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Opening Prayer

Christ Michael (Bill):  "Greetings, my children. I am your Father/Brother,
Michael of Nebadon, present with you through my Spirit of Truth.  I have
heard your cries; your prayers have come before me, and your steadfast
apostleship warms my heart.  I stand among you, even as I stood in the midst
of those stalwart souls who accompanied me on my mission, my bestowal
mission to this planet.  In the same manner am I present with you, but even
more effectively.  

I understand your fears, your desire to protect others, your delicate
hearts, your trepidation to move into unfamiliar territory.  I understand
your loneliness, and I know the source of your comfort, for I am forever Son
of Man and Son of God.  To me you may bring your burdens and I will bear
them.  My yoke is easy and light, it shall not drag you down.  My help is
real and available to you all.  

Some of you have expressed that the cup is hard to drink,( in different
words).  I understand that too.  I was sorely tempted by my human nature,
but I persisted and triumphed.  Yes, though I be a Creator Son, the triumph
was completely within my humanity so that you all may partake of my victory.  

Your Mother and I cherish you all, even as we cherish a universe full of our
children.  Each of you is known to us specially, in the same manner that
each of you is known to the First Source and Center, our Great Father, our
Great Mother, our Perfect Parent.  When you come upon the moment to drink
the cup, feel my presence next to you and within you.  You can do all things
because my Spirit strengthens you.  And in those moments when the sun is
shining upon your life, when you can especially enjoy the smell of Spring as
it wafts on the winds, in those moments when your heart is at ease, when
your trust is magnified, know that the Universe is ultimately under the
charge of infinite watchcare, for this will also enhance your faith

Be at peace, my dear children.  The storms that rage in your lives cannot
take away that anchor of trust or sink that boat of faith as long as you
sincerely pray my prayer, 'It is my will that Your will be done.'  And now I
take my leave, not to remove my presence from you, but to allow the others
here an opportunity to interact with you.  I am the Vine and you are the
branches.  Abide in me as I abide in you, and you shall continue to bear
much fruit.  My peace be with you.  Good evening."

Daniel (Bill):  "I am Daniel, your teacher, confident that your open hearts
have been touched by the message of our dear Brother, our dear Father,
Christ Michael himself.  I stand in awe of him, even as do you.  I adore
him; I cherish him, and I cherish also our Mother, Nebadonia.  These two,
our great Universe Parents, provide us with the perfect understanding of
harmonious and mutual reciprocal relationships.  

Much that you have discussed this evening is the result of your living on a
defaulted planet, without the material supervision and role modeling of the
Adamic son and daughter.  Because this is so, you are becoming to each other
true sisters and true brothers.  You are not completely without parents to
model as the Urantia Book has been specifically given to this planet to
provide you with information you could not know otherwise.  Michael, our
Creator Sovereign, is poignantly and lavishly presented in the book.
Whatever your discipline of reading I recommend that you return often to
those pages to feel the reality of his presence, and to know the character
that he displayed while he was here.  

At this time Minearisa desires that I open this meeting to your
participation.  We will reply to questions or interact with comments.
Michael has indicated that He will converse with you.  The floor is now
yours.  Are there questions or comments?"

Steve:  "I was just going to say, I think we're a little bit overpowered
tonight, or feel a little bit feeble to ask questions if Michael said He
would be willing to reply.  I know we shouldn't feel that way, by any means,
as far as I feel, anyway, that it is kind of that situation.  I'd just like
to say for myself that being allowed to do what I've done in the last few
months, and the way my life's turned around a little, a whole lot, in some
ways completely, I know it wouldn't have happened without my belief in You,
Michael, and the help of the teachers; and Daniel being there for me, even
though I'm not directly communicating, but I know that you're there to help
me.  And I hope through taking the Reiki class and being able to pass on
your energies through me, which I'm more that happy to do anytime anybody
needs it to use me as a vessel to transmit Your energies, I'm here for you.
I just want to say thank you."

Christ Michael (Bill):  "My dear son, Steven, your offering of your service
to others pleases me a great deal, for you are in reality expressing your
apostleship.  You are not seeking honors with men and women; you are not
putting yourself first, but are taking the role of the servant, even the
role that I took.  I am pleased to call you a beloved son.  Know that you
are loved.  I appreciate your thanks and you shall one day serve with me at
the table of my Father, even as all apostles shall do."

Nebadonia (Virginia): "This is Nebadonia, your Mother, your Parent, on this
the eve as it were of the celebration of mothers in your country.  I would
remind you of the fine mother hen that God, the Creator, is.  He does more
than shelter you with His wings; He provides those things that you need, we
need.  It is not just a question of scratching for food, but it is the sure
knowledge that the eternal is indeed your protector.  As you live day by
day, it is easy to move away from those wings.  I am here to remind you that
as you stay in the shadow of those huge wings, you are safe. Certainly not
in the physical sense, but in the final eternal sense that you are God's.
As a Mother I would remind you to rush to the One that knows and loves you.
I would remind you that when one has a sore it is always better when a
mother's love is given.  Know that you are truly loved.  When the shadows
come from other sources, blocking out the sun, know that you are loved.  The
nest is never full.  There is room for all and more.  I, Nebadonia, will put
my arms around each of you.  In your lonely moments, feel those.  In those
moments when you are not understood, feel those arms of love.  I would
return you to the questions and answers.  I believe there was another, and
probably more.  May the mothers of Urantia be inspired by God's love."

Angie:  "Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and teachers, I'm sure I can speak for
everyone when I say, we all love you very much and I am always so
overwhelmed and grateful when you can speak to us.  That makes it seem that
you are so close now, and I thank you for that."

Christ Michael: "Thank you, Angie, for your sincere words of gratitude.
Indeed your Mother and I are closer to you than you can imagine.  I realize
that you are not always aware of this closeness, and We are pleased to be
able to vocalize through these willing TRs.  With the practice of stillness
you may consciously attempt to feel our presence, and you will be
successful.  Your Thought Adjustor, your divine Pilot, will coordinate all
interaction from my Spirit and the Spirit of your Mother's presence, the
Holy Spirit, angelic interactions, and a host of other spiritual influences.
There is no shortage of water in the well of life; it springs up to ever
lasting plenitude.  It always behooves you and ultimately depends upon you,
to grasp the bucket, plunge it into the well and draw that water.  Ask and
you shall receive; knock and it shall be opened to you.  These were my words
when I dwelt among you; these are my words still."

Daniel (Bill): "My friends, this is Daniel.  I understand your feeling of
awe and a desire to just stand in the presence of our beautiful Parents, for
I share your feeling.  Rather than continue the hour, we are being advised
to tell you that Michael and Nebadonia request that you try in your
stillness to talk with them directly.   They assure you that with practice
you will be successful.  For those of you who have had some contact
experience, practice their presence with visualization or whatever works for
you.  You will not be conjuring up an imagination, you will be opening a
door, and your knocking will accomplish this.  This is, therefore, my
suggested assignment to you from our Universe Parents.  I, Daniel, share my
love with you, and speak on behalf of the presence of many.  We stand in
grateful company tonight, with you mortals and our dear Parents.  This
meeting now is concluded.  Let us all go in peace.  Amen."

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