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Greetings, children. I am Ham and I am happy to have you here tonight.
This evening's lesson will cover wellness and its wider meaning.
Wellness is not only a freedom from disease or the effects of aging.
Wellness is the state of being in harmony with your Adjuster.

Your indwelling spirit holds all the keys to wellness physically,
emotionally, mentally. The more you open your hearts to his ever present
love and joyfully receive his words, the more balanced and stable is
your life.

The Master spoke of wellness like a fountain, an inner spring, that is
tapped by the Adjuster when your mind is in harmony with him. Each
person has fears, even unconscious fears that hold back the flow of
spirit through the body and cause emotional imbalance, especially these
emotional blocks are the most difficult to move, or remove. And as we
have been working this past year through emotional issues, you should
begin to receive some health benefits as well.

Blocks are useless, needless. Fears are old misunderstandings that you
have about the world. When you were little children, most all of you had
unmet needs and you interpreted these circumstances as either something
wrong or evil within you, or something wrong or evil within the world.

These erroneous interpretations then are acted on over many years until
their source is long forgotten and yet the pattern persists. And it is
especially magnified as you grow in spirit, and as you do grow in
spirit, you recognize that something isn't quite working, but you are
unsure of what that something is.

You may have persistent headaches, or weight problems, or substance
abuse. You may have dysfunctional close relationships, and all this can
be traced back to early childhood when something you really needed was
not forthcoming, was withheld. You might have needed encouragement or
you might have needed to feel secure in failure or you might have needed
love and comfort and there was none. You might have needed stability in
community, community stability, and not had that.

Think back now, each person, think of a time when you really needed
something, and didn't get it in your childhood. Now, think about the
deeper message that that gave you.

Now, come forward a little bit and see how that message kept going in
your life. Something that you weren't worth, weren't worth it. How did
you act that out?

Now, let's go back to that first injury or time in childhood when your
needs weren't met and imagine yourself as one part of you is playing the
role of Jesus. You are filled with his love and his tenderness for the
you that is a child. Take a few minutes.

Let the Jesus you comfort the child you. Wipe away the tears on the
child's face. Comfort the child. And feel this as the child. Take a few

Now as you let the fear and the pain fall away, melt away, know now in
your hearts that Jesus was in fact with you at that time. Let yourself
take into your hearts this loving comfort and let all the pain and the
fear and the hurt gently slip away and know in your hearts that you are
worth it. You are worth loving. You are worth the Father's vast universe
full of hosts come to minister to you. You alone.

Now in that place in your heart where there was fear and anxiety, pain
and suffering, there is now warmth and light. Where it was heavy, it is
now light. Where it was dark, it is light.

You are gradually letting go of the need to hold on to this pain.
Forgive all those involved. Try to see things from their perspective as
well. Now as this warmth and light opens, opens in your heart area, let
all the light filter down from the Father, let it grow stronger as it
passes through this heart area and goes to the tips of your toes,
warming and circulating as if light is circulating through your being,
throughout every tiny capillary, cell, in your body. It is gradually
absorbing this light, like a sponge.

All your organs inside your chest and abdomen are absorbing this light
like desert sand absorbing water. All these areas that needed this
light, now absorbing it. Now the light is coming up through your skin
and you are glowing with light.

Your face, your hands. Your throat, your lungs. Every part of your being
is glowing a brilliant light. And all your cells are being refreshed and
nourished by this light. Feel it going into your brain, and up through
the top of your head. Fell it going up and down your spinal cord. All
the branches of your nerves throughout your entire body. All your nerves
now, are glowing.

Your eyes. Your ears. Your tongue, and mouth, and teeth. Down your
throat, your stomach and intestines, all your organs, your liver, and go
back to your heart. Everything is being cleansed and nourished by this
spiritual light.

Now your deepest deepest marrow of your bones. Feel your entire skeleton
surging with light. And now say to yourselves, say to the Father, "1
accept your healing presence at this moment and always. 1 accept all of
your care and your love and I accept my preciousness to you."

When you are ready, when you have completely accepted your own
preciousness, 1 will accept your questions.

Q: Ham, do you have a message for me this week? By the way, I'd like to
apologize for getting tickled last week.

A: Apologies are never necessary for laughter. Kellen, you are making
wonderful progress and are throwing out old conceptions that are no
longer useful as if you are cleaning out an attic. You had some
wonderful support and help that you have needed in these last couple of
weeks. You've been ready to listen to others and open to their advice
and this is good. You are beginning to relax, and not take all the
burdens of the world upon yourself. You are learning to hoe your own
row, and allowing others to work their own, as well.

Q: 1 have a follow up. I feel like Carol, who is here tonight, that she
and 1 are somehow brought together. Is there anything to that? About
some work we might do together?

A: Son, there are not coincidences in your life at this stage. Or, in
Carol's life at her stage.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Ham. How can 1 best comfort my mother at this time?

A: Yes, she is often in fear and confusion that is born of fear. Know,
however, that she is also like simultaneously in a higher place. Where
she receives comfort and ministry. She is gradually withdrawing to this
transition place. In the spirit and in her soul. The mental apparatus is
not capable of allowing her interaction with the world any more. And
these fears and panics are just a part of her reality. Not her entire
reality. She's kind of stuck in between worlds and isn't quite free in
either one. But is doing actually better in the transition world than in
the physical world. Don't think that what you are experiencing with her
is all that is. She actually has a richer and more rewarding experience
now than at any other time of her life. And she knows of your care for
her body and will always remember and appreciate what you are doing. Can
1 help you any further?

That is the best help 1 have gotten in a long long time. Thank you.

Q: Do you have any messages for me? Thank you for sharing yourself with

A: Yes, son. 1 am happy to speak with you again. You are wandering a
little bit right now, feeling kind of restless and unsure. And this is
good. You are entering a transition time and are feeling a little
unsettled by this. You are coming to understand who you are and what
your mission task is, which will be your purpose in life. Be open to
change, to spiritual change and changing how you see yourself and how
you see yourself in the world. Your teachers are working with you every
day and are helping you prepare yourself for a greater task.

Q: Ham, did you have anything for Esmeralda?

A: Yes, daughter, you are finding a new life within. A new gentleness of
spirit that you

have needed for many years. You too have taken on the weight of the
world, and are now learning to relax and to let go. Don't neglect your
stillness practice and journalling is

helpful. That is all.

Q: Elena?

A: yes, Elena, you are working through some in your words, major issues
that have
haunted you for many years. Keep journalling and stillness practice and
also you might ask specific questions of me when it is necessary.

Q: Name.

A: Daughter, you are likewise making good progress and are letting go
and trusting more and more. This faith is profound and world tested as
you increasingly learn to live on faith. Then, you will have a much
easier time.

Q: ?

A: Jared, you are working very hard at not working. You are in need of
stillness and journalling. Th journalling doesn't need to be profound
thoughts, just recounting of what you are grateful for that day. This
will help you, don't forget. Mira requested a message.

Daughter, you are doing very well and are beginning to not be slogging
through life like going through mud up to your knees. You are learning
to be lighter, and walk through grass and pine needles, soft surfaces,
but firm. You do well, daughter, that is all.

Q: Should 1 be working harder to get a group going in Atlanta?

A: Yes, it is unfortunate that you are deprived of the group experience
at this time. Howe\;er, all things must await their proper time. And
you cannot rush others into a situation that they are not ready for.
So, I would advise you to wait until they come to you.

Q: My spiritual name? The name of my teacher?

A: Yes. It's your teacher. Your particular spiritual name is very
powerful and important for you. 1 would rather wait until your teacher
reveals it to you, or your Thought Adjuster does. The same with teacher
names. 1 would wait and let your teachers reveal their names to you
when the time is right.

Q: Ham, apparently I'm going to do this task without Christian.

A: For a time, yes.

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the fullness
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