[tmtranscripts] 2/9/99 Songbird and Merium

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Session:  2/9/99
Butler, PA (Part 1)
Teachers:  Songbird and Merium
T/R:  Gerdean

GROUP:	Hunnah, Alan, Gerdean and Leah


TOMAS:	Good evening, my friends, I am Tomas.  It is good to be with you this
evening.  Many here embrace you in love and in mercy.  We are joyful at this
configuration of individuals.  Welcome home, AhLeah, from your sojourn.  It is
always good to feel your presence with us and to feel you absorb the warmth
and solidarity of your home and hearth here in and with your teachers and your
peers in truth.

I would like to introduce a format to utilize for a period of time, inasmuch
as we have become an active participant in the art of transmitting in this
group.  I will speak for a while and step down so that others may have an
opportunity to allow their teacher or their associate to express their truths
as well.  But I will give up my time this evening, in part at least, to my
lovely midwayer friend, SongBird, who is once again with us and would like to
discuss something with you.  One moment please.

SONGBIRD:		Greetings, my friends.  I am SongBird and it is again a pleasure to
be here and to have this opportunity to spend some time with you and to share
in your heart's delight, that which will enable you to become a more fragrant
spreader of good cheer and good will.  

One of the facets of a fragrant personality is this thing you call self-
esteem.  I would like to talk a little bit then about what you call your third
chakra, the seat of the self, and how it reflects in your environment, your
gut feelings, your sense of  who you are, how you feel things poignantly, how
you carry your conflicts in your belly, and when you are at peace with
yourself, you find life digestible and nourishing.  

Your self-esteem is a reflection on your appreciation of who you are as an
individual personality with its own strengths and character, its own unique
personality manifestion, by its own value and perception, its understanding of
a relationship with divinity and a relationship with animal nature.  

In an individual who has a solid sense of self in a healthy way, you will not
find ulcers, you will not find bellyache, because that individual is not
allowing him or herself to be determined by what goes outside itself, but by
rather what is transpiring within.  It engages a manner of grace about itself
that allows for an esteem about who one is.  

In your backgrounds you have been taught that how you present yourself, how
you are seen by your society, is a reflection not only of yourself but your
civilization as well.  To carry the burden of your civilization in your
behavior is a responsibility unkind.  All you need to do is be responsible for
your own perspective, and this comes from your own integrity,  your own
relaitonship with Father, and with your life path.  

Of course, your life path encounters others in its wake and of course you are
mindful of your impact on others and yet if you merely hold in your heart and
mind an understanding that the reality you are focusing on is your own, and it
is a reflection of an honest reality, you needn't worry then about upholding
the world on your shoulders.  

Indeed we will one day move into a world wherein everyone is able to be self-
governing, and granted it is a goal, but in cases such as yourself it can be a
fact, and as you are self-governing, as you determine for yourself how you
feel about things, how you choose to respond to life experiences, and not be
overmuch influenced by the impact of others upon you, you have safeguarded
your own self-esteem, that which enables you to feel good about yourself and
therefore your impression upon the world around you.

In a culture such as yours that is so bent on judgment, it is a deep
conditioning that you often second guess yourself as well as others as to
their behaviors for your interaction with others in your behaviors.  As you
assess these things, you essay yourself overmuch and become overly analytical
about yourself and you give yourself a bellyache because of your associations
or because of your reaction to your associations.  

As you are true to  yourself, even when you are confused or in a growing
place, you can keep to yourself your own growth experience and not rely
overmuch on other peoples' opinions as to what you think or how you should
behave, thereby maintaining your own sense of self and where you may victor
the battle of growth because of your relationship with divinity, that clear
guide to your ultimate reality.

I thus urge you in your comings and goings to be mindful of your gut and be
aware of how it reacts and responds to the world around you.  Strengthen
yourself by allowing your esteem to be well established within yourself as a
natural part of you, that which is being developed and borne from your respect
for yourself as a child of God and your appropriate love for yourself as a
child of the universe, faults and all.

I will be back again to discuss  you with you more later, but I wanted to be
here with  you while you are undergoing group transition and Tomas has
graciously allowed me to get out here and again practice my ability to express
myself in terms that may be helpful to you in your evolution.  Good afternoon.

TOMAS:	This is Tomas, and I will recess.  Yes.

* * * *

MERIUM:	And we're off!  Good evening, everyone.
GROUP:	Hi, Merium.

MERIUM:	I really do appreciate that discourse because it is like an all-year
supply of stimulation for me to speak.  I have asked that you look up the word
in your Webster for self-esteem, or esteem,  but as usual I am leading you to
the truth of your being, so we shall disregard, as usual, that self-esteem
with a small "s" and travel to the truth of your being to that which you truly
are, the you that you are re-acquainting yourself with.  

You are discovering the truth of your being.  That is the self that is indeed
being brought forth; that is the self that is non-judgmental, that is kind,
that is patient, that envies not, that is not puffed up.  Oh, such a beautiful
expression of life and it dwells in you, and even though this façade of
external self wants to define everything continuously, from finances to
political views, it is very busy embroidering the tapestry of falsehood, and
here we have once again the invitation to the Eden of your being, where beauty
is ever present.

You have in your world a reversible garment.  I understand that you have
clothing that you can wear inside out.  Well, in a sense, this is what we are
wanting to do.  Your world is being turned inside out, upside down.  It is
being worn incorrectly and you are discovering the garland of truth that
belongs to you that will allow your eyes to see what is truly there and they
will be unified with your heartfelt intelligence, so that your judgment will
be totally different.

In fact, you will not even bother to judge;  you will be too busy being the
beautific, beautiful being that you truly are.  It will be a garment that is
light and you will flow through your circumstances, picking the new
opportunities in recognition to  you, just as you would reach up carelessly
and affectionately pick the flower and bring it to yourself because you know
that it is for you.  

This is a new life that you are being given, and you don't even have to become
masters of it.  It is simply going to present itself.  It will become the new
character and fiber of your being.  You will not have to dig for it.  You will
not have to strain to get it out, to replace a lesser behavior.  It is ever
there for you.  We are of the same ilk.  We wear the garment.  We know where
we live, and we are at home wherever we go.  We are at home with you in this
room.  There is no separation.

As you acquaint yourself with this new self-esteem, and you become more and
more preoccupied with it and less and less weighted by the distractions that
pull you ever, ever, endlessly, you will find that you will be able to attend
to whatever comes to you and it will also be in an optimistic manner that your
every need will be attended to.  This group has suffered, and it has had
growing pains that have come out of misunderstanding.  It is learning to
embrace itself more completely.  It is really realizing that it is a lotus in
this community and that it is perfume that is ever being released into all
these areas that you consider just an ordinary town.

This that you truly are is not aware of class, it is not interested in
economics, it is not interested in so-called intelligence.  There are no
requirements for your reflection and your cooperation.  I am talking about the
seamless robe that is of  your true make-up. And I am so pleased with this
discourse that came this evening and I hope that you will read the manuscript
in private, ponder it, and as you connected with my talk, you will be released
into a new decible of expression, a new tonal confidence, and a new strength
in your effortless living.

Compassion is in the wings.  It is ever at  hand, and there is no anxiety as
to where it will be seen because it is with you.  You are your own compassion,
and you will have as much as you allow yourself to be expressing it.  You will
receive every need as long as you remember that you are your own gift to
yourself and that you will never be in need.  

I delight in this opportunity to speak to you.  I am ever so appreciative of
you all.  You are so dear to us, and I am also pleased to have Hunnah back
that she may hear this message herself because she needs it as much as anyone
else who is able to read the transcript.  

I am going to allow someone else to speak, but thank you so much for letting
me talk.

GROUP:	Thank you, Merium.

* * * *

MERIUM:	Dear friend, I welcome you.

ALAN:	I don't know if this is your bag or not, but do you, Merium, any chance
know some of the plans that Machiventa may have for some of the imbalances in
the world?  I'm speaking population-wise.  What about that vast, vast, vast
population that we know so little about here in America.  What are
Machiventa's plans for reaching those people?

MERIUM:	The plan is enlightenment.
ALAN:	How?

MERIUM:	The plan is the waking of the heart intelligence, the heart's
responsiveness to that which you are.    

ALAN:	Through which means?

MERIUM:	The means will produce itself.  You can reflect in your very own
experience what roused you from the doze that you were in at one time that you
called out and asked that you be guided.  It would be the same if you lived in
the artic or if you were in the farthest, most remote parts of the earth.
Everyone is allowed to be where they are.  There is no 
 Are you talking about
physical security?

ALAN:	Well, I'm talking about (1) language, (2) 
 well, for me personally, it
was just as lonely there [Thailand, India and Singapore] as it was here.


ALAN:	Where are all the other folks?  That are willing to be there and break
through these barriers.

MERIUM:	I must welcome you to a  contamination of the Christian consciousness
here.  I think you will find it very stimulating because you're going to have
the opportunity to bring the East and the West together in a sense of
conscious union within yourself.  Your questions are legitimate, but it is
your intellect that is anxious, and what you are here for is to allow yourself
great growth.  I want to tell you that there is no hurry and that you will be
finding your own questions welling up into you and that they are to apply to
your first and the world secondly.  

This group that you have entered is an intimate one.  It is called First
Things First.  That this peace that passes understanding will inhabit you and
you will become your greatest prayerful hope.  If you allow it to happen.  You
have many, many experiences under your belt, and many, many - much wisdom, but
it is in the humbling of the private sanctity of your being that you will find
your finest hour.  

I hope I have not fooled you with my reply, but you are  speaking to Merium.
I am the pillow fluffer.  I have a mission of mercy, a mission of beauty, and
I am not interested in theintellectual definition.  My friend Tomas will lay
out a lesson and I come along and lighten it, and I lighten it and I lighten
it and my path is helping you to become lighter.  That is my function.  

I hope that I have not disappointed you.  We have teachers that will come in
that perhaps will satisfy you completely.  Tomas, can you assist?

GERDEAN:	Wait a minute.

MERIUM:	Let me come back to this group that you have entered.   If you were to
be here two weeks, six months, whatever, this has been an experiment for us
within the Urantia teachings.  It is called living the truth.  It is called
passing the barrier of the human burden that has kept you tight and narrow in
your thinking.  It has wakened you to a life beyond your habits and your likes
and your dislikes.  It has brought fellowship into a new dimension in a very
personal way.

This group studies text in another meeting, and when they come here they are
allowed to meet personal needs, to feel support, to feel supported.  Now it is
true, the group will take on a new pattern as the energies of male and female
change, but in the past this has been a birthing of lightness, your morontia
being.  We want you to become more comfortable with the you that you truly are
and we speak to you as if you had already been brought about.  We are not
speaking to the spoiled pattern of the human configuration.  We are speaking
to your Self-esteem at all times.  Tomas, are you there?

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