Transcript: Olfana 03-27-98

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Sat Apr 18 03:38:11 PDT 1998

TRANSCRIPT OF:	Teacher Olfana
Date of Transcript:	03-27-98
Sent by:		Susan Kimsey
Group:			Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group
Date Rc’d:		April 17, 1998

We are brought together in our lives, with intention, by God.
There is a grand design within which
We are a part of His Beautiful Pattern.
We can become linked in our own unique designs
And create a pattern together
Which is one of great beauty and value.

Let us give thanks to The Father,
To The Grand Mother Spirit of this universe,
To our Creator Son, Christ Michael,
That we have been given this opportunity
To love each other,
To share in each other's lives,
To support each other's growth.

(Pause for silent prayer)

We blend ourselves in ways
Which will mark us as bonded through all time,
And into our eternity.
Bless us, Father, as a family,
And help us to extend the love we feel among ourselves
To all those who also are bonded with us
In this family of love, and destiny, and creative potential.


Olfana       03/22/97
Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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