Michael's Celebration... Ham, Abraham & Daniel **8/23/98

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AUGUST 23, 1998 

HAM: [TR: Bill K.] Greetings my dear friends. This is your brother, teacher,
and friend, Ham. I am overwhelmed with pleasure to be in your midst and in
your joy this afternoon. I do visit often with you, and some of you have
responded to my overtures. I have never lost interest, of course, in your
welfare, nor of the Woods Cross Group, as you know. While I do very much enjoy
my new work in this supervisory capacity that is mine, still do I also enjoy
my weekly sessions through Rebecca in Nashville, and my other chances to visit
in other groups.

Your words to each other contain a great deal of wisdom. You are indeed
progressing most aptly, most favorably. You are pupils that we teachers are
proud of. Of course, you understand that you are merely spiritual babes in
terms of the universe career, and we, your older brothers and sisters, are
just somewhat older than you. We are not perfected yet. We do not have all
wisdom and we are not a self-governing body. 

Your attempts to organize as human beings, as apostles of Michael--these
gestures of cooperation that you are struggling with--are indeed useful and
beneficial, for the Master never interfered with the internal problems of His
apostles, but left it up to them to find their own answers, and then, He
approved of their decisions. It has not changed. This is still your

You do well to take these moments of fellowship and comradery to come apart
from your routine tasks and meet with your brothers and sisters from longer
distances, for surely you are experiencing the larger family, which is but a
pale reflection of the true reality of the cosmic family, which is your true

We all do honor our Father\Brother Christ Michael of Nebadon that He
voluntarily chose to do the will of His Paradise Father in perfection, and
therefore, has gained the sovereignty of Nebadon through His own experience.
Remember though His experience continues to expand as His Spirit of Truth
lives in each of us. He knows more than He knew in the past in terms of
experience, and His growth and our growth in the Supreme is going to complete
the marvelous plan of eternity to express themselves in fullness of both
existential reality and experiential reality within the limits of time and

Finally I would say, cherish each other with the deepest love and the greatest
respect. When you disagree do not despise the other person. Do not put
yourself in the category of wise and that one whom you disagree with in the
category of foolish, neither is appropriate, for life is not a debate.  It is
a participation in creation and spiritual evolution. My friends, I love you
all deeply. May God's peace fill you. Good afternoon.

ABRAHAM: [TR: NINA] I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. What a beautiful sight we behold
here today. We are able to witness the Brotherhood in action. It is wonderful
for us to see these lessons put to use through your interaction.

The friendship between you each was important enough for you to keep
communicating. Beyond your faith; beyond we the teachers; beyond your
spiritual knowing--there is the genuine care that you have for one another.
This is the Brotherhood. Many of you, my friends, have experienced hardships
that would add to your experience that would enable you to be the bearers of
spiritual light. Your path has strengthened you to minister to one another and
your fellows as one who speaks in authority, yes.

The apostles, having experienced debate over certain spiritual subjects,
always returned to their foundation of Brotherhood and friendship. All, save
one, could have freedom in speaking without worry of destroying friendship.
All had the comfort of knowing that even when their unpleasant personality
traits were laid out that their fellow apostles were dedicated to staying the
course. The course being--the teaching of Jesus, the Fatherhood of God and the
Brotherhood of man. 

To the apostles, Jesus was a super human being and many times they had not
understood Him. Therefore, the friendship between the apostles always held
them in comfort knowing each was a mortal attempting to attain
spirituality.You, my friends, have this spiritual cohesion where the Master is
a teacher of sorts and you may not always understand Him, but certainly can
you always find comfort in one another's company.  

Always is there many growing ideas within your fellowship, but there is always
the common bond of being mortal, sometimes struggling to attain spirituality.
In this world that is not always easy. Beyond faith and beliefs, hardship or
victories, there is always your friendship with one another.  Your friendship
enables you to be more than you could be. Your fellowship promotes faith and
keeps each one in balance.

The example of Michael's sojourn here on Urantia is a beautiful example in
which to study, for He has lived your life and knows you like a Father. It is
well that you renew your relationship with Him, and make effort to really know
and understand your Brother\Father. How excellent it is to gather in His name
for fellowship and celebration of His earthly birthday! You gather in love and
positive thought. 

Many mortals find sad occasions to gather to remember strife and tragedy of
the Master's earth life. How wonderful it is that you can gather to remember a
day that changed the history of the world! We are in such gratitude to our
Father for making these things possible.  I would take my leave and allow you
to continue with your celebration. My love is with you. Shalom.


DANIEL [TR: CALVIN] Greetings my good friends who have traveled to this
beautiful location of Michael's creation. We also marvel the surrounding
setting of which we gather. I, DANIEL, am pleased with your group
associations, and we must confess we would be somewhat disappointed if this
gathering between your two groups were to cease, yet we allow your group
decision in these decisions.

Our efforts in your behalf are to teach truth as we have understood and
experienced. It is your privilege and responsibility to act upon these words
or to set them aside. Each mortal, has understood our words--our lessons--one
a little differently than another, and this is a continuance of Father's
guarantee of individualism and freewill choosing. Therefore, in this freewill
setting there are possibilities for great unification of thought as well as
great division in thinking. I would point out, these great divisions do
challenge the somewhat lackadaisical human mind to search and search within.

It is mortals' natural tendency to want proof, and yet, the proof of which
mortals think they seek is not that proof which is convincing and promotes
soul growth. Only through spiritual insight  and experiential understanding
does truth become reality, and, it is not Father's will to force feed His
children. His children must want His truth and pay the price of real intent
through devotion to Father's will in receiving experiential reality. The
evidence of His truth is cemented in your hearts, your souls, by the morter of
His love. Through His never-ending, ever-increasing in our assimilation of His
love, is He--our Father--ever becoming more real to us. 

So my fellow associates, I would ask that you exercise extreme patience in
trying to realize these truths of which you seek, for it takes time and
experience for a satisfactory answer, not just an intellectual understanding.
When faced with confusion and doubt, you, as faith children, do seek inwardly.
Through patience, forbearance and experience, you will always receive your
answers from Father. Trust in this always, and trust that your fellows will
receive experiential truth in the same manner. 

Be patient with one another and feel free to express yourselves as you see
fit. If I know you correctly, you are not afraid of making mistakes, and this
evolution of your spiritual growth is very commendable. I again, express my
deepest love for your faithful attendance and participation in this Mission.
We now join you in your further association and fellowship with each other. My
love go with you. Farewell.

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