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Rick P. Giles RickGiles at prodigy.net
Mon Aug 31 09:43:40 PDT 1998

Thursday night July 2, 1998
Small group in Sonny Schneider's room

*	Minearisa  (Nancy TR): Greetings, I am Minearisa
Melchizedek, known to many of you.  As I serve in an
administrative role with what you know of as the northwest
region and further, I have been associated with this TR in the
past, and it is my pleasure at this time to take this
opportunity to clear the rust and debris of disuse from
PamElla's circuitry.
	It is my honor to experience the love you have for one
another in your growing recognition of the reality of God's
family, that is made clear to you in the eyes and arms of one
another in this fellowship.  You overwhelm us far more than we
overwhelm you.  This I realize is difficult for you to fathom
because from time to time you are quite in awe of this entire
communication experience and the implications of the greater
outreach.  We are in awe of the soul comprehension that you
display with such little material evidence of the reality of
God's love made manifest in the greater material love.  Yet, in
one another's eyes do you see God reflected, and in your
willingness to look and experience you know God.  It is this
willingness to share yourselves and to be open to one another
that we find so awe inspiring.  You are our most beloved
colleagues, friends, younger siblings, and we love you dearly.  
	I will be speaking with you again before your time
together has come to a close, but for now I will give you my
blessings and my love so that others may address you.  Thank you
for making this opportunity to be together in this way and to
allow our presentations.  Farewell.

*	  Solonia  (Daniel):  Greetings, my dear friends, this is
Solonia.  This gathering is a great potential for the healing
that each and every one of you seeks.  All of you are on a path,
and it is a path to do the will of our dear Father.  All of you
are wonderful ministers.  You love one another so openly and
genuinely.  Each of you here this weekend is also facing a
certain inner struggle.  You may not even be able to identify,
but somehow you feel a lacking in your life and its purpose
right now.  As I spoke with the Coeur d'Alene group last Sunday,
you each have the opportunity to minister our Father's love with
one another, and each of you in turn needs to accept that love
from each other also.  This will be a tremendous weekend.  The
love being generated here already is a sight to behold.
	There are others yet who would speak and I will give the
floor to them.  I love you each.  Minister and be ministered to
in the love of our universal Father.  Thank you, my friends.

*	 Elyon  (Jonathan):  Greetings to you, also.  We rejoice
in our reunion, for it is ever rewarding to assess prior
struggles and to perceive attainment, to recognize new vistas
for further growth.  These enclaves are beneficial in their
witness to each other.  It is always a demonstration of your
faith to make your journey.
	I am Elyon, and I greet you; I give you my welcome and
extend my gratitude for our continued cooperative ministry.  I
will speak again later.

*	Daniel (Nancy):  Greetings, my friends, I am Daniel, your
teacher, friend, companion, guide, and colleague, among other
relationships.  It  is truly my pleasure to attend this great
gathering of hearts, minds, in the search for soul attainments
and the realization thereof.  
	I wish to make a brief comment on relationship at this
time, particularly in light of the previous discussion
concerning my dearest friend and charge, Rutha, who, as has been
said, graduated from this plane.  She is indeed doing great
things and is tuned in intent with you at this time.  The
relationship that you had with Rutha in the past continues.  It
is never broken; it is never lost.  Relationships change and
alter in form with varying duration, but the basis of
relationship is love, and that is eternal, never to be lost or
diminished in any way.
	That is all.

*	Evanson (Jonathan):  I also greet you this evening.  I am
Evanson.  I have a short comment.
	I witness about you nearly full attendance of all your
guardians, including their assistants.  It is remarkable to
witness their interest.  This event of yours is one that is a
result of a function you have each adopted in our lives that we
wish all mortal beings would adopt, and that is the
ever-continual, fine tuning of your ability to look ahead of you
and to make decisions that retain that threefold perspective. 
When you assemble as you do, both in your physical presence and
in your social exchanges you also establish conditions for
ministry from many whom you cannot see.  By assembling as you
do, these attendants can effect transformations in your
potentials, can rework what it is that you can possibly express. 
By doing so, the future work, the future struggles on their
parts are greatly alleviated.
	You come to refresh yourselves spiritually, but I assure
you, you leave amply prepared to be nourishing to others,
encouraging, and supporting.
	I leave you with just this thought, that these are
remarkable beings in your presence.  I hope that you are as
grateful for them as we are.

*	Michael (David):  Good evening, my children.  I am
Michael, your creator father.  I am Jesus, your human brother. 
I love you more than you can imagine.  I am part of you.  I am
with you as you gather here in my name.  It's not that words
fail me; it's that your efforts, your giving of yourselves is
very, very dear to my heart; it is dear to behold.  The world
struggles; so many struggle with faith, faith in the reality of
who they are.  They just can't seem to believe it.  This is ever
the message. You know why you are here; you know why you have
been called, because you know this reality; you have felt this
reality.  You are living this reality; you are growing in
spirit.  Your soul grows.  You are living in the presence of the
Spirit of Truth.  By your faith you grow.  The Father's presence
in each of you seeks your personality, seeks your unique
venture, journey.  This is the message that all men will know
their Father.  The Father is present in all men.  It is up to
the faith of the man to seek that communication, to know that
vision as real.
	I thank you for your ear; I thank you for your heartfelt
faith that brings you here.  I need not tell you of my love; you
know my love.  My love is in you.  I am with you always.

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