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Abraham(Bob S.):   "As Moses was plucked from the river so you, my children,
have been selected; not your own will completely, but with your permission
you have been nudged to the place where you now reside. And with your
permission further paths will be made clear to each of you as you grow and
experience and learn the essence of what it means to be a child of God.
Greetings, my friends, I am Abraham."

Group: "Greetings, Abraham."

Abraham: "How I do delight in speaking to you in juxtaposition.  That was a
technique I used frequently when I was initially residing on this planet
with my younger brothers and sisters, friends, to convey to them some of the
wisdom I had gleaned from my Teacher, Machiventa.  I trust this does not get
in the way of my communicating with you.

My friends...we are at a crossroads.  The plan is about to be upstepped. I
say this as one who has seen tomorrow.  I know in some regards what is about
to transpire and I am excited.  Perchance you can sense my emotion in this
conversation tonight.  I do not wish to spoil the surprise, hence I will say
no more.(laughing) But I hope that this introduction has peaked your
interest and that you will be as excited as I am when the event occurs.
Well, with that bit of introduction I now pass the microphone to another.  I
trust you will find this new year to your liking!  Good evening."

Ken: "Was that Abraham laughing?"

Bob S.: "Nah, that was Bob." [Editors note: A disclaimer: Bob S. wishes to
convey that he feels and has heard from celestials that his transmission of
Abraham was inaccurate....regarding the upstepping of the plan and the
event.  These are his desires, not Abraham's message.]

Will(Bill): "Greetings my friends, I am your sister Will.  I am honored and
pleased that the efforts of your brothers to put my teachings into print
along with the superb texts from the Urantia Book have met with such
widespread enthusiasm.  

Yes, we are excited these days...actually have always been.  For the current
state of affairs in the world is in great foment and bespeaks the coming
crisis of faith with unbelief.  We foresee the tide turning, the currents
sweeping in the opposite direction from where they have been for so many
years.  I speak of the currents of faith gaining over the currents of
despair, depression, unbelief, self centeredness, and hopelessness.

It is inevitable, of course, that Father's will shall be done.  He has His
way with the overall picture even though He permits each individual to make
their decision about their destiny.  Never has there been any life and death
decision by any being in Father's universe that was compelled by the force
of another personality or mind.  It is part of the Lucifer legacy to believe
that one is forced to make decisions of life and death portent.  No, always
does Father's love respect the free will dignity of each intelligent being
in His universe.
So when we talk about exciting things to come we cannot be talking about
arbitrary actions which violate free will status.  I believe you are pretty
clear about that.

There are many individuals who would love to grasp faith with both arms in
an embrace; who would love to believe that the universe is friendly and on
their side, who would love to know a personal relationship with God within.
This yearning and longing will be met, is being met in ways more wondrous
than you can imagine.  You think of yourselves as a secret society keeping a
close hand to your chest in the game of life lest your brothers and sisters
detect that you have information that could implicate you in a situation
where you would be doing more than eating fruitcakes, but be thought of as
unstable and eccentric people.  This is a fear that has no substance!  For,
indeed, even though our Master was accused by some of being beside Himself,
the dignity of His personality, the graciousness of His behavior, the depth
of His insight, and most importantly, the amount and quality of His love for
everyone made plain to every clear thinking individual that He was genuine
and saner than any other person they had ever met.

You, my sisters and brothers, are partaking of the same flavor of divinity
as you align your will with God's will.  You will not be mistaken for
deluded, unstable mental cases, but your good news, the same good new that
Jesus had, is like salve on an open wound, like honey to sweeten a cup of
tea, like light dispersing the darkness of error and arrogant unbelief.

I am most pleased to be allowed this moment with you by your esteemed
teacher corps and I look forward to another occasion when I shall be in your
presence.  Now, my time is ended and I am returning the microphone to Aaron."

Aaron: "Indeed, friend, thank you for sharing with our present and ever
studious fellows here gathered.

Good evening friends, I am Aaron and tonight I would like to discuss the
role of the human with the celestial in transferring spiritual
communication.  To some degree when you seek to make contact with the
spiritual presences there are many factors which go into the process.  One
factor is the mind state of the one willing to receive.  

The subconscious plays a large role in your lives and in this arena can play
an equally large role if you do not take measures to defuse the mind from
turmoil through quiet focus, reflection, meditation or stillness.  We are
always desirous of sharing spiritual realities with you but your willingness
to receive is critical to the process.  I would let you know that each of
you are quite capable of receiving spiritual guidance.  I am having some
difficulty this evening due to the sensitive nature of some of my
commentary...one moment.

Many communications are laced with subconscious information.  The extent to
which you own preconceptions or expectations is the extent to which we have
a barrier to bypass in communication.  The human is not completely capable
of separating the subconscious from the communication process without the
willingness to come vulnerably to the experience.  When I say vulnerably I
mean that freedom of mind from the clutter of worry, stress, fear, many
emotions that can clog the transfer of data.  The human mind filters your
impulses and therefor communications are colored relative to the mind
through which they are  transferred.  This is to be expected as we are not
trying to bypass the human being in transferring spiritual wisdom; but
rather, seeking a relationship with a human willing to meet the divine to
serve in relationship. 

The clutter I speak of is not so much the genetic inheritance or the
coloring of experiences that a human has gone through, but rather the
poisons of fear and stress that are part of human existence. Therefore does
the stillness practice allow for the diffusion of the effect of these
poisons on the mind so that one can lift his or her consciousness to the
place of superconsciousness rather than in the subconscious realms.

Many of you may note when you are having particular stress over some
situation in life that the communication becomes more difficult regarding
these situations and there is a greater degree of difficulty in separating
one's own mind from the reception of spiritual information.  To the degree
that one can not separate these influences in their life from the process is
the degree to which there is an inclusion of human information that is
carried along with the spiritual delivery of insight.

Most of you have had experiences where you felt that you were clouded or
later found yourself to be in error And although these are humbling
experiences they also attest to the imperfect nature of these communications
But perfection is not our prime goal as much as developing relationships
between human beings and their Indwelling Spirits.  I have often spoken to
my students in the past about these very issues and how I would rather have
a willingness to engage the experience by many individuals with degrees of
distortion, referring to minor distortion, than I would wish to have one
student who was perfect and several others how would not attempt the
experience for themselves.  The universe seeks for your participation.  It
is your personal actions that contribute to the Supreme and the development
of experiential universal wisdom.  Therefore we ask for your participation
to the degree that you are willing.

Regarding communications: we simply ask that you seek to commune further
with your Father in Heaven by developing consistent periods of reflection to
quiet the stillness, through asking questions in a conversational style,
problem solving by looking at each situation through the eyes of one who
would seek to do that which God would do as best they can discern.  With
this basis we then ask that you open your mind to the possibilities of
contact and seek to be connected by lifting your consciousness in a
willingness to have a relationship take place.

We are not God.  Rather are we simply servants, a few steps beyond the very
existence you have now Therefore this relationship between ourselves and you
can be seen both as student/teacher, as it is often referred to, and as
family discussing the knowledge of the elder with the younger siblings.  I
hope in this discourse I have offered some perspective regarding how you can
approach communication efforts and how you can look at the nature of our
relationship one with the other; and with the prime source being the
Universal Father.  I am finished."

Daniel(Bill): "I am Daniel, your teacher, your friend, guide and your
companion.  As has been indicated in the past we are in the process of
exchanging established teachers with groups not always familiar with
visitors as was the case tonight.  I and my colleagues were most pleased to
accept the offer on the part of teacher Will to address you; and as you have
discovered from the transcripts of others that I often make my rounds in
other groups.

We are going to mix it up, so to speak, more this year in order for there to
be a lessening of human loyalties to particular teachers and the prideful
expression of 'our teacher' and 'your teacher, which occasionally has caused
us consternation.  We are all a part of Machiventa's projected university
which will manifest itself some day according to the information you have
already received.  In the meantime, yes, this is a Melchizedek school and as
you know, we are engaged in universe education.  I have been honored and
privileged to teach in Jerusem for many years, having attained  Jerusem
citizenship status at the completion of my mansion world experiences.  But
this is a new kind and dimension of pedagogy for I was not exactly a teacher
in my mortal life, more what you would call a 'headshrinker'/physician
combination.  To come back to mortal status is not possible for those of us
who have completed that career, but having come from a planet which was much
more advanced than any planet in the System of Satania, I am finding this
experience of mortal companionship to be absolutely invigorating and
If you could understand how appealing are the rebel planets of Satania to
those of us who come from more advanced worlds you would find it easier to
accept our expressions of love.  You see, we are not accustomed to the
cynicism and negativity with which you have been raised as a defaulted and
rebellion torn planet.  We were fortunate to grow up in a normal environment
where the administrations of the Sons of God are clear and understandable.
So it is most precious for us to interact with you mortals who we all
consider to be abused.  You are all abused children and we seek to heal your
wounds by teaching you now to experience the love of the Father and to see
His nature portrayed so perfectly in Christ Michael, His beloved Son.  

Now that you understand that you are not orphaned children, that you are not
illegitimate, but you are truly God's offspring and that you have dignity
and worth despite any of your failings and misfortunes; now that you
understand this reality, your true nature and destiny, you are truly are the
light in this world!  Even as Jesus told his original apostles that they
were the light of the world and should not cover up their light with a
basket but put it out where it could be seen by everyone, this, my friends,
remains His charge to you.

Go from this evening's meeting now with hearts full of faith and joy.   Next
time we meet we may have time for questions.  Tonight I ask you to bring
your questions to your Indwelling Spirit and find your answers there, for
that is your ultimate Source and most true and reliable Guide.  

In behalf of all who are gathered here I, Daniel, embrace you and pass on to
you the currency of the universe, the love of the First Source, the Second
Source, and the Third Source.  Good evening."

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