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NOVEMBER 15, 1998


I am HAM. Greetings. It is such an honor to meet with this branch on our
family tree. I do attend many of your meetings, and I collaborate with Abraham
concerning the lesson format. Besides being co-workers, Abraham and I are
friends. I can always count on his attentive listening skills when I am
pitching my ideas to him. Abraham is such a positive mirror for me to reflect
upon. He is more apt to focus upon positive highlights--rather than
embarrassing negativity's. 

We, teachers with the Mission, have been well trained by Michael, when we are
always projecting positive spiritual energy. We need not the flesh anymore,
and yet our work consumes a great deal of energy. A friendly partner to teach
with is always a source of energy and a reconnection to the foundation of our

Michael sends you out two and two for many reasons--energy distribution being
one. If one is perhaps fatigued or beginning to feel hopeless, the other is
there with divine encouragement. This is what is wonderful about this group.
While truth is always foremost, the continuous support is always energy

We, in this Teaching Mission, are devoted to the assignment deemed by Michael,
and His techniques for teaching are seeing us through. We have indeed met with
numerous discouragements, disappointments, and yet, our fellow teachers stand
by waiting to assist in carrying the burden, waiting to assist in regenerating
energy for weary friends and fellow co-workers. 

I have so enjoyed speaking with you this evening. I would now allow Abraham
his time to speak.  My love is with you, and I can promise you , I am never
too far away. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to our friend and brother, Ham. He also supports
me when I am in doubt of my competency. I have been witness to things that
would certainly have cause to scar the spirit, and yet, along with my
Indwelling Father, my fellow co-workers are always there to remind me of the
universe's fairness.

In the midst of our work we can at times become discouraged and even faith
losing. To participate in a teamwork of energy distribution allows us to be at
peak performance for teaching and allowing Father to act through us. We speak
of an aspect of the Brotherhood when we discuss the upholding of one another.

Last week we discussed projecting divine energy towards our fellows. This week
we discuss upholding one another as fellow teachers and friends, and now--into
next week, I would discuss the energy we project and attract to ourselves.

Many individuals know and have heard an ongoing negative chatter about
themselves, their ways in which they live, move, and have their being. There
are always ways we can negatively critique ourselves which would attract
negative energy. This is certainly spiritual, but also it is mindal and

If one running a marathon said to himself... "I am falling behind. I should
have put forth more practice. I should have regulated my diet more
efficiently. I am always in reach of the finish line, and I usually do
something to cause failure. I am always at failure status." About this time,
the body is slowing, losing energy and focus to the goal. The internal systems
are not performing where they should be due to this mindal interruption. This
is almost severing ties between you and things divine.

A marathon runner who would notice he is falling behind, but with hope and
faith in the universe's fairness, might quote... "Yes, I am falling behind,
but I have given it my all, and that is everything. I may not win today, but I
will surely finish the race. I must focus on not what I failed at, but how I
can regain my lead."  With such a positive outlook how could the physical body
refuse such optimism. The systems are now coordinating to receive energy and
all those good things the universe promises to us. Yes, each physical system
within this human body will coordinate to reach for the goal.

This week, I would ask that you experiment with this inner voice, inner self-
talk, and continue to relate with one another in any manner you choose.
Continue to offer support and words of encouragement. Learn to direct a
positive energy in all manners of mortal living. I would apologize, there will
be no questions this evening. I will do my best to meet with you during the
week to answer your questions. As always, my love is with you. Until next
week, shalom.


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