[tmtranscripts] Abraham 2/28/99 ** 8th Year Anniversary Update

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Sun Mar 7 12:48:54 PST 1999

Feb. 28, 99 (leap year)
Woods Cross Group

TR: Nina

(Eight year anniversary of the first U.S. Teaching Mission 
meeting with Ham in Woods Cross Utah.)

Present: Christopher, Branson, Calvin, Anthony, Tectra, 
Rachel Ellen, Nina, and Allanna.

Eighth Year Anniversary of Woods Cross Group Contact.

I am ABRAHAM.  Welcome. It is my great honor to be your 
friend and teacher. As I have promised, I will say a few words 
of this, our anniversary. I have known many of you even as 
small children. I have spent many years in preparation for 
starting this Teaching Mission. I have quite a number of hours 
in training for what would become a powerful epochal event on 
Urantia, and, with all my preparation and service, I have never 
received so much education, love and kindness as I have felt in 
our Teaching Mission. 

Years ago, on our first meeting with my brother Ham, we were 
quite skeptical and apprehensive about meeting with mortals at 
a time in history where such faith was rare and many individuals 
felt hopeless. We were fully trained and confident going in with 
our information, and yet, our expectations were not always met. 
What a challenge it had proved to be for us - the teaching staff. 

In these years, we have lived your lives with you. We have endeavored 
to reach the masses through you. We have followed our orders as we 
had received them, and yet, it was the actual living 'with you' that had 
brought us so much. 

We have experienced the great magnitude of joy and elation as you 
had discovered our presence and purpose. We have seen you through 
the wishful thinking and mysticisms. We have experienced with you 
the disillusionment and the entering into the realness of life. And, 
through all our spiritual teachings, were we made to feel our words 
could be of comfort or our words could fall upon deaf ears. 

I personally have escorted you to weddings -- in weddings of members 
in the group. I have been with some of you at your children's birth. I have 
stood vigil at the bedside at our ailing members and I wept at your 
sadness for lost friends and family members. I have seen you loose 
and gain employment. I have witnessed the harshness of divorce. I have 
listened to your countless stories of inspiration, or, your stories of

Yes, we have most definitely cross-matched our life experience and most 
certainly we can say there was indeed growth. There was more positive 
than negative; there was more joy than grief; there was more truth than

In our years together, I have witnessed you stumble over one another only 
to find your way back to your mission purpose. The hard feelings were 
certainly a part of your growth, but, just as biological family members, 
you have expressed yourselves fully. You have criticized and been criticized; 
you have ridiculed and been ridiculed; you have skimmed the top of 
falsehood, and even then, that had not withered the foundation of your

My experience with you has shown me that even in the midst of such 
diversity or hurt feelings or misconceptions, can you maintain and unshakable 
dedication to our Father and Michael's overall Correcting Time Mission. 

I have gone away many a night from your group with such a humorous energy 
that had sustained me for many hours. I had witnessed one member time 
after time ministering to another. I have seen how you look into one another's
eyes and care so deeply. For that -- I am deeply touched.

I am inspired by the strength the human spirit. I am always each week made 
to learn, or laugh, or cry; and always, I am each week more dedicated than 
the last. I should always count myself blessed to have involvement in your 
lives here and in the next world to come.

Our lesson formats have changed over the years to suit the group mind. We 
have made adjustments according to your experiences and the desires of 
what topics you want to learn. I should always take note of the groups 
direction and adjust my lessons according as I am intrusted by my superiors. 

What began as seemingly phenomenal, should now appear to be 
casual -- uneventful -- plain and ordinary; for we are moving Urantia into 
a new age. I hope that I can aid you in expanding your vision and getting 
past the small things of today towards a new and better tomorrow. 

I am at last granted permission to speak more on morontial realities and 
how they affect your mortal lives. For Urantia to move into a better age, we 
are to plant the seeds of morontial possibilities. This will be the focus of 
our upcoming series, yes. I will take only a few questions.

(All questions paraphrased)

RACHEL: (Thanks, I think we are the ones who are blessed.)

ABRAHAM: I thank you Rachel and I appreciate every individual who had 
enough faith to push this mission forward, yes. 

RACHEL: (Were there quite a few celestial beings there that night eight 
years ago?)

ABRAHAM: Absolutely. A great number of beings were in attendance, for 
you see, it was new also for many of us. This type of communication does 
occur also on other worlds and also in worlds who have experienced rebellion. 
Yes, the beings who were involved were many of the teachers you now know -- 
many who were being trained and many assisting us in our techniques. Also 
were there -- Power Directors who had helped us with the actual
Another question?

TECTRA: (A question about Willeena's friend which she has thought of to 
help, who has gone through so much abuse and etc. Is it possible for this 
woman to receive help, or is she sort of beyond being reached?)

ABRAHAM: One question for Willeena: Does this woman appear to help 
herself? Does she put forth the effort to aid in her own well-being? One who 
cannot participate in their wellness finds difficulty in accepting help from 
others. Willeena can only help to a certain point and then release her into 
Father's care. You see, all is not lost - even if this woman cannot find 
understanding and comfort in this life. Beyond the mortal body, there are 
answers and solutions. 

CALVIN: (A question for Tom Swain in California who asks if Abraham has 
any direction for him concerning his recent thoughts and experiences.)

ABRAHAM: From what I can understand, his experience is no different 
from anyone else's. We all feel confident in our spiritual leading at times 
and there is a point where the spiritual lessons become more difficult and 
cause feelings of inadequacy or confusion. The lessons will always be bigger 
and more difficult. This exercises those spiritual muscles and keeps one 
reaching heavenward. One who I s confident in all their spiritual steps has 
stopped at that particular learning level. They begin to lose their footing
begin to slip, and, have to face Father and again ask for guidance. This is
a life where things are carved in stone, no, but a life where the lessons 
are living and growing and moving. Yes, that is all. (Thank you Abraham.)

Again, I thank you each for accepting me and putting forth your best efforts 
to make Urantia a productive part of the Universe. Yes. As always, my love 
is with you. Shalom.

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