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April 2, 1999

Minearisa (Nancy): Greetings my faithful friends, students and colleagues. I
am Minearisa, your instructor in residence, delighted to be among you on
this night that commemorates that fateful night so long ago when Michael,
Creator of the universe and all that lies therein, made the supreme decision
to lay down his life in accordance with the will of his Father, and in so
doing honored the supreme objective of allowing the unfoldment of human
will. What a drama! What a lesson in the depth and abundance of the Father's
gift of free will! 

You, we, experiential creatures are so...words fail...we will use the word,
fortunate, to be allowed the experience of choosing other than God's will.
This is the gift and the adventure of the experience of the evolutionary
universes. This is the gift illuminated by the drama of that night: freewill
in every choice, in every thought, in every decision, in every response, in
every action or reaction. 

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son," is literally true.
But the usual interpretation is utterly false. God so loved the world that
his manifestation in Jesus Christ Michael laid down his life to pick it up
again in order that human will not be foiled. As most of you are well aware,
it was not required that Jesus be crucified. It was not required that his
life be curtailed in such a brutal and gory death. The Father desired the
knowledge of the honoring of freewill. Michael desired to live a life
attuned only to that will. And so, human will was acted out. 

Jesus laid down his life to pick it up again, in full submission to God's
will. "What a burden," some of you think. "Who would desire to do the will
of God if doing this will requires death and pain of a most brutal nature."
In this case the highest became the lowest that the lowest might know their

Michael has asked of you, if you are willing to drink of his cup. For you
see, sometimes, the doing of God's will leads to the joys of the heart in
the here and the now. And in the material sense, always does the doing of
God's will reveal itself to have been for the greater good when given the
perspective of time in eternity. 

In the short run, this decision is not always flowers, perfume, pleasure,
and enjoyment. But it brings peace. And with these words I will discontinue
my discourse that it may be picked up by another. I thank you for your
attention.  (Brief pause)

Minearisa (Bill): Greetings my children. I am Minearisa continuing through
this personality vehicle. In the case of Michael, he was the highest in the
universe and he decided to obey his Father and experience the lowest mortal
life and the shame of an unjust death as a criminal. But he rejected the
shame. It did not frighten him. He experienced this death as the natural
consequence of the freewill decisions of those people who had power over
such matters. But he also gained from this experience the feelings, the
thoughts, as well as the physical pain of those children of his who have
suffered unjustly. 

Because he was willing to lay down his life in this manner did he become the
most experienced Creator Son that he could be in his mortal bestowal career.
Remember Michael chose Urantia as his birthplace in mortal form. While we
are not certain of all his thoughts as to why he choose this place, we do
observe that it has been his continual motive in all his seven bestowals to
express mercy, to act as one who can redeem the consequences of evil and
transform them into triumphant good. 

Yes, he laid down his life. It was not taken from him in order that he could
experience this death; and he took it up again from the power he had within
him as a Creator Son. There are many meaning to be attached to this act of
Michael's in submitting to crucifixion. But it was never true that Michael
did this as a satisfaction of offended justice on the part of his Father. 

As you have discussed these matters this evening, you have correctly
ascertained that Michael's resurrection was not a supernatural event,
twisting the laws of nature and the rules of God's universes. He did,
however, experience the resurrection on this planet for the reasons that you
have described: to demonstrate his divinity to his discouraged, defeated,
hopeless, and despairing disciples and to enhance the value of his promises
by fulfilling this one, which he had made numerous times before the event
itself. Perhaps if Urantia were not a rebellion-torn world with a defaulted
Adamic administration, a bestowal Son would not need to experience
resurrection on such a knowledgeable planet. But in the case of our Creator
Son, this was his clear choice. 

Remember, it was not the empty tomb which created hope in the apostles and
the others whom Michael appeared to. It was, in fact , his appearance that
convinced them that he was raised from the dead. And your religious
experience, your spiritual growth, does not rests on a tale told by others
of an empty tomb, or of alleged appearances by a man who was crucified. No.
Your experience rests upon your actual contact with the Spirit of Truth
which is Michael's presence to you, as well as your Indwelling Adjuster in
that intimate relationship where you experience your sonship, your
daughtership; and recognize your true divine Father. 

This Correcting Time is a plan of Michael's which evolves by virtue of each
individual's freewill choice to participate. You are not here tonight
because you are favored and have been given extra blessings. No. You are
here tonight because you choose to be. You drove the vehicles to get from
your place of origin to this meeting here. You followed the light that you
had. Each time that you decided to take the higher road, in doing so, you
are in fact doing the will of God despite the fact that you perforce, may
make mistakes. 

Feel no guilt over the crucifixion of Jesus. He choose to die in that
manner. No one forced him. Neither God nor the will of men. For he had it
within his authority to call upon 12 legions of angels for  deliverance. He
rejected that and gave his life in the manner he did so that he could
experience the dregs of the cup. For the joy that was set before him of the
completion of his universe soverignity he despised the cross, say your
scriptures, and they say correctly, and drank the cup, yes! 

Your life, even my life, all life of all intelligent creatures in the vast
universe of universes is a gift from the Father, the first Father, the
Universal Center and Source. And this life is endless. 

My friends, this has been a long lesson between these two TR's and I thank
them both for their willingness to allow me say these things. I wish tonight
that we do not pursue any questions until our next meeting together. Think
on these things with joy, with thankful hearts, and with a full measure of
peace. Daniel, Aaron, and the rest of the teaching staff send you their
love. Good evening.          

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