Pocatello Transcript 5-17-98

Bill Kelly billk at africa.nicoh.com
Sat Jun 6 13:28:12 PDT 1998

5-17-98  after trash pickup

Opening Prayer

Klarixiska (Virginia):  "I would like to officially open the meeting.  I
thank you so much that ... (this thank you is directly for you, Virginia)...
I thank you that you are becoming much more comfortable in groups and are
willing to be my mouthpiece much more often.  The privilege you had of
transmitting Nebadonia was one that will remain with you for a lifetime.
That first experience of overwhelming love with the presence of either
Nebadonia or Christ Michael will be one that will continue to inspire you
and others who would read this.  And in a sense for those who were there the
tremendous emotion that was yours will also be theirs.  I would ask of their
teacher to remind you all that those wings are forever present, and all you
need do is to return to the First Source and Center, He who loves all, knows
all, and awaits all.  And that is all.  I am Klarixiska."

Minearisa (Bill):  "Greetings, this is Minearisa, your instructor in
residence.  I have been allowing others to speak more frequently at the
meetings, and today I have decided I wish to bring you a brief lesson, a
reflection upon the meaning of your work activity, as a parable and analogy
of spiritual growth.

When the apostles of Christ Michael's seventh incarnation were gathered for
the last meal with their Master on earth, as you know there arose a dispute
over who was the greatest, who should have the honor of sitting next to the
Master, and Judas took that position upon himself.  As a consequence Christ
Michael enacted a parable of servanthood by washing the feet of each of
those men, none of who was humble enough to consider the servant role

Today you have acted as servants of the larger society, and in a sense, you
have humbled yourselves to walk through the mud and grasses to pick up the
refuge and garbage from other people.  This simple act of servanthood is of
great value, for it indicates that you were willing to do the least
preferred service, picking up the garbage.  In a real sense this routine of
remedy for the irresponsible actions of others indicates the attitude of God
in regards to His children, fsor the heart of God is forever open to the
actions of His children and with a perception of magnanimous understanding.  

Many times do we all err for we are not perfect beings, and our errors
affect not only ourselves but others who interact with us.  But in the
economy of God's loving mercy, these actions, these errors are compensated
and corrected, so that instead of the universe running down as these errors
multiply and magnify, there is the action of coordinate justice and love
which continues to correct and remedy the overall situation.  You who have
consciously chosen to align yourselves with Christ Michael in His new
apostleship are a very real part of this process of correction.  Beginning
with your own lives you have allowed the forgiveness and mercy of God to
turn you around and bring you into the kingdom of liberty and light.  I am
not suggesting that you are above your fellows because you pick up trash.
True, many other groups are willing to do this kind of service.  What I am
saying is that it is this sort of disregard of status, this refusal to be
concerned with prideful human estimates that makes it possible for you to do
God's work.  In some respects I regard your project as most fitting for you,
as totally appropriate, and exemplary of the purpose of the Correcting Time.  

I hope that these thoughts which have to some extent occurred with some of
you, will dignify all means of labor, all kinds of work.  All work is sacred
when it is done as a service to your brothers and sisters, and as a sharing
in the evolving perfection occurring within God the Supreme, of whom you are
all a part.  

This ends my little analogy, dissertation.  I am aware that you are all
tired, and I honor that.  Another will now continue this brief interlude
with you."

Daniel (Cathy):  "Greetings, this is Daniel, to expand briefly on
Minearisa's dissertation.  If you consider those persons depositing their
trash thoughtlessly, it is indeed because they are thought-less.  They
haven't thought about it, and your presence out there today, even given the
small numbers, has raised the level the consciousness of many.  And this, in
part, explains why there was significantly less trash today than there was
in the past, because the simple act of your presence has demonstrated and
provided a tangible example of caring, so that those formerly thought-less
people have become more thoughtful and they think twice before repeating
their actions.  You have the ability to set this example on many levels, not
just the deposition of garbage on the freeway.

I now open the floor for comments or questions, or input from other
teachers."  (Long pause)

Daniel (Cathy):  "This is Daniel continuing.  We are aware of the level of
exhaustion and wish to make one final call for questions before concluding."
(Long pause)

Minearisa (Bill):  "Very well then, pat yourselves on the back for a job
well done. Cherish your friendships until we meet again.  Thank you all for
your help and your work.  I am Minearisa.  Go in peace.  Good afternoon."

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