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Daniel(Nancy): "Greetings, my friends.  I am Daniel, your guide and teacher,
here to welcome you back to this time of sharing, caring, learning, and
growing.  We are so pleased to have all of you present at this gathering.  

Roxy, I wish to introduce myself to you personally.  I am Daniel.  I am a
friend of yours.  I do know you fairly intimately.  You have been on my
rounds for some time.  You see, I was a doctor in my mortal career and I
have used the euphemism 'making my rounds' with my other students here
present and students as yet unknown to the participants in this group, this
family.  How pleased we are that you have found your way here, my dear. My
heart feels quite full this evening.  

Also, I wish to address Bob personally.  We are so pleased for the many
times you have participated with this group.  I wish you to know that your
presence here is deeply welcomed.  Your presence is always desired, and when
you are not here you are missed.  I wish to offer to you at this time the
possibility of a personal talk if you are so inclined.  I would desire one
on one interaction with you.  You, of course, can make such arrangements if
you so desire.  And now with these opening statements and my introductions
made I will be at rest for the time being.

Aaron(Bill): "Greetings friends, this is Aaron.  How pleased I am to observe
the intensity of your loving interactions, the acceptance that you give to
each other emotionally and spiritually.  It radiates the love of God
resident in your souls.  The spiritual light emanating from this place this
evening was radiant and caught the attention of many visitors.  There is a
great cathedral of beings present who are participating with those of us
more regularly designated teachers.

Indeed is God for us and therefor who can truly be against us?  This insight
into universe reality has pierced the souls of men and women throughout
human history on this planet despite the legacy of rebellion and darkness
which has prevailed for the last quarter of a million years.  But now the
time has come with the adjudication of the rebels for this message to truly
reach every will creature residing on this planet and on all the other rebel
planets as well.  Michael, our Creator Son, has wept bitterly over the loss
of his children who remained hardened of heart and darkened of mind and
whose pride refused to submit to truth and mercy.  Even God cannot force one
against his will to eternal fellowship.  Never the less, despite the loss of
unique children of the Father who have persisted in rebellion and now are as
though they had never been, despite this, great profit as accrued from this
experience of allowing rebellion long stretches of mercy until there was no
chance for retrieval.

This planet has labored under the delusion that God is a taskmaster, a hard
nosed, rigid, angry, and vengeful  person, having special favorites among
His children.  But, my dear friends, you know and others know, and the word
is getting out that this caricature, this monstrosity of distortion has no
connection with the true Source of all truth, beauty, and goodness, for God
the Father, the Son, the Spirit is becoming fleshed out in human experience
in the lives of His children who consciously know Him and seek to do His
will. These conscious experiences are yours to share with any who have ears
to hear.

The good news is truly at two levels.  The first level is that you are not
orphans, not the products of chance and blind force, but rather the children
of a loving, infinitely gracious, inconceivably good Parent.  The second
level is that you are truly brothers and sisters.  These truths, once at an
intellectual level initially, are now settling into the very essence of your
souls and you are aware of the true cosmic brotherhood/sisterhood.  

To do the will of God depends mostly on desire, for he/she that is willing
to know God's will shall discover it.  No limitations of culture, of
intellect, of emotional injury or of any other factor can prevent a faith
son and daughter from discovering the will of God, if that is their highest
desire.  I will give you a secret.  When your highest desire is to do the
will of God He, then, gives you the desires of your heart, for your heart
and His heart are united.  Yes, I will say, that you know that you know when
you have made that supreme betrothal. I have completed my commentary.  I
now, also, take my place at rest."
Ignacea(Bob S.): "My brothers and sisters, I greet you on behalf of Him who
created us all, Whose vision of what was and  is and will be is clear, Whose
love is unmistakable, Whose desire for each of you is of the fullest.  My
friends, my name is Ignacea.  I am Bob's personal teacher.   I rarely speak
in public.  Bob is thinking..because I have enough to do with him..but that
is not entirely true.  It is appropriate for those of us who are assigned to
individuals to, on occasion, speak to a wider audience and I am availing
myself of this opportunity this evening.

My word to each of you is to enjoy the life which you have been given for it
is unique.  No one else walks in your steps.  You have this individualized
opportunity to do something no one else anywhere can do.  While that may
provide the basis of some fear and reticence, look at it from the view of
the opportunity it presents.  You have in your grasp the opportunity to
experience something which no one, no one else can do.  That should stir
your very souls!  Can you see the opportunities this presents?  Can you feel
the joy which this offers?  Can you hear the voice of God inside you
offering to share in the decision making which you are facing; and can you
feel in that experience the very voice of God within each of you?  

These two things, make your life unique.  The walk, the path which stretches
before you can be of no other.  That Fragment of God which sparkles within
your personhood belongs to no other and together when those two uniquenesses
merge, the future holds nothing but glorious, radiant light.

Well my friends, I trust you have enjoyed my sermon.  I take great delight
in offering my services when called upon and that is one reason I serve the
individual I serve.  Go about your world tomorrow with your head held high,
for you know if God is for you, who can be against you.  Good evening."

Daniel(Bill): "Hello again.  I am Daniel.  I am aware that there are several
questions that you have brought with you tonight and because the hour is
late I will now open the floor so that you may have opportunity to ask those
questions or make your contribution to the discussion which has already
ensued.  You may direct your questions to me, to Aaron, or to the other
teachers present here as you wish."

Nancy:   "Well, I will take the opportunity.  Daniel, I am really not sure
what my question is.  In some ways I felt Ignacea was talking to me although
certainly he was talking to many of us.  You are aware that I am in the
midst of a struggle with what to do about my life, particularly what to do
about school and job choices at this point in time.  I know it's not your
job to give advice of that specific sort and I know that the fundamentals
are to spend time in the stillness.  But can you, please, add to that or
decline my request?"

Aaron(Bill): "Yes, I will comment.  I am Aaron.  Daniel has asked me to
reply to you because I was the one that spoke the words that we both feel
are your answer.  

You will not obtain satisfactory resolution of your conflicts as long as you
look for the solution outside of yourself, be it in advice, the confluence
of circumstance, or any other external factor.  My advice to you, then, is
not coming to you from outside, for I will not say, nor do I know, whether
you should do this or that.  But I do know this.  If you will take away all
conditions, all reservations, all fear, and all doubt about the goodness of
God and His love for you and offer your will to do His will without
reservations, then you shall discover what it is that you truly desire; and
as you discover this, you can be sure it pleases your Parent.  At the risk
of sounding blunt, I know no better words to offer you."

Nancy: "Thank you, Aaron."

Aaron: "The trick is, or the block is, in letting go of the last vestige of

Nancy:    "Yeah, (laughing) you are right about that!  (Group laughter).
That is the trick!"

Aaron:   "Two weeks ago brother Daniel suggested a visualization exercise.
If you would look at your transcript you can read it in his words.  It
suggested a leap of faith into the support net of love which God strings
throughout His universes, from whatever symbolic object your mind chooses to
represent your fear.  Suggestions included jumping from an airplane with a
parachute, or diving off the fifth level of a diving board or leaping off
the edge of a cliff, or plunging into ice water..that was not mentioned but
I suggest that.  There is no substitute for your whole hearted, fully
integrated personality decision; and all I can say as one who has made the
supreme betrothal is that the net will not break, it will not vanish into
thin air, you will experience true desire without conflict.  That is all
that I can say."

Nancy:   "Thanks, Aaron."

Virginia: "Teachers you message tonight reminded me of a Bible passage that
I memorized many years ago that says, 'Seek the Lord with all your heart and
He will give you the desires of your heart.'  I am not sure how you are
interpreting that truth because I have always thought in terms of the fact
that God would change the desires of my heart to be better and greater than
they were rather than giving this a material interpretation. I have heard
that it is material, too, but  I don't think it is a material interpretation
but rather a change of heart, just like prayer is really to change me, not
the situation."

Nancy: "Can I respond?"(laughter)

Virginia: "Let's ask the teachers and then....sure."

Daniel: "PamElla, this is Daniel.  Please go ahead."(more laughter)

Nancy: "My interpretation of what I heard Aaron say was that if we desire
God's will we get our will because it is one will; it is exactly that.  We
are desiring God's will and we have unified that will.  But it is not then
God gives us the gift of ..okay, you have been a good girl and you did this
for Me and now I do this for you.  That's not it at all.  It's that by
desiring God's will we have unified that will and God's will shall be done.
So, then., we get our will because our will is God's will.  

So this takes me right back to where I was seven years ago.  That's why this
is a struggle for me, because I still do, and Aaron nailed it, still have
difficulty trusting that God is good, that God's will is good for me!

And really that desire...I mean a couple of times I really desired God's
will and things didn't turn out for me.  And it wasn't a bad thing but it
wasn't my way.  So it is still something I really struggle with..wanting to
desire God's will.  Anyway.

Aaron(Bill) "My dear, this is Aaron.  Yes, you have an A+ (laughter and

Listen a minute.  When your will is perfectly united with the will of God
you will be fused and translated.  This will happen for all of you who have
made the betrothal, the intention, the engagement.  But, this moment of
perfection is rarely attained in the mortal life.  So, while my words are
true, they have to be modified with something of a disclaimer, that is,
there will most likely be a portion of your will still involved.  The
effort, the desire, the intention to do God's will shall grow every stronger
and the light ever brighter.  I do not want to be misunderstood as
presenting a scenario that is easily and flippantly attained where one can
say, 'I am perfectly aligned with God's will so whatever I want, it must be
His will'.  Such a erroneous position will only result in disappointment.
Understand...the desire to do the will of God, to be wholly aligned with
one's Adjuster, takes years and years for the average person, morontia
experience after experience before that completion is made.  If this were an
advanced planet in the seventh stage of Light and Life it would be much more
likely to occur here.  

I am sorry I cannot offer you ease of soul or simplicity of thought.
However, PamElla, my dear, you have an excellent mind.  Try to remove your
ego by imagining what advice you would give another person who presented
your circumstances and see what you find."

Nancy: "That's helpful, thank you."

Aaron: "Yes."

Lori: "Teachers, in my attempts to do God's will, which is difficult,
sometimes I feel like through my work...am I foolish to feel like at times
through my work I can in some way serve through the messages I am trying to
get across and just come forth.  Or is this just naive and a self serving
type of thing, because I feel there's been small tiny fusions that occur.
Hearing you talking, Nancy, I am doubting now."

Daniel(Bill): "I am Daniel.  Isaac is unclear as to what you are doubting.
Would you clarify so he will relax?"

Lori: "Yes, I will try.  Am I foolish to believe that through my work I can
express my desire to do God's will? I can pass the message of love farther
out there that I don't have daily contact with?  It is a two fold question."

Daniel: "I, Daniel, could tell you my opinion, and I have one.  But I would
rather ask you...what would you say to your daughter, either daughter, if
she were to ask you such a question?"

Lori: "Well, I would say yes!(Long hearty laughter) But she's not asking
me.(Loud laughter) The reason I began to doubt it was to hear that this type
of fusion is so rare on ..."

Daniel: "Understood."

Lori: "I felt like maybe I was fooling myself there for a moment that in
some way that is serving."

Daniel: "Dear Lori, I feel that the problem is in your understanding of what
I mean by fusion.  I am referring to that ultimate fusion which results in
the immediate translation of the souls of mortal ascenders so that they
disappear in flames.  This, indeed, is a rare event.  I was not suggesting
that a lesser but still very adequate alignment could not occur between you
and God or any other individual and God.  So if you felt that I was
offering a nearly impossible scenario in doing the will of God, I hope that
I have clarified this.  Do you understand what I am saying?"

Lori: "Yes".

Daniel: "Now I will tell you that 'yes' is my answer.  You are in error to
doubt that your creative offerings and outpourings of love are not received
as most splendid gifts by your Divine Monitor.  Or to put it in positive
terms, such self depreciating doubts occur to all mortals, especially on
this planet with its history of negativity.  It is Father's intention for
each personality to express their talents, their abilities to the fullest
for the expression of personality is the will of God.  There is no doubt
about that.  The expression of the uniqueness, beauty, and potential of
every personality is God's intention for the evolutionary universes, to be
subsumed in the magnificent completion of God the Supreme of which we all a
part, the finite God of evolutionary perfection.  So doing your part with
the gifts that you are given as an offering and an intention of service is
truly pleasing to our Father, to our Brother Michael, to our Mother
Nebadonia.  It can not be otherwise. Have no doubts about this my dear."

Lori: "Thank you; and thank you for your help this week."

Daniel: "It is my pleasure."  

Minearisa(Bill):  Dear friends, the evening grows long and I, Minearisa,
have not offered any wisdom this evening.  But in the light of what has been
discussed and the questions that have been plied I would suggest that you
take a little more seriously the suggested exercise previously stated.  Try
to find what it is, if you have this problem, that keeps you from trusting
in the goodness of God.  And when you find it, push it over the cliff. Let
it go.  Kiss it goodby forever.  Life is too short to hang back from the
True Source of all Love. 
I, Minearisa, embrace you all and so do the surrounding hosts of celestial
personalities. If you can trust us teachers you should be able to trust the
Creator of each of us as well.  It's only logical.  My blessings upon you.
Good evening."

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