Pocatello transcript 8-14-98

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Aaron : "Greetings, my friends.  This is Aaron.  It is my pleasure to be
connected to this fellow once again, as we have not communicated so directly
of late.  I would make commentary regarding your recent involvement with
guests and friends, the intermixing of spiritual potential at the gathering
recently on the mountain where in varying degrees you recognized the lacing
of diversity into a united thread.  As you interact with one another I am
recognizing some steps of growth that I have witnessed in some of you, for
the divergent views are less stress-producing and replaced through the
recognition of your commonality of purpose, this so recently strengthened by
your involvement at this conference, for those of you who attended.  The
familial nature of your relations to each other has actually enabled us to
proceed in new directions, for without this increasing realization we are
limited in how we can converse with you.  Profound realizations are waiting
for your attendance to them and some of these processes will engender fear
and stress, while others will you ease into with a deep sense of joy.  We
have the understanding that you are prepared to enter into some of these
experimental efforts due to the state you now find yourselves, for the
differences no longer have the great capability to outweigh your unity and
your love for one another.  

Tonight I would offer the first experiment or perhaps project for you to
ponder upon.  These will be group decisions and we will aid in the
facilitation of your conversations and efforts with one another to
understand the various exercises.  Each of you has grown to a place where
you are willing to serve God's will as you see it in your life.  You each
love and value this family that you have here, and yes, you each love and
value the larger human family as it is present across this globe.  To
recognize a greater sense of brotherhood, of familial relations with one
another, we would ask you to contemplate formulating a two-fold project, or
should I say, projects.  

The first project is to be one that recognizes in some manner your
relationship to each other that somehow serves the group, that serves you as
a family unit.  And the second project I would have you contemplate to
undertake as a group is some effort that you have not yet undertaken, that
somehow manifests your desire to be of service to your fellow mankind.
Inwardly and outwardly are we speaking here; and we would enjoy it if you
would discuss amongst yourselves the idea of doing some project of service
both to recognize your unity and to enter into a service nature with
humanity.  And this discussion would be favorable in our eyes for you to
have with one another.  

At this time, Minearisa will take a moment to converse with you.  I will
remain here this evening and will gladly enter into discussion with you, as
well as our other friends.  Thank you."

Minearisa (Bill): "My dear friends, my stunningly successful students, my
children of mortal frame, I, Minearisa, embrace you with my love.  And as
you feel my arms around you, you are aware that the whole universe, the
whole loving universe of God's doing, is a part of that hug that I give you.  
My, you have been diligent pupils!  Your sharing, although different than
your usual format, embraced a range of concerns, a depth of honesty,
sincerity of heart, and usefulness rarely seen on this planet.  

You are aware, as you discussed it, of your progress at all levels --
physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  You are demonstrating the
balance that we have talked about frequently, for as your personality
integrates the aspects of your being, you are increasingly coming into a
balance which is perfectly poised.  We have indeed gazed upon you with much
fondness and much admiration.  You truly know the meaning of love; and this
is a family such as few have ever experienced.  It is in fact the experience
of light and life that you are privileged by your own hard work and
decisions to share with each other.  Beyond the individual growth of each of
you, lies the growth of the Supreme, of the God of experience who embraces
all finite reality.  

You are beginning to understand that the universe is broader than yourself.
Your self needs are being fully satisfied so that you can place yourself
with trust and with joy in the matrix of a family group -- here in this
room, yes, but broader by far as you are increasingly beginning to
understand.  This was the hope of we Supernals, that true family, the living
experience of brotherhood and sisterhood, would be possible.  And as you can
testify to, it is here.  It is not just in this room among you people, it is
happening all over Urantia.  

Indeed, is the Teaching Mission an effort far beyond the borders of those
that you recognize as part of that experience.  Despite the black that is
amplified and dwelt upon by the death throes of the age of materialism,
despite this focus on the black, it is true that the white background is far
greater.  You know this in your minds, and you are beginning to know it in
your lives.  Know it not merely at the level of words, but as a very part of
your being.

In all of these encouraging remarks, my friends  it is our intention to
fully allow you to do that which you can do for yourselves.  Make those
decisions.  Learn from your experiences.  Accept responsibility for your
choices.  Experience the wonder of choosing joy in place of sorrow, courage
in place of compromise, work in the place of idleness, faith in the place of

Tonight "you" were the lesson.  This was not what we had planned, but this
is what we have fully agreed is appropriate.  I have spoken sufficient
words.  It is my delight to observe truth gaining in reality in each of you.
My peace, my love.  Good evening."

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