Pocatello Transcript 4-17-98

Bill Kelly billk at africa.nicoh.com
Fri May 8 05:19:52 PDT 1998

April 17, 1998

Sharing and Prayer

Daniel (Bill):  Greetings, my friends.  This is Daniel.  I am aware of the
richness of the smorgasbord that you have partaken of in your interactions
with each other.  I wish to compliment you on your trust and your
willingness to enter into what is, for all of you to some extent at least,
uncharted territory.  Indeed are you becoming a functional family beyond the
level of function that is found on this planet, for the most part.  This is
not intended as conceited self-congratulations.  It is so far beyond that
remote possibility because this is experience which you have validated by
taking it into your own venue.  Or to say it more simply, this is knowledge
you have that cannot be disputed because it is your experience.

Yes, this group and others in the Teaching Mission, as well as other places,
are living in the era of Light and Life because this is the kind of
harmonious, stress-free recognition of diversity in the pursuit of unity
that characterizes more advanced civilizations than yours.  The Correcting
Time of which we are a part will truly transform this planet, and your role
is much greater than you can imagine.  You are the first generation of
spiritually-conscious people at the level that you are functioning.  Yes,
there have been individuals and are individuals who have functioned at this
level before, of course, and I exclude here our Master Son in my comments.
But this is truly the first wave of the invasion of love and truth now that
Lucifer and his cohorts are no more.  Certainly his influence continues, but
like waves that diminish from the center of a source such as a rock, so will
the effects of this rebellion diminish and you will see and are seeing these
things with your own eyes.

Well, my friends, you are out of time.  We will postpone the lesson we would
have had, not with regret and not begrudgingly, for your sharing tonight was
the demonstration of the reality of the spiritual truth that we have been
teaching you over these years.  Of course I'm not saying you've arrived, how
could that be?  But you have made great strides and we congratulate you
sincerely.  The pain that you experience because this is so new will
diminish.  The fright will go its way.  I will now allow some time, by
curtailing my comments and give you a morontial hug all around the circle.
There is one, none other than our esteemed Melchizedek who wishes to
conclude this evening.

Minearisa (Cathy):  This is Minearisa.  Indeed personal growth is a
prerequisite for spiritual growth, and personal growth cannot occur without
change.  And change cannot occur without discomfort, perceived often as
pain.  We are aware of the late hour and simply want to note that your
progress is remarkable.  I join with my fellow Melchizedeks and teachers in
a giant morontial hug to all of you.  This concludes our time this evening.
Go with love in your hearts and don't be afraid to lean on one another.
Good evening.

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