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Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group
Teachers: Elyon
T/R Mark
Lesson: Knowing the lessons and dual nature of humans

May 17, 1998
*	Elyon (Mark TR):  I greet you today; this is your friend and loving
associate Elyon.  I would open today's dialogue with the question: What would be
the long enduring effect on your lives should these circuits we now employ
silent in your lives?  I pose this question as a means of evaluation, for you to
determine the effect this Teaching Mission and your  contact with the
in it have had upon you lives.  I state that even if our communication were
to be
severed from this point on, our teachings and our association have permanently
flavored your waters with our lemon juice, have forever become a part of your
being.  Should you never receive any new insights or further information about
your spiritual growth, you would have a large amount of material to refer back
to, lessons which have been issued, lessons which have been learned.  
	Do not carry with you the fear that you are inadequate to the task of
restatement in your own words any of the principles or lessons you have been
graced with.  Realize that your interpretation of these lessons and your
restatement of them allows you to add your own flavoring to the water, as well. 
This is a positive effect on the outcome, as you have much to offer in your
sincerity, your genuine desire to be accurate and correct, true to the source. 
It is inevitable that, through the human vehicle, changes will occur from one
telling to another.  This is normal, to be expected, even desirable to the end
that it becomes personal.  It becomes a personal experience of yours to be
related to others.  This adds very much to the material, making it much more
the sum of the lesson and your interpretation of the lesson when it is also your
personal experience with the lesson.
	Truly the best way to preserve these principles and lessons you work so
diligently at internalizing is to live them.  This takes time; to incorporate
these lessons and to live these lessons is a process you are just now
You should not expect to have mastery over the diverse topics that you are
exposed to in this Teaching Mission.  You are only expected to try and, wherever
possible, to incorporate these lessons into your daily life.  This is where they
truly become your experience.
	I daresay that each one in this room has had such vast growth that you are
far more adequately equipped than you give yourselves credit for in mastery over
even the most basic and rudimentary aspects of these principles. The rest will
come as will time.  Your only consideration should be, as it has been stated, to
live as a tadpole all the while realizing your destiny is as a frog.  Your
is as something more than you are right now.  The best way to achieve this
is to fully live and immerse yourselves in the principles to the best of your
capacity. Talking the talk is far easier than walking the walk.  You will
discover that walking the walk is a much longer process, a much more intense
process than the discovery of these principles through your mind.  I must at
point praise each of you in this room for your undertakings at doing exactly
and encourage you to keep up the good work, to keep striving forward in your
progression, and to embrace as many of these varied teachings as you are capable
at all times.
	This is how others around you will witness and receive the most benefit
from the teachings, from the attitude you have about the teachings.  It is not
your job to convert anyone or everyone.  It is your job to convert yourself
to the highest ideals you possess.  Others will follow.
	I would return to a subject approached last week, the subject of dual
nature.  We have referred to dual nature many times to speak of the difference
between your physical, animal presence and your eternal soul.  They are in
apparent contrast.  They are two opposite, divergent ends of reality.  Your soul
and the divine fragment within you are anything but material.  Yet they are
resident, housed, surrounded by your material being.  The two coexist side by
side, complementary.  The two serve each other side by side.  One without the
other is, at this point, inadequate.  You are not capable at this time of
being a
purely spirit being.  At the same time you are far more than simply a material
being.  The two are so intermingled at this time that in this existence it may
even be hard for you to separate.  They are coexistent, mutually beneficial
	It would be helpful if you could attempt to see your divergent aspects of
gender as being another instance of your dual nature.  All aspects are resident
in the Creator; all aspects are present within you.  You are simply given a
physical surrounding which dictates which will be the dominant force in this
life.  Realize that this physical vehicle is simply a temporary step in your
eternal career.  It is rather a matter of chance as to which gender you inhabit
this time.  It is merely an experience for you to have in your ascension and for
you to take with you as a reference in your career.  This is your only time when
you will be looked at in your physical state and determined to be either this or
that; in your morontia conditions you will be released from such strict
categorization as occurs on this world.  In a morontia state it is far more
apparent that these differences are merely aspects of the same oneness.  The sex
you are born merely presents each individual with their own set of challenges to
	As you have been told, a Thought Adjuster gives no consideration whatsoever
to the gender of the individual to be indwelt.  Every being of a higher
nature is beyond consideration of gender as an important issue, so that the
teachers, your angels, your melchizedek friends, all do not categorize you
as you
categorize yourselves, either as one or the other.  However, in this life you do
grapple with issues of being categorized and segmented into a portion of the
population.  This is only one of many challenges you are presented with in this
physical existence.  Just like your physical body, this is but a temporary
challenge to you; one to be shed just as your material vehicle is now.
	This experience, however, can be valuable to you in that it can provide you
with a unique perspective on the separateness of these aspects.  You will carry
with you your experiences of the issues you had relating to your gender
throughout your ascension career.  This provides you with a greater depth of
understanding and compassion and also provides you with the ability to recognize
similarities and differences in the gender arena.  As has stated before there is
no better or worse, superior or inferior, preferred or not; they are simply two
aspects which must work together to form the whole.  It is indeed one of the
supreme challenges of your existence here to be free of judgment based upon
gender as well as any other physical or spiritual aspect you may choose to
observe.  It is one more hurdle to overcome in this life, to look at someone of
the other gender and realize that they are not so far different from yourself. 
To break down the stereotypes involved in your everyday life, to allow for
... in
the inclusiveness of both genders.
	I sense there may be an opportunity for questions at this time.  I would be
happy to address any that come to the surface.  Perhaps another teacher would
	Jonathan:  Last week you mentioned that we inherit both male and female
qualities from our parents.  Many of our deficiencies from the nativity planet
will be eradicated on the mansion worlds, and the things we wish to pursue we
can, if they are still worth pursuing.  Will there be an opportunity to express
our latent side?  Will that have relevance there?
*	Elyon:  Without a doubt, you will in the course of your ascension be
encouraged and provided with the opportunity to experience traits of both
genders.  You have, as I mentioned before, these traits resident within you.  It
is merely an aspect of expression.  You will be encouraged in certain phases of
your morontia stage to experience these latent tendencies so as to provide a
well-balanced experience.
	One of the many imbalances you grapple with in this existence is your
gender qualities in that, as a certain gender, you expect and are expected to
have certain characteristics and qualities.  This can be very stifling to the
desire to be expressive of other than these qualities.  On the mansion worlds
this stifling effect is removed, and, indeed, the opposite is encouraged.  The
experience and expression of the many facets and aspects of your being are
greatly supported and encouraged.
	Mankind tends to want to feel he is either one thing or another, either
here or there, either this or that.  It is helpful in his mind framework to give
him a reference.  In your later career you will come to embrace the fact
that you
are composed of a wide variety, not here or there but both, not this or that but
all.  It is simply which is expressed at any one time as the dominant force
provides you with these external characteristics.  So, you may look forward to
being encouraged to express the many facets of your being, not simply the gender
characteristics you are now familiar with.  
	Jonathan:  You also mentioned that analyzing the tips of a twig does not
reveal the trunk of the tree.  This mansion world experience won't necessarily
give us the opportunity to cross-dress, but it will point us to the essential
twofold quality of God we know as the order of Sons and the order of Daughters. 
By discovering this twofold nature in ourselves, we will get to that more subtle
manifestation of God.  
*	Elyon:  Indeed, your male and female characteristics, although crude in
your society's interpretation of them, still provide you with the reference that
there are two tendencies, two approaches to be had, each one valid, each one
complementary to the other.  To have a species of only one gender would not
provide balance.  It is having the contrast to witness that balance.  It is in
having the union between the two that balance is attained.  It is a theme which
echoes from on high, the dual aspects working together to form the total.
it is done in a rather crude, physical form at this time, but in essence the
reality of the contrast and the complementary nature provide you with some
limited exposure to this necessary dual nature.  
	Jonathan:  Having recently read the papers on life evolution, the
development of plants that propagated from spores was convenient, but the
development of sexual procreation made for diversity.  The interchange between
the genders benefits our cultural reality.
*	Elyon:  Precisely, as I illustrated last week with the two strands of DNA
which are necessary for the total to occur, when the potentials of the male and
the potentials for the female are assimilated the opportunity for a new
combination of the two arises, giving rise to, not merely a copy of the one or
the other as a spore would do, but producing a completely unique pattern unto
itself.  This is the value of having the separation of the genders, that each
union between them is capable of an entirely different combination, as you would
see in the combination of the DNA.  This combination is unique to each
individual, even though every individual is the culmination of the union between
an average female and an average male.
	Mary:  Thank you, Elyon, for your comments.  I have found that certain
traits in myself may be suppressed due to societal preferences.  It's hard to go
against these values and express other aspects of my personality.  As you
are not
in a position to say what our faults are, I realize that my pursuit of this
is my
concern, but I appreciate your perspective that, whatever my results here, the
mansion world experience will assist in bringing out otherwise unexpressed
aspects of my personality.  
*	Elyon:  Indeed, that is the entire function and purpose of the morontia
existences, to accommodate and make provision for experiences that have yet to
happen. As the ultimate goal is a well-rounded experience, it is necessary to
acquire numerous experiences of divergent nature.  It is not possible in any one
life, especially in this beginning existence, to accommodate that need. 
Therefore, when you begin your morontia existence you will be provided with
opportunities to transcend any hurdles you had yet to overcome on this world as
well as many you are yet completely unfamiliar with.  
	Jonathan:  Are you implying we don't understand each other?
*	Elyon:  I am implying that there are many experiences that at this point
you are incapable of even fathoming which you will encounter and possess as part
of your ascension career through the morontia experience.  There are also many
that you are aware of now which you will, indeed, pick up and work on further
positively and some negative experiences that you will carry with you to be
further embraced in your experience.  As you mentioned before, it is also
possible to continue on with a project or educational experience which was
incomplete at the time of your transition.  So, this morontia experience is
widely adaptable and caters to your needs and requirements and will no doubt
provide you with this contrast of experiences so as to produce a balanced,
well-rounded, total experience.  
	Jonathan:  At a party recently there was a family of 3 boys; the youngest
boy commented on how his mom takes time to get pretty before going out.  I must
have been his age when I noticed the differences between moms and dads.  At the
time I didn't understand the burdens society puts on the appearance of women. 
How intricately all these patterns of training and genetics work together.
*	Elyon:  Yes, and it can easily take this entire lifetime to even rise to a
level of acceptance of the other gender as being on a level equal to your own. 
This may be a sad comment of the evolutionary process, but it is true that you,
as a species, are so overwhelmingly dictated by physical appearances that
transcending this one obstacle in your lives may be more than you, as an
individual, are able to do in this life.  This is not a problem; you will have
ample time to overcome this separation, this feeling of differentness from the
opposite gender.  You will come to learn that they are merely separate
aspects of
the one whole, as I mentioned before.  You pick and choose which aspects you
manifest and which you will not.  There is no right or wrong approach; it is
merely expression of the individual.
	I would offer one more bit of unsolicited advice.  As you are aware and as
we have been discussing, the morontia realms are near at hand.  By this I mean
that, before you all will even accept the reality and eventuality of this, it
will be upon you, that time is both your friend and your adversary in this
You are, in a sense, losing the time you have here day by day and week by week. 
This is not to be seen with fear or trepidation or undue concern.  It is,
however, perhaps to be seen as a motivating force.  You will all make the
transition smoothly and easily to your morontia state.  Indeed, you are arguably
more well-equipped to make this transition than many others.  That is a
certainty; it is a given; it is an eventuality.  How soon this happens will seem
to slip by, it will seem to go more quickly than you may be ready for it.  I,
therefore, as words of encouragement for today, leave you with the attitude of
making the most of this time you have here.  It is a short time.
	You are now coming to bear great fruit of your spiritual learning.  Realize
that you are now in this fruit-bearing stage and that this stage, as all stages,
has an end to it.  You need to be aware that the clock is ticking in your case. 
It is only important in this life that you even be concerned with this, but
it is
a factor in your life that you are all progressing toward this transition period
to the morontia phase, and your welcome there is sure and certain.  It is your
work here which is left undetermined at this point.
	There is this wonderful window of opportunity you have that is not enjoyed
by every mortal on your world of spiritual expansiveness and motivation to be
useful with your spiritual wisdom.  Seize this opportunity!  Take this day!
this week; take these years left as we work together in your life to be as
fruitful as possible to have as much growth as possible, to even experience all
that there is to experience in this existence as you take these experiences with
you, and they become yours eternally.
	Remember and enjoy and sense and feel what it is to walk this earth, to be
among your brothers and sisters, to grapple with the issues which surround you,
and look forward to what is ahead.  Don't ever be in such a hurry to be
that the journey is missed.  Be ever ready to smell the flowers, observe the
beauty that is present here on this first of your incarnations.  Just as your
Creator Son did when he was here, experience this life to the fullest and
that this is a one-time experience for you.  Never again will you return to this
material existence and have to even grapple with issues such as gender, such as
the dual nature of animal and spiritual.  This is a onetime experience for you. 
Learn all there is to learn; embrace all there is to be embraced of this
experience.  Take this with you so that, as your experiences become modified and
changed over time, you have this as a reference in your library just as the
master now has a reference in his library that he also walked on this earth and
was among your brothers and sisters.  You share this with your Creator Son.
it with you.  Cherish it always.  Be of good cheer. 
	That is all I will say.  Thank you. 

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