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Hi friends,

This transcript is a mind-blower to me.  It's short but oh so sweet!


Isaac(Bill Kelly)


Daniel (Bill): Dear students, this is your teacher Daniel sitting among you
as you actually imagined. I am impressed with the natural grace with which
you enhance each other's wisdom with your largely ego-free soul's expression
of truth that you have personally experienced. You see, this is one of the
main purposes of life...to grow in your own personal affirmation and
understanding of the grand truth that comes from the First Source and Center
but is only fully appreciated and assimilated when it is shared with another
brother or sister. 

The educational scheme of the universe is not arbitrary. There is no other
way to experience truth but to share it. Of all the teaching assignments
that I have had as a Jerusem citizen where I was passing on my understanding
to mansion world progressors I believe that this assignment to be involved
with mortals on Urantia, the home planet of our Creator Son, has been my
most gratifying and personally meaningful experience. Yes, part of this is
because my planet was far advanced from yours and I did not in my mortal
career encounter all the struggles, all the dilemmas, all the questions that
you, being a part of this rebellious planet, have been subject to. So, I
suppose, part of the thrill of being your teacher is to enter uncharted
territory myself and to discover with great satisfaction how my learning
from another culture and a more advanced society still can contact the truth
that you are learning in such a harmonious marriage of truth.  

Well, yes, we had thought we would present a topic this evening but that has
been swept aside long ago. We have sat fascinated, joyous, truly
appreciative of your comradeship with us and your amazing faith that is
willing to take the leap into the unknown because you know in the very
center of your being that you are utterly, completely, totally safe. Do not
fret yourself over evil for as you have said, evil is transitory,
self-destructive, and has no real power over the decisions of other people.
Yes, the acts of sin or evil impact people greatly. But, they do not impact
their soul. They affect their mortal career, yes, they may even terminate
that career but they cannot touch the soul which is the sacred citadel of
the true self woven by the decisions of the human mind and the work of the
indwelling Adjuster as that mind submits its will freely to be so enhanced
as to become a morontia creation. 

Your real self is your soul which is growing and which survives mortality.
To shift your consciousness from the material mindset to the morontial
mindset is one way to describe the purpose of mortal life. Actually, because
you live on such a backward planet, that is until very recently, you have
more opportunities for the kind of decisions that produce true soul growth.
I hope in these few comments my friends that I have been able to share with
you something of myself Daniel, your friend, your guide, your teacher and
your great admirer. There is another who wishes to speak briefly.

Aaron:   Good evening. I am Aaron among you enjoying your interaction along
with my associates. To each other, and the perceptive eye and mind, you have
portrayed a philosophic manifestation of morontia insight this evening for
you have proven through your sharing around a certain topic that the group
insight far surpasses the singular thought of one or even the additive
numbers. To recognize this in your life may bring about greater
consensus-making qualities in group discussion. Our lesson tonight, as
translatable through you, could not have the same impact as the experiential
realization that some of you have come to in applying collective wisdom to a
singular concept such as your discussion on evil. The lesson you brought to
the table had more impacting qualities and therefore do we acknowledge your
capabilities to teach one another and allow your lesson to be the topic of
the evening. 

Along the lines of evil and its influence in the world I would have but a
brief statement to you all. More so than any emphasis you may place on evil
and its relationship to the world around you and in your life, should you be
more aware of the influence of fear in your personal life. For evil cannot
harm the soul as Daniel has suggested and as the apostle Paul has outlined
in your biblical documents. But fear is the crippler of human existence. And
thus would your efforts to understand the reasons, the whys, the wherefores,
be more beneficial for your spiritual understanding. The diminishment of
fear is the freedom of the soul to grow through personality expression. I
hope that you may in further perusal of my words understand an underlying
connection between the concepts of evil and fear as I have introduced this
evening. We bow before your discussion and lessons. If you have any
questions regarding these topics we would be honored to address them for
you. Welcome friends. 

Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel. Our silence says that your plates are full. And
should you in pondering tonight's discussion discover something that you
need to bring before us we will honor that in our next meeting format.
Remember our master constantly told his disciples, "Fear not but be of good
cheer." He lived this motto as no other human being in the whole universe of
Nebadon has ever lived it. He lived this motto because every thought, plan,
action he undertook as a human, he presented, sometimes moment by moment, to
his Thought Adjuster's guidance. Since perfect love casts out fear, wherein
is torment, the solution to fear is to become more conversant with the
source of love within. And like the shadows in a room lit only by a candle
suddenly disperse when the overhead lights are turned on, so does fear
vanish in the presence of the love of God. 

Be about the Father's business my brothers, my sisters. And until we see you
again...fear not but be of good cheer. Good evening.

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