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Aaron (Nancy): "Ken, you took my quip."

Ken: "Sorry."

Aaron (Nancy): "I desired to toss that out immediately.  You said stage
left.  I desired to say stage right.  However, there was a disbelief on the
part of this TR that it was I desiring to quip with you.  I am Aaron.
Greetings to all of you.  I am finding this experience to be somewhat
delightful.  Let me explain.  This particular TR union is new, and I am
enjoying the delights of interacting with PamElla's mind to bring forth this
particular discourse, conversation, discussion with you.  Also do I delight
in levity and enjoyment of your discussions and sharing.  Both have
significance.  Intellectual, spiritual, emotional, all is balanced.  I have
a lesson/exercise prepared.  However, I will save it for the time being.
There is a lesson discourse to be given first.  I appreciate the opportunity
to open this meeting in this light-hearted manner.  I now turn the floor
over.  Until later, I am Aaron."

Minearisa (Bob D): "Greetings, siblings.  I am Minearisa.  This evening I
would like to take the time to discuss with you regarding your personal
development.  While you come together in these meetings to share with one
another and to receive insight from our teaching staff, truly it is your
personal time, your inward development that is the key to your personal,
spiritual progress.  These groups reflect your willingness to socialize your
experiences.  It is in some sense the manifestation of your seeking further
awareness of the siblinghood of all humanity and celestiality.  But we also
maintain our directives and I purposefully intend in my efforts to share
with your local teaching staff that prime purpose that precedes the
recognition of siblinghood so that they may increasingly build you personal
awareness that your individual inner experience with God, your personal
awareness of that presence and its relationship to you in all love is the
key to your destiny.  So when you question how well you interact with your
brothers and sisters, whether your feel comfortable, if you have a sense of
community with one another, rest easy that these purposes you have
undertaken for further socialization are the experiments rather than the
end-all of your spiritual life.  

Here in this room tonight there is a universal purpose that I witness in
each of you to do the will of God as you can best perceive it.  The First
Source, the Center, seems to be the guiding force for each of you as
individuals.  And we will constantly support this relationship that each of
you have as being the most important factor to your universe integration in
eternity.  We recognize your efforts at union.  We would further amplify the
awareness of harmony that you have had with God when you are in service to
others.  Utilizing these perspectives your relationship to one another is a
common evolution of a prime desire in combination with varying degrees of
shared values and beliefs.  

Your rocky roads of group experience reflect your efforts of expression
rather than denoting success or failure.  The manifestation which have
occurred reflect more experimentation of personality in relationship to
another that it does the rise or fall of your spiritual life.  So at anytime
that you feel uncertain of your relationship to another or to others
recognize first the anchor of your goal to manifest perfection in eternity
of purpose with your Indweller and thus your outward efforts at
socialization will be less all consuming and worrisome, and more to engage
the inner drive outwardly, the results being less important than the effort.
It has been my pleasure to be present this evening, my friends.  Again, I
rarely communicate through this TR and find the experience to be interesting
and somewhat pleasurable.  I hope you realize the great amount of care and
love that is there for you by those who are unseen in your presence and even
by those who see you.  I am finished with my discourse, and will gladly step
back and allow for another to progress this meeting forward.   Thank you,

Daniel (Bill): "Greetings my dear children.  I am your teacher, Daniel, your
friend, your guide and mentor.  In the use of term children I do not mean to
create a distance between us.  It is just an expression of fatherly love
that I feel at the same time that I experience my brotherhood to each of you
precious friends.  I am pleased to observe and note your easy camaraderie
and spontaneous interactions this evening which are indicative to me of a
relaxation of tension from the difficult period which is now behind you, in
responding individually to the situations that were thrust upon you.   You
see, what you are learning is that spiritual life is always active,
choice-based, rather than the confining and sometimes crippling feeling of
only being able to react to the situations or the thoughts or the feelings
that you encounter.  

Love, which is the celebration that you are going to observe officially on
Sunday, is the heartbeat of the universe.  It is second to nothing in all of
reality.  Love is the desire to do good to others, to share personality
affiliation, to rejoice in mutual creativity, to give and take, to share and
to be open.  At the center of the universe are the Paradise Deities who have
willed your very existence and through the creator connection from our
universe parents have you experienced your total mortal reality.  

Your world has long celebrated and exalted the ideal of love, but has
eschewed a thorough examination thereof.  Your culture being a mix of truth
and error, of rebellion instigated concepts as well as divine truth, is
truly schizoid in its embrace of truth.  As your were discussing earlier you
must always employ discernment and allow your divine Pilot to guide you as
you are the captain of your ship in the voyage of life through alternating
periods of stormy weather and placid calm.  Always must you exercise
discernment amongst the cultures and religions of your planet so that truth
is honored and fairly appreciated while error is transcended and like
scaffolding dismantled when the great edifice is completed.  

Much of what passes in your lives among your fellows as expressions of love
you are now beginning to understand really are your dependency
relationships; and yet dependency is a developmental stage for no child, no
infant could make it through their early years without their dependency
needs being satisfied.  As the wisdom of your culture increases (and it
does) you have come to understand much more accurately the higher and more
ideal aspects of a loving relationship.   Yet the other more immature stages
of relationships still persist and in many ways are still ascendant.  

There is no risk in feeling the love of God for God is not a mixture of good
and evil, not yes or no, but always yes.  There is no darkness or shadow of
turning in the Eternal One.  These concepts do not have to be taken on faith
alone, that is to say, you don't have to believe them because I say so, or
any other authority-source says so.  If you will taste and see that the Lord
is good, your own experience will be incontrovertible.  As I mentioned to
you now several weeks ago, if you leap off the promontory the safety net
will not vanish into thin air.  If you take the risk of embracing the love
of God personally in your inner lives you will experience that love.  When
you ask for a fish, you will not get a scorpion.  Knock and the door will
open.  Ask and you shall receive.  Your experience with this great love will
be a thing which nothing can ever separate you from or take away from your
heart's grasp.  

I realize that many of you know the truth of what I am saying, but I say all
of this so that you may not only experience first hand your relationship to
God in intimate lovely connection, but so that you better understand the
minds and hearts of your brothers and sisters who have not yet had the
courage to come to the banquet table and fill their plates with all the
offerings of goodness from the gracious host.  Speak your truth, my friends,
and don't be afraid.  Be assured that you have guidance.  Know that there
are innumerable celestial personalities who are flooding this planet now the
rebellion has ended and the rebels are no more.  Love will conquer hate,
will overcome evil, will triumph in the evolutionary universes for it is the
will of God.  And your choice as well as every free-will creature is whether
to be part of that love or to refuse it and cease to exist.  I have no doubt
that any of you are in any danger of refusing this love. Again my words are
not directed to you.  They are a statement of the overwhelming truth that
love is stronger than any opposing force.  

So my friends, celebrate love.   There is nothing wrong with romance and
friendship between two intimate people. These things are here for our
blessing; but they are just material shadows of the great reality which
pours forth from the center of the universes, from Paradise itself, from the
First, Second and Third Sources and Centers of all. Finally, remember this.
All who will traverse the universe career of ascension, shall undoubtedly
meet these sources of love, of light, of life, of truth and of profound joy.
Happy Valentines Day to you all.  My love to you.  Good evening."

Aaron (Nancy): "Hello again.  I am Aaron attempting to overcome PamElla's
dismay.  Her original impression of my statement was that she was off the
hook for the rest of the evening.  Not so.  I desire to continue to stretch
her boundaries and yours just a bit further on this weekend of love.  Indeed
love is the topic and love is the exercise.  At this time I request that in
your minds, in your own hearts, in your own being you allow the flood of
God's love.  This is a group activity.  It is requested for your own
experience of love and for the great service that you extend to all of
creation focalized at this planetary level.  So please allow yourself to
experience God's personal, unique love for you, his beloved child.  We will
take several minutes to do this.  I will continue thereafter.  Please proceed."

Virginia: "You have asked us to experience God's love, or open ourselves.  I
am not sure what you want."

Aaron (Nancy): "Stillness"

Virginia: "OK. Thank you."

Long pause.

Aaron (Nancy): "I thank you for your efforts.  Now I will explain my purpose
in asking you to do stillness.  You see there are those who still come to
stillness as a quieting of the mind which is accurate, and yet the purpose
of stillness is to know God, and to know God is to be in the presence of
profound love.  And so the purpose of stillness is communion with love.  And
it may help some of you in your experience of stillness to focus on the
swelling of the presence of God within the overwhelming profusion of love
that begins in the center and extends outward, that is connected with all.
And so as you come to stillness come forward to the presence of love.  Allow
yourself to know love, to be loved, to love back, to experience love, to
give love, to be love.  This is the foundation of your relationship with
God, with all of God's creation.  I have finished my lesson and my comments
for this evening.  Thank you for your participation."

Daniel (Bill): "Hearing no further commentary, and in order to complete this
evening's experience I desire that you all stand and take each other's hands
while I lead you in prayer.   Universal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite
Spirit, Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia: We worship you, our creators,
our parents, our source of all, for you have given us life, personality
status, an indwelling Monitor to unite with us in personal unity forever.
You have given us the way, the truth and the life in our own Bestowal Son.
You have given us joy inexplicable.  We return to you hymns of praise in our
hearts for your love which is beyond our comprehension, but not beyond our
experience.  We also thank you for each other personality that are
privileged to commune with, in this small group here and much wider to an
enormous and vast universe full of others who your love empowers as well.
Now to you we give our lives, our purpose for life, for your guidance, for
you inspiration.  Send us to our needy brothers and sisters.  Give us the
guidance that is there, and all glory and honor and praise and worship be
yours, Paradise Trinity, now and forever, may it be.  Amen."

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