident, even as Michael has shown such significant confidence in you this
evening that you have the capability to spread the gospel to your world. And
thus the question to bring your awareness to the forefront of your spiritual
journey. For indeed the gospel is a spiritual liberation, not a gospel about
beliefs. But a gospel of faith.   

There is no particular message that completely encapsulates the gospel in
words. For although Jesus stated plainly as he could, the gospel for those
of his time, he was limited by human conception and word symbols.
He labored to show people genuine love, interest, and concern. He tried to
teach those within earshot, within an eye's view, that there is a truth in
genuine expression of personality that can be captured by others such that
they are liberated from ago-old fears into the awareness of intimate love
and real compassion. 

The world, although on the brink of amazing discoveries, and poised for
giant spiritual strides forward, is even now in an age of second-hand
awareness, even though humanity aches to know what it is flailing around
for. And that is the truth: that it is okay and actually desired, for the
individual to be free to pursue its own destiny in relationship to its Maker
unhindered by the evolutionary concepts of their ancestors. 

You are pioneers. Look at how you have approached your life in the last few
years time. You are trying to achieve what a world longs to know.  And if
you can share the gospel of original expression and genuine love
and intimacy in a grand family of universe beings related to one Source, all
powerful in its manifestation and in its love; this world cannot help but be
moved if you, along with other knowledgeable peoples, bring this true,
genuine, interactive capability into the greater stream of humanity around
you. And our Father this evening, this very evening, implores us to go
forward and to let loose our fears and to be liberated in the Spirit. 

You know what it is you can do. I encourage you, as does he, to share the
love that you are. These are my thoughts this evening. I thank you for your
participation and will withdraw that another might conclude.
Thank you.

Minearisa (Bill): Hello, my friends. I am Minearisa. I have been asked to
draw the evening to a close. But I sense there is a question that is desired
on the part of one of you. And so before completing this session, I am
asking for that brave soul, that desires to enquire, to do so. 

Virginia:  Minearisa, I'm not sure that I'm the one you are pointing to.
But I did have a question.  When Bob was sharing his thoughts that in the
sharing of the gospel we are not perfect beings and those of us who are
imperfect trying to relate to people responsibly, and especially where I'm
thinking in terms of my self and having to evaluate people and to do it
tactfully and still getting an angry response...how do I share the gospel,
which I truly believe everyone must hear?  When he was speaking I thought of
the definition of love from the book .. of wishing that other person the
very best. You can do all that but evaluation is part of our existence and
in my case, my responsibility and to be honest in that effort.

Daniel (Bill): I will reply. I am Daniel. Because you are brother and sister
as the most fundamental and profound relationship that you experience, there
is a conflict when you are called upon, in your work, to evaluate others.
The conflict is between the demands of a nonjudgmental concern, which befits
brothers and sisters, and the requirement of your role as supervisor to
provide evaluative feedback. 

The best way to deal with this conflict is to recognize that there are two
levels involved here. One is the level of BEING and the other is the level
of DOING. At the level of being you are both the children of God  and there
is no difference in your spiritual status. When you evaluate another person
in terms of their performance, you must make it clear that you are
evaluating actions and not their personal essence. You are not making
judgements about their essential worth as children of God. 

How you do this I cannot tell you, for each person has to discover their own
way. But you should not feel guilt when you give honest feedback about
performance, because in the evolutionary universes, growth is
contingent upon recognition of truth and error, both. Once error is
discovered, then it can be learned from. But if error is not accurately
assessed, then it remains a stumbling block to the person who does not yet
understand where their vision is short, where their behavior is
inappropriate, from where their growth potential can continue. If you can
remember that you are evaluating behavior and not the worth of an individual
it makes it easier. Has this assisted or answered your question?

Virginia: Daniel, that was very beautiful. And just the two words you
introduced that of BEING and DOING and being able to share that with the
other person...thank you. And I ask you to pray for me this week.  Teachers
follow me around and bug me.

Daniel (Bill): We will be cognizant of your struggle.  

Virginia: You are cognizant of my struggle.

Daniel (Bill): And as I said earlier, call upon Michael to make his presence
conscious to you.

Virginia: Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): He is always our comfort. 

Very well, my friends. Our time has elapsed. My assignment for this week is
for you to follow our Master's suggestions, his direction, his faith. No
small assignment, this one. And yet you all know this is always our
assignment. For he says, "Follow me." I pledge to renew my efforts to follow
him. And I urge you to join me. Go now in peace. Good evening.

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