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[15 people were present for this meeting, many stayed after the
Nashville Teaching Mission conference to attend this meeting. Great
atmosphere. Wonderful session]

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you have all come
to visit this evening. Welcome. There are many lessons to be learned
from this gathering which will grow in your mind over this year and the
fellowship and fountain of love will be available for you to draw upon
long after you have all separated.

You see there is real soul growth stimulation in interacting with your
fellows in truly loving fashion. There are records of these
interactions remaining with your seraphim that you will take all the way
to Paradise. It is so wonderful and heartening for me to witness you
all bearing the fruits of the spirit and to witness the increasingly
harmonious interaction as each year goes by and you gather once again.

This is one way that you can measure your own growth. Are you
interactions with others less apt to have friction? Are you able to love
those increasingly every year that perhaps you have had some trouble
with in the past? Are you becoming more attractive to others who are
not part of the group? We observe all these things to be in the

It is important that you gather at least once a year to enjoy the
community, companionship, of others who are walking the same spiritual
path. Interaction with fellow believers helps to keep some of you from
perhaps tending to isolate and it is also of the upmost importance that
there is sharing of the lessons. We teachers also convene and have
greater interaction when the students are together and this is important
for us as well.

Let us speak of joy. It is joyful to meet with old friends and to open
one's heart to love and true sharing. It is joyful to have true
meaningful discussions with like minded brethren. It is joyful to be so
full of love and acceptance that others are drawn to you and you can
embrace them as brethren, even though they be complete strangers. It is
joyful to take time away from the busy schedule of everyday life and to
truly practice remaining in the now. It is joyful to expand your
consciousness and to absorb the teachings of many teachers.

The well of joy within you bubbles to the surface at these times and the
term "my cup runneth over" is appropriate. You are all now experiencing
the teachings of the Urantia book. You are experiencing how love cannot
be contained and how brotherly affection is contagious.

The challenge before you is to keep your hearts open as you go back to
the every day grind of your daily living. As a group, the spiritual
contagion of love was catching to many. Soon this effect will emanate
from you individually as you go through your daily life and many people
will be drawn to you and you will have what they need, you will have
words of spiritual comfort to give.

It is also easier in a group to talk of the spirit to others because you
are bolstered by your companions. Individually, some of you still have
a catch in the throat that holds back to words of the spirit. But, this
will also change.

When the Master entered a room, even as a young boy, the entire
vibration of the room would change and a spiritual lightening would
occur so that people were less inclined to be angry or upset with each
other. He was always attractive, even as a child, he attracted the
attention of even the Rabbis in the temple. He was never threatening,
he was never pushy in saying "here is what I have, you need to have it,
but you just don't know it yet". He taught as much by listening and
asking questions as by discoursing. He developed the method of asking
questions as a child and this method stands good to this day. I hope
you can all begin practicing using this method with your fellows.

People were attracted to Jesus not knowing why. But, they immediately
found a sympathetic friend in him, one who would listen and understand
anything they said and so then each one would be secure in feeling
accepted and Jesus would ask questions. "Do you think, perhaps?" And
always, do you think perhaps there was a greater meaning in whatever
circumstance that person had described. Always, do you think perhaps
there was a greater spiritual dimension in that person's problems. And
then the person would always answer, "yes I think so, I see what you
mean". And so the teaching was causative, the person was saying "yes".
This is also very important.

People are hungry to recognize the spiritual significance in their lives
and are always grateful when someone else helps them recognize it.
Practice saying this phrase, "Do you think perhaps", "do you think
maybe" before you jump in with your thoughts. This technique is very
simple and yet is the most effective of anything that has ever been done
and Jesus developed it as a child.

As a grown man, during the times before the public ministry, when Jesus
entered a room, all eyes would turn on him. He naturally gained the
respect of his fellows, but he never demanded it. He never felt
slighted in any way if someone showed him disrespect. He did not talk
too much. He always listened and waited and taught by "do you think
perhaps" so that what he said was valuable He let people come to him.
He would say a few words in a group and often later some of these people
would come up to him alone and wish to speak. Jesus never tried to
dominate another person and no one tried to dominate him until later
when they were threatened by him. Respect and admiration flowed to him
naturally, he never sought the approval of other people.

Later, after Jesus's baptism by John, and when the public career began,
Jesus was so attractive that crowds would gather around him wherever he
went. He didn't have to say a word. They would just feel his presence
and want to be near him. People would want to touch him, touch his
garment. People were reaching for him. Children, especially, were
strongly attracted. People just wanted to bask in the spiritual light of
his presence. He didn't have to speak and when he taught, the people
souls were receptive having been opened just by his presence.

You who follow in his path do well to study his methods and to follow
his example because children you are all growing so much, you are even
now becoming heavy with the fruits of the spirit. Even now, the old
patterns of thinking and doing are falling away and you are gravitating
towards new ones and developing new ones. All of you are much slower to
become angry. You are all becoming disinclined to hold a grudge. You
are more inclined to extend yourself in friendship to a stranger. Soon,
you will become quite adept at teaching without the other person
realizing that you are teaching.

Teaching is really leading thoughts, leading thought from where they are
to a slightly higher place. Teaching is expanding your brother's
understanding but that brother doesn't have to be even aware of it. I
am very happy with the results of this gathering. You are all doing
very well and you are all wonderfully keeping quite in step with each
other. Are there any questions at this time?

Q: Ham, this is Cella, I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to
help Rolland with his headache?

Ham: This brother needs come council that goes deep in his soul. There
is still some deep unhappiness and a bit of a crisis internally --
mentally, emotionally. This brother is trying to walk in two directions
at the same time. This cannot keep going on. Your love, and remember to
say "do you think its possible if" kinds of sentences. "Do you think
perhaps" to kind of plant seeds in his mind. The headache will subside,
but it is symptomatic of an internal crisis.

Q: Ham, this is Linda, and I am visiting Nashville. Do you ever get out
to Sante Fe. My question is, since I am sort of alone as far as the
teaching mission goes in Sante Fe. Are there other people in Sante Fe
that would like to be part of the teaching mission. Are there others I
would contact that would be receptive or are there groups happening

Ham: Yes, I have two students in Albuquerque which can help for the
basis of a group. This would be extremely important to them as well as
to you. Then, there will be others who will join you. But three is a
good start.

Q: The two from Albuquerque were they here at the conference?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Your description of the way the Master was in talking with people and
listening to people and the somewhat oblique way he would come out .....
It seems to me that all of this is an absence of the ego. So this must
have been, I know of all of the vibrations he ever made and all the
spirituality that come off of him .... This must be still be a
tremendously attractive thing to people, to be devoid of ego when they
sense this.

Ham: Certainly.

Q: Your lesson on personal interaction tonight was instructive and I
would like you to expound on how in the promotion of this book we are
about to publish we can publically exemplify similar attributes in a
mass media context?

Ham: Use it on your interviewers, your contacts as you travel, and they
will be much more apt to present your offering in a positive manner.
This technique is individual to individual. The presenting of truth to
the masses by necessity is done in an information just coming from you
one way. But, when the interviewer is comfortable and feeling good
about themselves, then they are more likely to positive about you. Is
this helping?

Q: Yes.

Ham: Also I must say that this project has great seraphic support. You
must not feel apprehensive in any way. It is even now wending its way
through the people it needs to go through before it gets to the people
that the seraphim have selected. Do not feel discouraged by early
rejections or by early difficulties, for this is just the weeding out of
those who would not be ultimately helpful anyway.

Have absolute faith in the success of this work, for it is the central
part of your task as it is unfolding. Have faith, trust your seraphim,
have joy, and a joyous anticipation for great work lies ahead in the
next few years.

Q: Can I ask if there is any personal guidance that you could give to
me. I always enjoy seeing how you do that in your sessions and I
appreciate having the opportunity to hear what you have to say even
though I am a little anxious.

Ham: Daughter, you are like a flower that is opening and blooming? You
have been through a number of personal faith tests and these trying
experiences have strengthened your faith and opened you to greater
wisdom that you would not have had otherwise. Like a flower that keeps
growing towards the sun, you keep growing and expanding and receiving
greater and greater light and love. Your path now will be a bit smoother
and your episodes of deep discouragement will lighten.

Q: Thank you, that is really heartening to hear.

Ham: You are welcome my child, go in peace?

Q: Ham this is Helen, do you have time to entertain another such
question from me?

Ham: Certainly. Yes, you are in a period of transition and have been
for a while. You are making great progress, or your adjuster is making
great progress, in integrating your personality, your soul spirit and
body as one. You health is getting better. Exercise is still a
requirement, not a maybe if I get around to it thing. Stillness is a
requirement as well. You have some concerns over your children and you
tend to want to help almost too much. This is the time now for you to
let go of some of that emotional attachment and just work on your own
centeredness and balance and don't deny yourself the things that you
enjoy. You have a tendency to go "oh well I don't really need to, or I
don't really need that", a pattern that says I am not very important
while others are. So keep opening yourself to love, opening yourself to
accepting the Father's love more and more. The old feelings of
unworthiness will gradually wear away and as this happens your light
will shine forth so strongly that you will be attracting people from all
over, all around. And all this will be natural and as is should be.
Yes, be at peace daughter, for all is well and you have made great

Q: Ham, I would like to thank you so much for my lesson plan for the
workshop I could not have pulled it off without you. We were a great
success. I have to leave early.

Ham: Certainly daughter, you do well, my love and prayers go with you.

Q: And mine with you.

Q: I have to leave also, but I look forward to seeing you again in the
next week and the weeks to come.

Ham: My son, you are welcome always and we are happy to welcome you to a
new life.

Q: Why don't you come to Tallahassee any more?

Ham: I am often an observer. I enjoy all the groups, and watch closely
there progress and each individual's progress within each group. Lauren
old friend, I visit you.

Q: Ham, this is Tim. I am a teacher of high school age students. I would
like, given the technique you gave this evening for talking to people
who might be somewhat resistant to spiritual teaching that you indicated
that the master used. I was wondering if you give me one or two
techniques that might work at the high school level in trying to get
across more spiritually minded thinking in them.

Ham: Teaching the spirit is at first like little baby steps. The way to
overcome resistance is to be very close to that person's level and the
technique of do you think maybe and then up step it a little bit, just
where they can say yes. Once you get that yes, then they are more
receptive to other things. They are saying no inside themselves so much
that when they say yes and are affirming and positive, this feeling is
quite strong and whatever it is will sink into their memory and never be

Q: Very good, I think I can understand, I can picture a couple of
situations where I could use that.

Ham: Very good. Don't let them get away with "I don't know".

Q: You are very wise.

Q: Ham, we have another project our Tallahassee group is thinking about
for the future. That is as spiritual community. Do you have any thoughts
on that.

Ham: This is a project that would be in the future still. The only
concern or question I would have is to be careful that it doesn't
promote isolation.

Q: We agree. We want to set an example of how to live in brotherhood. We
are also interested in a retreat center for spiritual groups and church
groups and the like. Hopefully that won't be isolating.

Ham: Yes, very good.

Q: Is there anything you can tell us about the twenty somethings and
late teens and help guide them to a spiritual path?

Ham: The only way to guide young people is to be an example. Nothing
else is lasting.

Q: This book project was really initiated by a comment that our group
member Ruth told us. I wonder if you have anything to tell Ruth tonight?

Ham: Certainly. Daughter, you are making great progress. You are moving
forward and taking some careful steps that are helpful to you. You are
naturally a fairly contented and happy person and it takes a lot of
trauma to get you really down. You have always had a great love for
the Father, even as a child, and this loving faith connection has served
you well and will continue to serve you well as it grows stronger over
time. You are having some trouble leaving something behind, there is
something that is hanging on that you want to be done with but you can't
quite do it, like an old favorite sweater that is full of holes and kind
of ratty but still comfortable. Your love is expanding every day, and
this is having a positive effect on all the people around you and you
are truly discovering genuine spiritual love. So, I would say that all
is well and as it should be. Be at peace with yourself, don't be so
self-critical or picky about yourself criticizing little things. This is
beneath you now, you don't need to do it.

Q: What advice would you give to people who are depressed? I have known
a number of people, even at this conference, who are depressed. Mostly
financial, but also caregiver's.

Ham: Each person is different. There is no one magic formula to relieve
feelings of depression. But, in general, it is the ego self taking
itself too seriously. It is a feeling that life's natural ups and downs
should not be a part of that person's life, like it is unjust. And
also, it can be a sign that spiritual progress is being made and that
the ego self is going through some necessary humbling. Is that helping.

Q: My son mentioned something that the darkest of the night is just
before the dawn, and you don't know when the dawn is coming.

Ham: Yes, very good.

q: Ham, I used to have depression and I found I was in negative polarity
and that if I would make any positive move, you know get up and actively
be a help to somebody, help someone else, it would break that spell or

Ham: Yes, absolutely.

Q: I had an experience the other day where I knew that it was a
situation that called for a spiritual answer. I hesitated. How can I
overcome this hesitancy.

Ham: Practice.

Q: What words do you have for care givers that face an endless amount of
care, people that don't see the end until the person dies.

Ham: There is an end to everything, whether by choice or by the changing
of circumstances. All care givers have a choice, even though they may
choose no to see it.

Q: I saw taking care of my mother during the last year of her life as
devoted service, as service, even thought she was a little overbearing
at time. I knew the feeling and that it seemed like it would go on
forever. But is was over in a year, and now it doesn't seem so long. I
know that the parent feels like a burden, but she was not. She really
had a good sense of humor and I enjoyed having her around.

Ham: Yes, this is well said. It should give a sense of hope to others.

My children. You are all doing wonderfully and I am aware that there are
times when it doesn't feel that this is so and so in those times, you
must have faith in my words and know that this is true. Let your
teachers help you. Lean on them for advice and for spiritual consolation
when you need it.

q: Ham, will I ever find out who my teacher is?

Ham: Your personal teacher is still in training and is not quite ready
to assume her task.

Q: Do our teachers accompany us onto the mansion worlds?

Ham: Some will and some will not. They will all assume their ascension
career at the termination of their assignment. So they will accompany
you and return to visit often, but they are further ahead in their own
ascension plan so will most likely not be right with you going through
the early mansion world experiences.

Q: Will we be assigned other teachers then.

Ham: Yes, the Mansion worlds are full of teachers.

Q: I frequently feel I get a host of teachers. Is there a primary
teacher for me and am I accurate in feeling that I have several?

Ham: Yes, you are accurate. There are two primary teachers and several
that consult. Is this helping?

Q: Could I have the name of the primaries.

Ham: This will be known to you through your own inner inquiries.

Q: I would like to ask a question about the dynamics between the
personal teacher and the student. Is there ever a time when the
relationship becomes an unhealthy block between the person and the
thought adjuster?

Ham: There is some concern on our part about this tendency. However, the
teachers are very aware and are always pushing you to go a little
further, to grow a little more in the spirit so that the Father's
presence is more all encompassing. The teachers will often make you walk
on you own. Don't worry.

I thank you all for the wonderful evening and am extremely grateful to
have been able to be of some assistance. I cherish each one of you and
hold you close in my heart. Until next week, again my love and prayers
are with you each. Farewell.

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