Pocatello Transcript 11-20-98

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Wed Dec 9 05:43:21 PST 1998

November 20, 1998

Prayer and Sharing

Daniel (Bill):  Greetings.  I am Daniel, your teacher, your guide, your big
brother, your friend.  My dear siblings, if you could feel the joy and love
that we your older siblings experience as we intermingle with you, you would
have some small consciousness of the grandeur of a cosmic family of the
brotherhood/sisterhood/personhood of all freewill universe intelligences.
You see, you have struggled valiantly to retain your cohesion as a
functional family unit and you have succeeded excellently.  In this struggle
you  have heard many viewpoints divergent from your own.  You have seen
sides of each other you never even imagined were possible.  You have
discovered aspects of yourselves in deep recesses and dark corners which you
knew not before.  And in so doing has your universe of reality expanded to
embrace the diversity of each other and yourselves as well.  

You have tasted a small portion of the larger reality of the true cosmic
unity in diversity of God the Supreme.  Just a small taste of the flavor of
the whole.  And yet has this sampling been so grievous and difficult that
you would withdraw from the table of our Creator Parents and leave the
banquet feast of fellowship with your brothers and sisters?  No, none of you
would.  In fact, you have all experienced an expansion of your own souls.  

It is not the purpose of conflict to divide and destroy.  Conflict, that is,
that is the result of growth expansion.  Your experience of conflict has
been of this nature rather than of destructive and unspiritual dimensions.
You see, we live in an incomplete and imperfect creation which is evolving
and developing towards the final goal of perfected status.  That is why we
know that without conflict and struggle, without insecurity and unsurety
there can be no real growth, but rather the opposite – soul stagnation –
which, if it continues long enough may result in spiritual death.  

And so, on the one hand I say to you welcome to the real world, where
conflict results in growth.  And congratulations on letting your experience
of love surmount all obstacles and difficulties.  You came upon a large
boulder on the path.  You wished to move around it, but it blocked your way.
You had to find a hand hold and a foot hold and scale it and come down the
other side to complete your experiential triumph.  As I have taught you in
the past, every accomplishment results in a brief period of rest and
rejuvenation – but only for a short while until the next task commands your

When I first began teaching you seven long years ago, I told you that we
were about change - that the essence of my teaching would be to dig around
the roots to fertilize and to water so that you might grow up to be strong
oaks bearing many branches, able to hold your living system of branches and
leaves, trunk and root, a whole ecology of life.  And indeed have our
efforts together been successful.  Now I wish to finish speaking and give
another one the floor.  Farewell for now, my students.

(long silence)

Daniel (Nancy):  Greetings.  I am Daniel once again, speaking here to prompt
another to allow the address that is waiting to be made to come through.
You are hearing correctly.  Please proceed.

(long silence)

Andirondek (Cathy):  Aggression or aggressive tendencies are, in some
respects, the antithesis of fear – for fear is nothing more than self-doubt
projected inward.  Aggression is self-doubt projected outward.  The cure, if
you will, for self-doubt is an enhanced realization of how much you are
loved.  For if you can crack open your heart even slightly to accept the
love which is flooding this planet, then the self-doubt which lives in the
dark recesses of your heart has fewer places to hide.  

An exercise for this week, which is completely voluntary on your parts, of
course, is whenever you are in a tense situation where that clutching
feeling occurs in your chest and you think of nothing but the potentially
disastrous outcomes of the situation, I ask you to stop, take a deep breath,
and with that breath imagine your heart stretching and opening, just a
crack, to allow the light and the love to flood in – the knowledge that you
ARE a child of God, and that as a child of God you are loved regardless of
the outcome of that situation.  An adverse reaction in another person in no
way diminishes the beauty you hold in the eyes of God.  

I am Andirondek and it has been my pleasure addressing you this evening.  

Minearisa (Cathy):  This is Minearisa.  I ask all of you for your
cooperation this evening in a brief exercise.  I ask you to, with your eyes
closed, extend one hand, palm up as if to symbolize the receipt of a gift.
This gift you may recognize immediately or may become manifest over the
period of the next week.  Please spend a moment in silence to express your
willingness to receive this gift.

(long silence)

Please close your hands around it and bring it into your heart.  That is all
I have for now.  I step aside for another who wishes to speak.

Andrea (Bill):  Greetings, my friends.  My name is Andrea.  I am a teacher
in Michael's mission to Urantia, known to some of you.  I have been offered
this place on the docket with permission of Daniel and Minearisa in order to
briefly talk about the relationship of receiving to healing.  When our
Master was on this planet, he was surrounded by great need every day of his
public ministry and many days of his private ministry.  His human heart was
greatly challenged with the enormity of the suffering and misery that he was
confronted with.  Many times did he long to lay his healing powers upon his
brothers and sisters, but he was constrained from yielding to this desire on
most occasions by his understanding that he could not give that which would
not be received.  

God's goodness, the Universe's graciousness, and any other aspect of the
good which flows from the great love of the First Source and Center has to
be received in order for healing to occur.  By extending your  hands as a
gesture of willingness to receive, you do reaffirm your consent to receive
that which you need.  Never is free will trodden down upon by any creature
or creator.  Healing is a metaphor which is analogous to growth, but with
the emphasis on clearing up what is diseased, what is injured, what is
faulty so that greater growth and progress may be yours.  

Knock and the door will be opened.  Ask and ye shall receive, said our
Creator Son.  And in so saying, stated the universal truth.  You limit
yourself mostly because you do not ask.  You are not willing to receive.  Do
not be afraid, little children.  The giver of all good gifts shall give you
your heart's desire, shall satisfy all your longings, shall bring you into
the perfection of Paradise someday.  You must be willing to receive this
love.  I realize that you all know this, both intellectually and
experientially, but it is always something that is ever new as well as well

If a son asks his father for bread, will his father give him a scorpion?
Will he give him a stone?  No, he will give him what he needs.  And if the
son is foolish and asks for the scorpion, will the father give him one?  No,
he will give him what he needs.  Your parents, Michael and Nebadonia, know
you.  They are your creators.  Michael has walked in your moccasins and trod
your footsteps.  He is a superlative, merciful, gracious being.  Your mother
has nurtured you, supports the very circuits of your mind, knows your
deepest thoughts and desires.  I, Andrea, remind you of these things, my
dears.  Give you full approval to that gift which will be given you, which
some of you have tasted this evening and yet you will taste in greater

I send you all of the love that fills this room this evening, coming from
the Father of lights, the Mother of truth, the Son of mercy.  Be at peace.
Good evening and this concludes our presentation.

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