Pocatello Transcript 7-31-98

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Dinner & Sharing

Daniel : "I am Daniel.  Good evening, my friends.  It has been a little
while since our last conversation. I hope you all feel rested.  I would take
a moment to greet you dear people from Utah, whom I consider to be in
siblingship with our united grouping here.  The opportunity for this
interconnecting is fortunate in that new circuits are enabled, wherein you
may be strengthened to recognize commonalities.  One of the characteristics
that mark you, my fellows, is the willingness to put yourselves up front in
hospitality.  This characteristic bodes well for the furtherance of the aims
that we seek to unfold into reality.  This general friendliness of attitude
does, indeed, signify a commonality of the family of human fellowship, the
brotherhood of mankind.  A simple infusion is all that is needed to up-step
this fraternity into spiritual consciousness of cosmic citizenship with the
universe of friendly creatures.  When friendliness meets the Creator of all
things, this is where the spark of human fraternity becomes God-knowing and

As you have these two common factors in your grasp, then you have the
opportunity to carry forth this torch of spiritual fraternity to the rest of
your human family, for you come in peace with a friendly demeanor and a
relationship to the cosmos.  This is truly all that is required to be of
assistance in the world around you.  And so, if you keep this in mind when
you feel as though your ammunition has run out, simply reload by the
awareness that these characteristics witnessed in human relations do far
more to further the Kingdom of God than any other single activity.  

I now step back and allow another of my colleagues to greet you.  Good
evening, my friends."

Minearisa (Cathy): "Greetings, fellow children of our loving Parents.  This
is Minearisa, and I have a few thoughts to share with you this evening
regarding growth.  Growth may be conceptualized as having three components
-- soul growth, personality growth, and intellectual growth.  It is
essential that expansion occur in all three aspects of your being, for when
growth occurs in this manner, it is much like a braid.  If you can visualize
three strands being braided, one over the other, in a linear timeline, the
resultant form is much stronger than any of the three strands individually.
An illustration may assist.  

If, for example, you read in a book that much of communication between
humans is delivered nonverbally, in other words, in body language, you may
make a conscious intellectual decision to change your body language to a
more open stance, less closed, more open and welcoming.  This is an example
of intellectual growth.  The result of this change in behavior may be that
people respond differently to you.  Your heart may gladden with those who
approach with welcoming hugs who would otherwise have been put off by your
closed stance.  

This warming of the heart is personality growth, and is often associated
with strong feelings.  Thus intellectual growth has led to personality
growth, and the subconscious level or soul growth can then occur and keep
the circle flowing, keep the linear timeline of growth progressing further.  

That is all I wish to share with you this evening.  Is there another who
desires communication before we open the session for questions and comments?
Bob Schreiber, I sense a personality wishing expression through you?"

Aaron (Bob S.): "Yes.  This is Aaron.  I greet you my friends, in the name
of Him who has created a plan for which we are all gathered this evening.  I
am inspired to speak briefly tonight, especially to our friends from the
south.  You all got together rather hastily and caused us to ourselves get
something together rather hastily; but as you can see sometimes things put
together quickly do have substantial substance underlying them.  I am of
course referring to Minearisa's recently completed presentation this evening.  

My purpose tonight is to basically review the status of our group and to
alert you to what lies ahead.  Regrettably we could not have a full turnout
tonight, but that rarely is the case anyway, so we must proceed with those
who are here and remain hopeful the others will seek and find this
information as it is written in the transcript.  

By review I wish to state briefly that this group has been in a plateau for
some period of time and we are about to launch out and upward to another
period of growth and development.  I trust that will not give any of you
pause but I wish to warn those of you who are in need of some forewarning
that we are about to step forward in another phase of soul, personality, and
intellectual growth, which will, we trust, give you all the necessary
encouragement to proceed onward and upward.  The details of this, of course,
will be forthcoming in lessons beginning next week, and I encourage all of
you who are able to stay with us and attend the sessions.  

As I am sure you are aware, much thought goes into preparation for our
lessons, and next week's will begin another series in the education of this
group, which we believe you are ready for and will find fascinating,
interesting, eye-opening, and intellectually stimulating.  Well, I hope I
haven't overstated my introductory remarks tonight.  As you can probably
tell, I am extremely excited about the work which lies before us, and am
ready to go.  So, with those words I bid you all good evening, and turn the
meeting back to Minearisa."

Minearisa (Cathy):  "My apologies, I have been remiss in expressing a warm
welcome to our visitors from Utah.  We are well aware of your celestial
lights that burn so brightly and of the love shared between you that exudes
such a lovely glow.  We are aware of many questions in your minds this
evening and open the floor to your sharing."

LaReen:  "This is Ineria.  Do our lessons in Woods Cross and your lessons
here coincide, or do they ... are we being taught the same lessons basically?"

Minearisa:  "We make an effort as teachers to have a collective lesson plan.
However, each groups has its own individual group personality and we push
each group only as hard as we consider safe.  So the answer to your question
is yes and no."

Daniel:  "I am Daniel, and also would state that often times you may see a
correlation to lessons that are occurring in other places but more so are
these intersections rather than continuously the same, for as Minearisa
said, the different groups have different levels of acceptance, reception,
and willingness.  And yet on the long term scale the very lessons that we
teach here are destined in some manner to be taught everywhere that the
receptivity is willing to take in those lessons.  For we all have the
overview pattern given to us from our Father Michael."

Ashlee:  "This is Anecia.  I just want to thank everybody for being here
tonight and thank you for your welcoming.  I don't know if you guys are able
to tell me what my spirit guides names are but if you could that would be
helpful for me talking to them."

Senora:  "I would take this opportunity to speak with you, my friend, for I
am assigned to work with you regarding your spiritual development.  I am
willing to offer my name as a sign of my willingness to work with you --
Senora, not Spanish in intent.  You are so full of potential and I relish
this opportunity to share my deepest joy to be a partner with you. For as
you experience life I have the opportunity as well to learn from you in your
trials.  So if you would see our efforts together as a team, more so as
friends, then a level of communication would be more ably facilitated.  I
will be traveling with you and continuously offering insights to you to a
level I am able.  In the quiet space is where the greatest chance for your
reception of my words , if you could find time consistently to spend in
quiet, and meditation, stillness.  There we may worship our Creator together
and relish our relationship to one another. I hope these words offer you
some understanding, my friend."

Ashlee:  "Thank you very much."

(Cathy):  "I am Inonquay.   This TR does not have the name quite right.
Sounds to her like I-n-o-n-q-u-a-y.  I also am assigned to supervise your
progress during this time of transition.  You may visualize me as a male
entity of Native American heritage.  This TR gets a picture of a strong male
with long straight black hair and marks across the face like so (TR gestures
across face diagonally, from lower left to upper right).  I see you, child,
as a strong young tree, with your roots firmly in place, nourished long and
carefully by your mother.  Your branches are beginning to bud and reach out
with such beauty.  As you transition to this new place, follow that which
makes your heart sing.  If it has a surface quality which others appreciate
and tell you has value, always check within and see if it makes your heart
sing.  If so, follow it and know that it is right for you in this time.  We
go with you and always are available to you in the quiet place.  That is all."

Ashlee:  "Thank you."

Robert:  "Good evening, my friends.  This is Robert.  It has been some time
since we have spoken.  This past year has been especially strenuous and in
January there was a very critical time in which I felt the presence of one
whom I understood to be called Galantia.  I was wondering if that ... thanks
for the help during that period, either that or I was dissociative.  And
confirmation of his presence, that would help me a great deal.  Thank you."

Daniel:  "Let me say to you, my friend, that indeed are we ever present and
willing to serve in times of crisis, to bring understanding.  The
illuminated being of which you speak indeed has made its presence known to
you as well as others in times of crisis and need, for in part it is the
role of this type of being to serve as an intermediary in bringing forth
understanding and reassurance, not only in and of themselves but even to
transfer thoughts from higher beings.  You may rest assured that you are
well taken care of and your thanks has been heard even before you voiced it.
I hope this serves to clarify somewhat.

Robert:  "Yes it does.  I thank you for that.  And if there are any course
corrections that I need to make right now, that you could help me with I
would appreciate it.  Otherwise, thank you again."

Daniel:  "Simply the willingness to do God's will as it resides in your
heart is the only course required of you; and we stand behind you in your
sincere efforts to follow through on those leadings.  Thank you for your

Cathy:  "I can't figure out where this is coming from, but I get Angelic
Corps, and I see a very straight, clear path ahead."

Barbara:  "I just had one question and then one request for comment.  Aaron,
I'm looking forward to the new direction or increased lessons that you talk
about in the near future, and the teachers, all of you, have talked a great
deal about apostleship the past several weeks, several months; and I wonder
if you can comment.  I've been thinking about that a lot and trying to think
about how I do that.  I interact with a lot of people on a regular basis and
feel very strongly that this is important to do; but I don't really know how
to do it yet.  And I wonder if you could comment or just give me some
generic guidance, I guess.  Thank you."

Aaron (Bob S.):  "This is Aaron. I am delighted to attempt to answer your
question, yet feel I must be rather general in my comments, rather than
specific.  Further information regarding this  can always be elicited
through personal means at your disposal, but let me make this comment to the

While it is important for us to always look ahead, there are times when one
must look at one's personal situation to fully appreciate and understand the
words which are coming in a general way.  By that I mean, each of us
interprets what we hear through our own individual
means, carrying that idea one step further demonstrates that while lessons
come generally to all, they will be interpreted individually in different
ways as each individual's mind and experience allows them to interpret the
message which we are attempting to teach.  

Do you, Barbara, wish me to carry on further in this attempt to answer your

Barbara:  "You could go a little further, that would be good!  (laughter)"

Aaron:  "Daniel is the one who is usually accused at going on at length, but
I take delight in furthering my explanation.  Each of us must reach out to
the Father following our own gifts, the personality which we have been
given, the life circumstances under which we must live, the ability of our
mind and intellect to interpret what is happening in our lives directly and
to those around us, as those situations have impact upon us.  Therefore, it
is extremely difficult for one in a general way to teach a lesson that will
have the same impact and effect on every member of a group.  

What I am encouraging all of you to do is to look inside each of your
personalities and attempt to interpret the message we have for you based
upon your individual background and capabilities.  
Are we making progress, Barbara?"

Barbara:  "Yes."

Aaron:  "Good.  I shall then quit.  (group laughter)."

Bob D.:  "Quit while you're ahead?  I would like to say something to Aaron
regarding that.  

I've known for the last couple of days that he was up to something.  I felt
a little tentative about TRing tonight because I was afraid I would have to
say something, and thank God it was Daniel!  But I kind of had the sense
that this was kind of what he was going to say, and so I certainly
appreciate the fact that you did this through somebody else.  Mainly because
a year ago I felt very awkward coming into the group and stating that there
were going to be changes, being new and fresh, so I was glad to hear it come
from somebody else this time, and not be that voice that initiates it, even
though it's not necessarily me and my words, but sometimes the bearer of bad
news is the one to get hung, so ... I'm just saying this lightly, of course!"

Aaron:  "Thank you, Bob, for your comments.  This is Aaron, again, speaking
to you all here gathered this evening.  We do take great delight in your
openness and willingness to accept those of us who have come some distance
to be with you.  While it is a most serious cause we are about we attempt to
do it in ways which will open other avenues of expression which make our
lessons somewhat more interesting and  hopefully meaningful, and yes, humorous."

Minearisa (Cathy):  This is Minearisa, with a brief comment about
apostleship.  This is often perceived as a task, as a yolk that must be put
around your necks, but in reality all that we ask is that you open
yourselves up enough to find what gives you pure joy on this planet and to
do the personal work necessary to let that joy exude from your being.  The
personal work strips away like layers of old paint being stripped away with
turpentine, so that that joy which is innate, that part of you which is God,
can shine forth.  And as times, social, personal times, get dark, the light
that shines will be proportionately brighter and will draw those people to
you whom you can help and in the helping, benefit yourself.  That is one way
to look at apostleship.

Are there further questions?"

Daniel:  "Minearisa, let me take a moment to ask each of you to ponder ways
in which you can present yourselves to your fellows, not only here, but
elsewhere in your lives, in such a manner as to combine the aspect of
friendliness and siblingship with the spiritual infusion of the awareness of
your relationship with God and the universe.  This week, this would be our
task for you to undergo, and I would refer back to Minearisa for closing
commentary this evening."

Minearisa:  "Please close your eyes and extend your hands in a gesture of
willingness to receive love.  All of us here are going to go around the
circle and give each of you a celestial hug.  It will begin now.....(period
of silence)    Words are inadequate to express the level of love we feel for
you.  Please stand and hold hands (group comments).  Someone is supposed to
lead us in a song (group comments).  I think it's Robert."

Robert:  "What do you want me to sing?"

Minearisa:  "It's up to you."

Robert:  "I don't know if anybody else knows the words to this --- 'Be still
and listen, till only one voice can be heard.  Be still and listen to one
song, one word.  Be touched and be healed; receive the light of the world.
Be still and listen to one song, one word'."

Closing prayer.

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