Pocatello Transcript 11-6-98

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(T/Rs BobS, BobD, Cathy)

Daniel: I will begin this evening, my friends.  This is Daniel.  How
comforting it is to see you in this circle reaching out to those of us who
have come to assist, opening your minds to whatever we have for you this
evening, opening your hearts to the will of the other.  It is these
behaviors which endear you to us, my children.  You are so young and
inexperienced, yet you show wisdom far beyond your position.  And while we
take some credit for this, it clearly is not entirely of our doing.  You
must recognize how much you have grown and even though you do not see around
the corner yet, you are prepared to take that step.  This  in itself shows
much maturity.  There are many of us here this evening. Regrettably not all
will be able to converse, but we have a long list, so with your permission,
we will begin.

Aaron: To kiss the face of God is to recognize the dynamic nature of
individual interaction and shared vulnerability and intimacy.  Where spirit
meets the willing personality is in the daring efforts of  realizing the
commonness between individual wills.  This may seem vast in scope, but in
reality your comprehension of personal relations with God is greatly
amplified in your willingness to interact with other personalities.  

Your inward relationship to God cannot sustain you in an empty plane, for
the Divine requires your interactions and reactions to your environment for
its working in your life.  To know God on an island, all alone, holds no
torch to the recognition of God in the vast sea of humanity where you must
not only interpret your inner leadings, but recognize the outward
manifestations of that same source as it is personalized in other individuals.  

As a group, you have formed a powerful tool for further comprehension of
spiritual realities, for each of you has determined in relationship to the
others that you would like to grow and to further know God.  No  one of you
represents this God figure, but as a combined unit you can portray aspects
of divinity to one another in your interactions.  

You have gone through periods with each other that have been characterized
by comfort, by turbulence and disagreement, by sadness and confusion.  What
has been slowly emerging is a heightened sense of individuality.  Even as
you gather together now, you are less prone to deferring your desires to the
decisions of others.  More incline are you to share your desires with others
in hopes of understanding and finding a common purpose.  

Individuality is necessary for healthy functioning in a group, a system,
whichever term you choose.  We do intend to further amplify the value of
your individuality and I would like to do a short exercise this evening,
perhaps betraying who I am -- I am Aaron -- there are yet others who would
like to share their thoughts.  

If each of you would look to the person on your right and see them
encompassed in God's light, then take a moment to perceive as though you are
a family.  Although this is perhaps one person's opinion of another,
I would like you to share what it is about this person you observe as
distinct and individual that they bring to your common family.  So think for
a few moments and Cathy, if you would start with Angie I would be greatly

(Excerpted dialogues and summaries)

Cathy: Angie, what I think you symbolize to me is an incredible role model
of a strong woman.  I think we need more of that.  I am just awestruck when
I think about the things that you've lived through and how you've come
through it like this beautiful jewel --like you've run into all these sharp
edges, but the sharp edges only served to carve more beautiful facets in
you.  I am constantly in awe of you as a person because I don't think that I
would have been strong enough to see the things that you've seen and still
face each new day seeing beauty like you do.  I think you are a very
beautiful person.

Angie: Bob (Schreiber), you are an asset to this group and your humor is
appreciated.  I'm so glad to have you as a member.

BobS: And father Ken... (laughs) ...Even early in the group when you weren't
sharing much, you had enough to say to individuals that you've always been,
to my eyes, the father of the group.  Must be the gray  hair! I really think
you're the father of the group and I've appreciated that.  I've always
looked up to you for that reason.  So keep up the good work!

Ken: Just remember you're older than me! ...Thank you.  Tou are my sister,
Lori, and it's great to have you in our family.  I have appreciated your
humor, your ability to find laughter, to express it, whether it's tragic or
not, we usually get a great smile from you and you give great hugs.  Thank
you much.

Lori: Barbara, what you've brought to me through this group is incredible
wiseness.  To me, you are very wise.  You are objective in ways that I can
only dream of being.  And you have an ability to comprehend things that I
really admire.  I just think you're smart.  I love to eat your food
too...(laughter)...and you have so much love and kindness that I don't think
you're even aware of.

Barbara: And then there's BobbyD.  Well, the first thought that came into my
mind is the incredibly deep caring that you show and that you showed to me
even when you didn't even know me -- right from day one.
And that's important to me because it comes right from the center of your
heart.  I know that if I needed something, I could come to you and you'd do
everything you could to fix it.  I love you, I truly do.  Somehow I think
you have an old soul that's wise also.

BobD: (To Cathy)  I think you bring a few things to the group that I really
appreciate.  I think you bring a sense of family in your children, because
we're so often a bunch of spiritual souls talking, but having children there
can bring a sense of another generation.  And we also get to see this desire
for unconditional love that you share with people.  You know, it's probably
more of a struggle to do with group members than with your kids, but when
you try to extend that and try to understand the perspective of other
members of the group, you hold a sense of objectivity even when it's not
always there.  I've seen a balance in you that I appreciate.  You know, I
can get fired up about things and you tend to cool me down and balance out
my thoughts a bit.
In a way, it's hard to divide the friendship we have and what you bring to
the group.  In our friendship I feel we are very immature (playfully) with
each other, but with the group you tend to bring these deep perspectives and
relations on ideas that are very mature.  And I think you have this
contradictory nature about you of being playfully youthful and mature at the
same time... and for one who can be as immature as I can, I appreciate
having a partner... I really love you and appreciate you.


BobD: And then there's the people not here tonight... I kind of see Bill
like the father too...

BobS: I see Bill as a leader type, not so much the father...

BobD: And Virginia has brought a tremendous sense of getting things done
--making sure the highway is done, taking care of the transcripts and
everything... I also see Angie as the grande dame -- the one that brings
unconditional love.

Barbara: I see Pat as the one with quiet strength, like she's grounded.

Ken: As I get older, I realize that more and more.

BobD: I was particularly impressed with her insights in the last couple weeks.

Barbara: I think it's made me aware of how much each person contributes.
Each person is so special.  You know, when Aaron said to look to the person
on the right and see God's light, a couple of years ago I couldn't have done
that... the critic would have gotten in the way.  I can do it almost
everyplace now and I have learned that skill in this group. I appreciate that.

Cathy: When Aaron was talking I was getting this really strong visual of
each of us being born, like being pushed through this really tight,
constricting birth canal.  But the focus wasn't on the pain of the mother,
it was on the pain of the child being born and how it's squeezed and
compressed and maybe has some thoughts of, "I can't do this!"  In a sense,
this is what each of us has gone through and we've all been reborn as
individuals.  We're not so much a group anymore as a group of individuals,
and I think the exercise tonight was recognizing what about each of us makes
us special as individuals.

Ken: One thing that this situation has done is to bring us closer together.
A long time ago they told us we we're going to work on individual
relationships and this is what we have done without formal lessons.  We
havegone back into past lessons and drawn heavily upon them to come to our
own personal decision about how to treat this situation. tremendous lessons
here.  I'm kind of curious on what the next change is going to be.

* Aaron: This is Aaron again.  I would close with a few thoughts before
turning this over to others.  Your comfort with one another has been born in
part due to your increased capability to be vulnerable and to have that be
okay and accepted.  Both the comfort and the vulnerability weigh in as
factors in the development of soul. Recognize that with vulnerability, this
is where you actually grow.  But in the comfort where the growth is
stabilized and an assurance is born to allow you further risks.  

It will become increasingly apparent in a spirit born mortal's life that the
power of God which resides within is the same source which catapults the
personality outward from itself in expression of individuality  in search of
the recognition of this same source as it is reflected in the myriad of
personalities and systems.  You do well to recognize the value of both
comfort and vulnerability in recognizing that one stabilizes and one leads
to further development.  Neither should be promoted or pursued exclusively.
These are my thoughts this
evening.  I appreciate your willingness to share in this exercise.  Good

* Andirondek: This is Andirondek, a Melchizedek who has been in attendance
of late these past few months, watching the progress.  The curriculum in the
weeks to come will indeed focus on development and nurturance of your
individual relationship with God.  Your progress may be thought of as a
tightrope walker progressing along a steady incline of rope.  In the
beginning you could rely heavily on those around you to support and guide
your journey.  But the higher you get, the more you are restricted to using
your fellow travelers as a balancing stick to make fine corrections on your

The impetus for your upward mobility boils down to your relationship with
yourself -- personal responsibility for achieving, maintaining, and
developing your upward spiritual growth and mobility.  Your path to get to
this point has been difficult indeed and may continue for some to be
difficult.  But we on this side are extremely pleased at your progress and
will be there to help you every step of the way.  There is another who
desires to close this evening.

* (Unidentified): The purpose of our communications with you is to endeavor
to share the wisdom of our experience, to assist you to opening your eyes to
see where you are, where you have been, and possibly where you are headed.
We do not for a moment attempt to interfere with your wills.  We are merely
seeking to add information which we deem appropriate to that fount of
information you have gleaned via your own experiences.  We speak to the end
that together we may all grow, for most of us who are in this room with you
tonight are ascending mortals and therefore have not yet reached perfected
wisdom.  Yet part of our role is to share that which we can to assist you in
your growth patterns.  To that end we are all family, we are all growing
together, and it comforts us.  I pray you, individually, will feel that
comforting feeling yourselves.  I now close this meeting, thanking you for
your participation and look forward to the next time we can arrive at the
same place in time and space.  Good evening.

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