Abraham: "Choose Not to Stumble Over Michael." 12-27-98

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"Choose Not to Stumble Over Michael"
Woods Cross Group
December 27, 1998
TR: Nina

I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is for me to be included in your
group learning. I am always made to feel glad when our invested efforts show
such a beautiful profit. My past week was one of perfect humility. I spent
moments in prayer for a decrease in self and an increase of the one who
sustains me. I took advantage of the invitation to be idle while I was
ministered to by our beloved Father\Brother, and I feel as I stand here before
you today, a new creature.

I would perhaps though ponder, would the outcome of my week of beauty have
been the same had I chose to struggle in the waters of all I am responsible
for. I wonder--had I chose to manipulate the Master's directions, would I
still stand before you here today a new creature. I almost shudder at the
thought of trusting my own methods of swimming as opposed to the Master's.
Yes, I chose to not stumble over Him.

Michael, being the Master of instruction and direction as He is, can always
assist you in your life in the flesh. He has lived it and can indeed impart to
you divine instruction on living a life in the flesh. To stumble over Michael
would be perhaps defined in this manner:

Say -- you have felt divinely inspired to minister unto a sick friend; your
heartfelt guidance tells you to give comfort and show faith, provide listening
and understanding. Michael then would aid you with the knowledge that would
enable you to fulfill your heartfelt directions. Perhaps Michael would have
you relay to your sick friend a like story you have also experienced which
would help to give comfort. 

You then, start to impart your story to your friend, and you begin to stumble
over Michael's directions when you decide to perhaps go towards your own
agenda; maybe begin to speak on the benefits of reading the Urantia Book, or
embellish the story to where you are feeding a personal ego need. Do you see?
You have in your good intentions stumbled over Him in not embracing complete
truth, or His personal direction for divine fragrance concerning mortal

Most have wonderful intentions and truly want to be good, honorable and noble.
At times there is temptations to struggle over doing things your way, or
Michael's way. You may firmly believe you have chosen a spirit-led path at
times, and then find some decisions have backfired. How easy it is to
exclaim... "I have chosen the spiritual path! Why would I find myself in this
discomfort:?"  This is the stumbling; it is subtle when it happens, but the
affects are frustrating. 

When one has chosen to take time to float in the arms of the Sustainer it is
almost the same as saying, "I choose not to stumble over you. I choose the
divine will." do you see? Some may profess they are aligned with the divine
will, and yet, through subtle inner desires -- manipulate, perhaps turn around
divine directions. 

This week, I ask for your awareness in your invitation to Michael to
participate in your life. When He does impart divine directions--are you able
to stay the path? Are you trusting in His abilities as a Creator Son? Is there
perhaps time to allow the capable arms of Michael to sustain you, to clarify
your thinking, to create new energy?

I am as always honored to be with you to share these divine teachings of
Michael. I am feeling a rebirth of sorts, a recommitment to the cause, a new
focus, if you will. I am with a grateful heart to aid in this upliftment of
Urantia, and to intimately know you as I do. Again, my love is with you. Until
next week, sholom.

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