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Thu Feb 4 21:00:34 PST 1999


Ham (Bill): "Greetings my children, my friends, my co-workers, I am Ham.  It
is my pleasure to open this evening's interaction.  In as much as you have
reviewed your roots in the teaching mission, and aside from Abraham and
Machiventa they do go back to our group in Woods Cross, which I remind you
is a unified group with yourselves.  It has been an honor for me to be asked
to open the first session of 1999, beyond the commemoration of your

We, the teachers and staff of Prince Machiventa, are very optimistic and
joyful at this time, for our projects and plans are surprising us with their
effectiveness and appeal.  We are, of course, enabled by the enhanced
circuitry of this planet now that the rebellion has ended.  And we are also
almost taken back by what a difference this makes in the intercommunication
that is now possible.  This evening we have our midwayer, VanEl, who has
been present to connect our new friend, Mike, into the circuitry of you
heart connections.  Remember that the angels of destiny, your guardians,
work in every way possible to spiritualize your minds by their interaction
with other minds, by what appears to be chance coincidences, which are in
fact quite otherwise, that are orchestrated by these wonderful beings, your

There is some value in the almost hysterical contemplation of a new
millennium among the peoples of this planet.  The value does not reside in
the hysteria or the magic of numbers, but in the expectations of hearts that
are willing to embrace newness and change, and are willing even to consider
large change and great transformation, because this attitude leads to the
possibilities of progress in each part that so reaches in anticipation
toward God, whether they know him by that name or not.  You people have
willingly straggled along behind us, or eagerly run ahead of us, and only
occasionally strayed to the left or right in these past seven years.  We are
very proud to be your teachers and older brothers and sisters.  

We are constantly humbled by the graciousness of our assignment to work with
this planet, the birthplace of our Sovereign, Christ Michael.  Some day on
your ascension path you will understand what fond recollection united with
broadened understanding will give you as former residents of planet Urantia,
Michael's mortal birthplace.  

I now have used up my allotted time; I would only tell you my friends, if
you think you've made progress, and you have, in the past few years, that
potentials for the future are even more wonderful in our estimation.  There
is a potentiation , a synergistic effect as more and more people offer to
God that greatest gift, ‘ it is my will to do Your will'.  In your
lifetimes, no, you will not see this planet in light and life, but truly the
dawn is visibly brightening.  I, Ham, humbly thank my creator, brother,
father, Christ Michael to be honored to assist on the world of his mortal
nativity.  Good evening."

Andirondek (Cathy): "This is Andirondek, asking you to briefly participate
in an exercise.  Imagine, if you will, sitting at the edge of calm, lovely,
pond.  The surface of the water is glass-like, completely smooth, reflecting
the surroundings as a mirror.  Enjoy the quiet of this place for a moment.
Now reach to your side and pick up a small, smooth stone, toss it lightly
into the center of the pond and watch what happens.  The concentric circles
radiate outward from that central, still point.  Let the water become calm
again, glass-like, unstirred again.  

Now try to imagine a scenario where the concentric ripples in the pond would
contract and move inward, as if you threw in a hula hoop and tried to make
all the ripples converge to the same minute point.  This is much more
difficult, is it not?  

Now please apply this metaphor to intentionality for intentionality, which
radiates outward from the indwelling spirit, is natural, it feels right.
Intentionality which is imposed from without and tries to converge upon your
heart center is unnatural.  This is the lesson of the ‘shoulds' and ‘thou
shalts.'  You spend many of your formative years learning behaviors which
are motivated externally.  The crucial lesson of spirituality is to reverse
the flow of motivation and intentionality from an external basis to an
internal, spirit-guided, basis.  

An exercise this week, which is not mandatory but you may find useful, is to
take a blank piece of paper and write down some ‘shoulds' or ‘thou shalts'
which no longer serve you, but which still hold some power over your life.
An example might be, ‘I must keep this job, even thou it does not serve my
soul purpose; I must keep it in order to keep the cash flow moving so that
we can live at the level to which we are accustomed.  Write out as many of
these as you can think of; take a pair of scissors, cut them into individual
‘thou shalts' and with the flame of a candle, one by one, burn them.  And as
you do so, hand them over to God and say, ‘I am no longer in need of this,
it does not serve my soul, it diminishes my spirit to hold onto these
beliefs, so I relinquish them to you.  I am finished.  There is another who
wishes to speak."

Daniel (Bill): "Greetings, friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, your
brother, and your friend.  I am pleased, again, to address you at the
beginning of our next year of association together.  

Indeed have I treasured these past seven years of my assignment with you.
Originally I was matched up with Deborah\Rutha, for our minds and
personalities were similar.  Since then I have been able to speak and match
up with others of you as well, so that you can report, at times, when I have
consulted with you privately in my rounds.  Dear Rutha does very well; I am
permitted to say very little, but be assured that she is aware how much she
is missed, how much grief there still remains in some of your hearts.  She
is making great progress, and realizes how important her life really was in
the larger scheme of things.  

I too have found these seven years to be momentous, wonderful, for never
before have I taught mortals, always, morontia ascenders as I myself am.  If
you could understand how sought after the teacher positions on this planet
are, it would amaze you.  From all over the universe of Nebadon, at various
levels of ascension, are those who desire the raw, rubber meets the road,
contact with this benighted planet, so long in the dark, now blinking at the
first inkling of dawn.  It is my great honor to serve Christ Michael in this
capacity, as one of your teachers, and I am glad to report that Prince
Machiventa Melchizedek has extended my contract (laughter from group).  

My dear little brothers and sisters, how I cherish you, how I beam with
pleasure when I see you playing in God's garden, in  your sandbox, making
your projects, as it were.  But don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that
your lives are child's play; you are children only by contrast with a person
of my years.  Your lives are serious, you are grown men and women, you are
Michael's chosen apostles at this time in history.  And you all have
answered his call to do this.  

This year I ask you to try to balance your lives better between the serious
and the reversion aspects, between work and play, between effort and rest.
Try to find that center balance where you can be most efficient, so that you
don't tire as easily, and become worn and frazzled with care, with fatigue.
Remember all the needs you have – physical, mental, spiritual, social, and
personal.  Prioritize your time even more efficiently than you have done,
and then you will be able in another year to look back with satisfaction.  I
have no doubt we shall continue to progress, my dear friends, and remember
that I also progress as you progress.  I send you my deepest, sincere love
and compassion.  And please, if you need to call the doctor, call me!  I
remain a physician of body, mind and soul.  I have enjoyed my counselor
relationship with you, and I expect to continue to so enjoy you in this
coming year.  Because your time is moving on towards completion, I will
desist from further commentary on this topic.  Minearisa, Aaron, Tomas, Ham,
and your personal teachers are present tonight.  

We will allow a brief time for questions, but before this I wish to greet
our newcomer, Mike, with these words.  Dear brother, your heart is large.
The purity of your love and sincere truth-seeking has guided you day by day,
and now you have met us in person.  But more importantly, you are on the
very edge of a great, broadening, deepening, spiritual growth period.  Your
angels have arranged the circumstances that bring you here tonight, and yes,
your desire to come before was noted.  You have been assigned a teacher who
desires to interact with you.  This teacher and I are what you would term,
buddies, good friends.  Continue your stillness efforts and do well.  Be
appraised of content.  You will find your heart's desire. And now, let me
say welcome to our group this evening, and to the fellowship of conscious
reservists who know what life is really all about.   Your dedication and
pure motive has brought this to be, my friend, for God is not a respecter of
persons, and it only requires the seeking to find and the asking to be
answered. And now, to the rest of you there is open time for questions or
comments or interactions.  You may address your concerns to any of the
teachers present."

Virginia:  "Teachers, it's been such a long time we've had open question
time that I think I'm both surprised and not surprised that we have a new
member with us or a new visitor here tonight.  I think of what the book says
that when you start to seek God, you can be sure that God has already found
you.  And I wonder if we can apply this to our spiritual journey as we ask
for new insight, new truth, can we assume that truth is really on its way?"

Aaron (Bill):  "This is Aaron.  I will respond to that query.  Your
supposition, my dear, has great merit.  You display considerable wisdom in
your question.  For the physical law that for every action there is an equal
and opposite reaction has analogies in the spiritual realm, in the
personality interaction between two persons, human or divine.  The seeking
the truth always brings the response, and at the same time there is the
opposite side of the coin, that the offering of truth causes truth seekers
to hunger.  This cannot be understood on the mortal level.  This is the
truth which only becomes dimly clear, partially understood, in the morontial
career.  In your planetary history this issues has resulted in great
confusion and in controversy between the supporters of predestination and
the advocates of free will.  But I will not digress into that arena.  

The important thing is that in understanding this truth at a supercognitive
level that you understand that it does not equate to passivity.  That is to
say, just because God first seeks us, and then we respond in seeking to know
him, this is not the same as saying, because God seeks us we have nothing to
do but await until he arrives.  And so as an outstanding religious leader
once said, ‘work like it all depends on you, pray like it all depends on
God.'  For it is true that the effort that we make and the decisions that we
choose actually results in co-creation of our destinies.  I speak now of the
ascending career of which I am a part.  But none of this could happen if it
were not true that God first set the arena.  He made the arena, the rules,
the laws of nature, not to be confused with the ‘shoulds' and ‘oughts' that
we have heard discussed this evening.  So, Jesus' words are the best way to
say it, ‘seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the
door shall be opened to you.  For every one that seeks, finds; to everyone
that asks, an answer is given'.  Has this related to your question, my dear?"

Virginia:  "Yes, Aaron.  I really expected a simple ‘yes' or ‘no' answer!
(group laughter).  Thank you very much, you were very thorough."

Aaron:  "I would like to make an aside here in the transcript.  Put this in
brackets please.  [We teachers suffer the fault of teachers in general, that
we like to expound on our ideas and expand them.  And as Ham attempted
humorously to do last week, we hope that our exposition does not bore you
nor exhaust you.]  You see, Letah, you really knew the answer to your
question, but I thank you for the opportunity to expound.  That is all."

Virginia:  "I refuse to believe that I sound like my first graders who know
the answer and ask me any way!"

Aaron: "It's perfectly okay."

Virginia: "Thank you, Aaron.

Alexis (Cathy):  "This is Alexis.  Would you like to play a game? (group
laughter, comments, agreement).

The prime directive of the correcting time is assisting you in recognition
of your Son of God, Daughter of God status.  A secondary directive is direct
experiential knowledge that you are indeed not alone.  For this game, I am
encouraging each of you to transmit a word, a short phrase, anything that
comes to mind.  You are not to worry about accuracy.  If this game creates
anxiety, feel free to pass.  I am going to touch the person to my right and
transfer to her. She will say the first phrase that comes to her mind,
without worrying about accuracy, I cannot stress this enough; this is not
meant to cause anxiety.  (group laughter).  When she is finished, she will
touch the person to her right, until we have completed the circle."
Group members: 	"Peace through truth."
				"The immortal journey."
				"Love is stronger than death."

Alexis: "That was fun.  Are there further questions?"

Lori:  "I have a question.  Virginia's word of reconciliation brings to mind
something that has been on my mind for quite a while.  I know that our work
here as mortals has a lot to do with relationships and how we interact in
relationships, and react; and I'm struggling with wanting to do God's will
in relationships that have caused me great pain, long term relationships
that have caused me great pain, confusion. I don't want to subject myself to
some of the outcomes of these relationships, and yet I don't want to turn
and run from them.  I want to find the highest road to take in these, and
try to work them through, and I'm looking for any kind of guidance.  I think
you know the two relationships I'm struggling with."

Minearisa (Cathy):  "This is Minearisa.  Dear daughter, you do struggle
valiantly.  Please try to focus upon the highest of motives, aiming for the
greatest good for all concerned.  Not all relationships can be healed on
this level.  And it is unwise to expend much needed energy towards trying to
change someone else.  You are responsible only for yourself and your own
behavior.  In the quiet, listen for what is your highest, most loving
intention and follow through with the actions which are consistent in word
and deed.  Does this help?"

Lori:  "Yes."

Daniel (Bill):  "I am Daniel, in complete agreement with Minearisa's
commentary.  I would remind you daughter, sister, that even God is not able
to reconcile relationships with intelligences, free will beings, who do not
desire his companionship.  The only thing that you need to do on your part
in a relationship that is problematic is to be willing to be understanding,
merciful, and forgiving.  That is all that you have the power to do.  Often,
of course, getting to that point itself is a great struggle.  But once you
can lay aside the ego's desire to act as judge, and realize that it is not
an appropriate role for any individual to take, for judgment is always a
plural  function, then there is nothing more that you need do.  Christ
Michael's heart was deeply grieved when Lucifer refused his mercy, when
Calagastia refused his mercy, when the rebels persisted in their arrogance,
for he, their Creator Father, observed and saw his own sons rebelling.  When
mercy has been exhausted then justice prevails and those who willfully cut
off their relationships to other personalities, suffer the consequences of
isolation and ultimately extinction.  I hope my words do not sound too
harsh, but they are the truth.  Has this helped?"

Lori:  "Greatly, especially my duties to be merciful, forgive, and
understand.  I can handle that."

Daniel:  "That's right.  That is all that you can handle, that any of us can."

Mike:  "Daniel, would the term, [indecipherable Latin phrase) be appropriate
for Lori's problem, issues rather?"

Daniel:  "Would you repeat that phrase again, please?"

Mike:  "[Latin phrase repeated]"

Daniel:  "I am not familiar with that language."

Mike:  "It's Latin."

Daniel:  "That much I could guess."

Mike: "Loosely, translated, love me for who I am, and that will be the same
for you."

Daniel:  "Certainly that is appropriate, for it expresses the God-like
reality of the dignity of each personality that is created by God, for God
is the author of all personalities.  Yes, it is appropriate.  

My friends, my time is up.  The TRs are weary and you are tired, and we need
to honor your physical limitations.  I have concluded our remarks this
evening with the previously stated comments.  However I do feel a desire to
add an additional, optional assignment to that which has already been
suggested.  And it involves a visualization exercise.  
I would like you to imagine yourself on a high place, perhaps on a
promontory overlooking the ocean, the fifth story of a high diving board, an
airplane with a parachute on your back, or whatever you fancy yourself to be
fearful of in relation to falling, and then I ask you to visualize below you
a safety net, close enough that from whatever situation you are leaping into
the unknown, that that net will catch you.  Imagine that the net is the love
of God, manifested not only personally but throughout the universe in the
cosmic web of love.  From whatever vantage point you attempt to leap,
imagine that that leap represents leaving the fear, which is what you're
standing on, whether it be a promontory, a diving board, an airplane,
leaving that fear behind you and falling freely into the safety net of God's
love.  Practice this when you become fearful, my friends, see if it doesn't
assist you.  

I wish you a happy new year, a spiritually productive new year, a new year
of increasingly joyous companionship.  Good evening."

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