Elyon Group 1/3/99

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Coeur d'ALene Teaching Mission Group
Topic: Spiritual Magnetism
Teachers: Elyon, Evanson, Jessona

January 3, 1999
*	Elyon (Mark TR):  I greet you once again.  This is your friend
in service, Elyon.  I would return a volley to you today and put back
in play one of your creative suggestions.  I would offer you this
	You are aware of the chemical and physical properties of a
magnet.  You have been told that the individual molecules in a magnet
have aligned themselves with each other and that this unification of
alignment causes the overall material to become unified in its
magnetism.  When this is applied to the image of a compass and the
magnet is the pointer, it will unfailingly seek the direction of its
orientation.  This has been an observable phenomenon for quite some
time on your world and taken for granted that this will remain
accurate and true.  It has proven itself throughout time to
consistently choose the correct direction.  I would now enlarge the
image to include each of you and all your individual molecules. 
Every decision you make to approach the will of the Father causes
your own individual particles to align themselves consistently and
together.  When enough of your individual molecules have aligned
themselves in this fashion, your direction is like that of the
compass, straight and true and accurate.
	You have each been magnetizing yourselves throughout this
lesson period, have been consciously aligning separate aspects so as
to work in cooperation with each other.  You have consciously
proceeded with this objective as well as unconsciously.  The net
result is that you have become charged and much as the compass, if
passed around an object of interference, the needle of a compass may
waver slightly in one direction or another, but when the object or
impediment is removed the needle steadies itself and accurately
points in the correct direction.  You may liken yourselves to the
needle of this compass.  You have no real options in your future
existence other than to point in the direction of truth, in the
direction of the Father.  You may and will waver slightly as you
encounter various obstacles, various charges around you, but when
unobstructed you will most clearly point the way.  Realizing this
tendency of your soul to point towards the Father, you need not fear
when these episodes of wavering slightly occur.  Though at any
instant of time your needle may be slightly to one side or the other
of true, it is an insignificant difference, and you will return to
center as your experience enlarges.
	The work that you do in these groups and individually,
personally, is a constant process of aligning your parts so that the
whole is in alignment and ever pointing in the direction of the
Father.  In this way you constantly magnetize yourself and ever
become stronger in your ability to pick out the right direction. 
This act of alignment is the desire of your Thought Adjusters who are
ever attempting to draw you toward their home which is your home. 
When you agree with their leadings, your needles are straight and
true.  When you encounter difficulties and are off balance, your
indicators may waver.  But rest assured that a sufficient degree of
alignment has occurred within each of you to trust in your indicators
as you trust in your mechanical compasses.
	I always appreciate your efforts to bring forward ideas and
topics of discussion.  Your suggestions are oftentimes utilized in
our lesson plans, and they give us great enthusiasm for upcoming
topics of discussion.  I would withdraw to allow for others or for
comments or suggestions of other topics.
	Mary:  I was visualizing the magnetic pull of Urantia in the
universe.  Are Descending Sons more pulled by the darkness, by the
spark of light which is in each of us?  I was imagining the planet
reaching Light and Life when our magnet is connected to the universe
magnet.  Descending Sons come to us when our light is small; we may
be more attractive to them when our light is dimmest.  Maybe
magnetism works the opposite for Descending Sons than for ascending
*	Elyon:  You have deduced correctly in that the attraction is
the greatest when the need is the greatest for this order, that a
state of Light and Life and great accomplishment offers little in the
way of challenge and service, and far greater service and challenge
are required on a world further away from this state.  This is a
great attraction and has its own magnetic charge, if you will, for a
variety of orders of beings who thrive on these service opportunities
and therefore would flock to accommodate these conditions more
readily than a planet accomplished in its stages of Light and Life.
	On your world you are used to but one magnetic field in which
your instruments indicate but one direction.  Outside the influence
of your magnetic and gravitational fields, there are numerous forces
to attract, to draw universe personalities in various directions, but
in the entire scheme of all reality there is one universal pull more
encompassing than all the others and that is the abode and will and
desire of the Father.  Other universes and other worlds have their
own fields which register differently, and other personalities have
their own interests which seek out their own drawing forces, but all
are under the umbrella of the master force of the Father.
	Jonathan:  As you head north with compass in hand, what is it
like to stand right over the pole?  Does the needle spin around?  I
see how Paradise is that north pole.  The far stretches of the
universe are the south pole; I think of the Supreme.  The Paradise
gravity circuits, the mind gravity circuits, the personality gravity
circuits could all be woven in, the drawing power of the Father, the
Infinite I AM.  The omnipresence of God is like standing at the north
*	Elyon:  I appreciate your imagery and your return of the
volley.  It is indeed a many layered image to think of the many
circuits involved even here on your own world, the most obvious being
the magnetic pole of your compass.  But you are correct that the
omnipresence of the Father and the direction of your pursuit provide
you with an image of all encompassment.  These are fun to theorize
and appropriate to visualize in that they provide you with some idea
of forces which are intangible to your physical being and yet very
real.  It is your purpose to not only accept these forces as real but
to then seek to manipulate and align your being so as to maximize
effectiveness of these circuits on your being.
	Would there be any other volleys today?
	Jonathan: The downside of magnetism is that you don't want your
tape heads to get magnetized. Along the lines of purification,
healing, renewal, we may in our finite ways wrongly magnetize
ourselves and stillness practice would demagnetize us so we can be
re-magnetized with the Father's presence.
*	Elyon:  This speaks to the statement just presented of
manipulating yourself so as to align and receive maximum benefit from
these fields.  If you speak in terms of appropriate magnetism, then
you must also accommodate inappropriate magnetism.
	Your example of stillness to demagnetize this scattered and
random energy field is an excellent choice.  There builds up a static
force from your existence as mortal creatures on this world.  This
is, as mentioned before, an impediment, an obstacle, at times to your
indicator.  The most effective way to manipulate this field in your
favor is to discharge it appropriately so that the remaining
particles that are you are then aligned in unison.
	Does this make sense?
	Jonathan:  Yes, it does. The wear and tear of self-importance
is that charge of static magnetism.  Time with the Father will
cleanse that erroneous charge.  Then you become truly important in
the eyes of the Father.
*	Elyon:  Well said and it is true that this erroneous charge has
a detrimental effect on the instrument that you are.  It causes your
indicator to waver by means of interference, and therefore, the image
of discharging unwanted magnetism is a good one, and may be helpful
to you as another reason to validate the practice of stillness in
your lives.
	Mary:  As magnetism relates to motive, in ministry when we seek
to spread the gospel, people will be attracted to the attributes of
God that we show.  He is the true magnet pulling people to the truth. 
We should not be distracted by thinking it is us that they are
attracted to. 	Our motive is to align ourselves to the magnetism
of God's will.
*	Elyon:  Very well stated.  I would only embellish slightly by
referring back to our image of your individual indicators and how
they are effected by your positive charge for the Father and also
effected by the errant and negative charges of your material life. 
Those around you may be experiencing greater degrees of this errant
energy causing their indicators to waver back and forth, unable to be
still in their direction.  When you act as a conduit for the Father's
magnetism, you in your partnership have the effect of calming the
needle, of stilling the indicator even if for a brief moment.  The
magnetism of the Father is so great that when shown to those around
through your willingness, it has a drawing effect so powerful as to,
even if only momentarily, calm this wavering indicator.  They will
not understand that this is what has happened; they will simply be
attracted to it.  If it is your intentional purpose to provide this
pull, they will undoubtedly align themselves with it if only
subconsciously.  That is the great attractive force we speak of when
we ask you to go out and touch your brothers and sisters, not so much
with your lessons, with your words, as much as with your conduit of
magnetism for the Father.
	Jonathan:  Considering descending and ascending sons, we know
opposite poles attract.  Those who come from Paradise are attracted
to us.  Our magnetism in ministry adds to the idea of teaching those
just behind you and learning from those just ahead.  In The Urantia
Book they say the power centers or physical controllers can divert
the powerful Norlatiadek currents, even the ability of midwayers to
make things visible, all these instances of personality placement
come to mind.
*	Elyon:  Thank you.  That is what the game is all about, the
sharing.  If you can view a random, scattered image before you, say a
mass of humanity, of people, each one with their own individual
purpose and their own drive, then picture this same image, this same
number of human beings, all arranged together, all pulling on one
long rope.  You now see that alignment and purpose has everything to
do with the difference in these pictures.  In one picture it is
scattered; it is unproductive.  In the next image it is focused,
concentrated, and the power is enormous.  In both pictures the same
number of individuals is present, and yet it is not until alignment
and focus occur that the great power then occurs.
	Jonathan:  In The Urantia Book it says that, while preparing
for worship on Paradise, sometimes the whole Isle is engulfed in
spontaneous worship.  It sounds like the alignment is so strong, why
*	Elyon:  This speaks to the ability to recognize and utilize
these fields of alignment which exist as reality around you and above
you.  As you transcend your levels of reality you find it easier and
easier to align yourselves because, not only have you honed your own
individual alignment, but the fields that surround you are more
evident and are stronger still.  Therefore your individual indicators
are routinely locked in the same direction. 
*	Evanson (Jonathan):  I greet you also today; this is Evanson,
and I would like to present an idea and that is a different
perspective on temporal life and eternal life.  We of human origin
often tend to think of temporal life as that finite duration between
birth and death and eternal life as the on-going living of the after
death experience.  In the morontia state it is taught that the most
important element to any life is your connectedness to the Father,
that really temporal living is the intermittent connection between
the Father's presence within you and your breaking from that.  Once
you fuse you are eternally connected with the Father, and like your
lesson on magnetism, if you see yourself as a bee-bee and you touch
your Thought Adjuster and fuse, you have connected with the magnet
that at the other end is the Father, Himself, but nonetheless, you
are eternally connected to the Father though you have yet a long
paradise journey.  This everlasting connection is your goal until
then you will wrestle with the temporary fluctuations.  This is the
temporal life where you are here and only now faced with the struggle
to experience the presence of God continually.  I assure you it will
get easier.  The eternal life is that accomplishment.
	This is all I have to share.  Thank you.
	Tom:  Could Jessona speak on alignment as regards healing?
*	Jessona:  Much has been made on your world of the value of the
laying on of hands, of touch, in healing.  Though your own insight
would reveal to you that it is a spiritual phenomenon, the directing
of divine healing toward another, that it can take place without your
physical presence, the touch itself is a concrete demonstration of
your inner faith	and your acknowledgment of connectedness between
the messengers of healing ministry and those in need of receiving
this power.
	I am one who directs a branch of the reserve corps.  We
seraphim function as if one pole of the magnetic circuitry of which
the reservists of this world are the other.  This creates an
alignment of its own nature.  Thus every field of focus that we are
assigned to has this magnetic alignment.  You here in this Teaching
Mission program are experiencing a communication alignment, and it is
in function similar to the healing alignment.
	Michael said that if you be lifted up he will draw all to
himself.  When experiencing the power of divine healing through your
being, understand there are two aspects.  There is the inflow of the
healing power, and there is the drawing out of the absence that is
the disease, be it physical or a mental aberration.  Sometimes to be
an effective conduit you must be an attractive force, a drawing
force, rather than a projecting force.  This is actually a natural
occurrence, one you need not concern yourself with switching one
direction or another, but simply maintaining that spiritual
receptivity will allow the celestial forces to choose the direction
that is beneficial.
	This is Jessona, and I thank you for requesting my comments.  
	Tom:  Thank you.  

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