Early Ham... Sept. 91 (part 2)

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Tue Oct 6 09:31:57 PDT 1998

SEPTEMBER 16, 1991              

	This lesson is on the welfare of your brethren and your understanding
responsibility for it. Many times in our lives we come into situations which
evoke a sympathetic response for a fellow human being. Every day is filled
with these actions and responses to them. That is, we each respond to the
presence of another human in our own unique manner of sympathizing. 
	 The old adage, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Yes and no. Each person has a
certain radius of responsibility for those immediately within that circle of
influence. Each person, of course, cannot be responsible for an entire
community or state, or indeed, the world. As I have said, true love is born in
an attitude of thoroughgoing sympathetic understanding of one's fellows. This
understanding must, perforce, not be limited to only a relative few. The
Urantia Book states that one cannot by mere force of will - love the world

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