Elyon Group 4/12/98

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April 12, 1998  Easter

	A toy in the kids' room: "I am Buzz Lightyear, to the rescue!"  
	The group:  "I really heard it this time!"
	"A clarity I have never experienced before!"
	"A still, small voice!"

*	Aaron (Simeon TR):  Greetings, friends, I am Aaron, honored to
be in your presence today.  I am given the opportunity to address you
as you gather.  It pleases me to see your beaming souls.  
	The sincere nature of interaction does away with any great need
for guidelines and manners of behavior, for in your sincerity are you
guided most truthfully by an inner sense of rightness regarding how
you should be in any given circumstance.  It is our endeavor to bring
out new mannerisms within those we communicate with over an extended
period of time such that these styles are marked by the flavors of
sincerity and honesty in communication.
	We are lightened in our attitudes by the many currents of
interaction here today, from child to adult to celestial.  These
seeming distractions do not dampen or curtail our ability to
communicate with you.  The joy we feel at seeing your gathering and
the many interactions allow us a deepened sense of familial ties with
you, even as you feel these deepening connections within you
regarding each other.  So, as I leave you today, I would simply say
thank you for your continued willingness to interact with each other
freely.  Rest assured that we will continue, regardless of any
influences, to communicate with you all these things depending upon
your sincerity and your willingness.
	Happy Easter.  Good day.      
*	Elyon (Jonathan):  Greetings, friends.  Again I greet you, and
again I salute you for your spiritual performances over the week, for
those efforts you have made to improve your ability to manifest the
values you hold dear in your lives and those which represent the
Father, those which reflect eternity in the ever-moving waves of
	I am glad to see that I have all my eggs in one basket today. 
I know your phrase that cautions against putting all eggs in one
basket; this has merit in the caution to not over commit oneself,
denying other possibilities that exist in the ever-moving events of
time that may alter the course that will lead you to your goal.
	You seek the values of eternity which give deeper meaning to
your life and the implications of the great ascension that lies
before you.  The very course of your ascension is itself variable
because every effort any one of us makes further defines the course
that all may take.  As you receive greater appreciation of these
eternal values, you are establishing them concretely in time.  You
are making them alive; you are animating those very standards of
deity that have stood forever.
	Our master taught us to serve, because the most valuable
element in all the universes is personality.  Though every
personality is colored differently with traits and inclinations that
express uniqueness, everyone is a cherished possession in the
Father's basket.  While you seek to have and possess the values of
spirit, you are, in the very effort, becoming valuable.
	The master finished his life on earth with the words, "It is
finished."  This culmination of effort on his part created tenfold
new potentials that are only now, centuries later, beginning to be
effective on a worldwide scale.  He is not done; he has only expanded
his troops to include thousands.  His effort to reach all his
children is not, as your history has portrayed, to win the great
battle against evil and possess all he can before all the rest are
lost.  No.  He desires to reach everyone because, in his view, all
belong to him.  It is his passion that all know deeply, to the depths
of their souls, this very truth.  It is to your charge that you
present him in your lives, not as an objective, external that you
describe but as a vivid internal demonstration that you are.  You are
embryos of an eternal life.  You are infused with Michael's presence;
the vitality you have today is only expanding in your development.
	If you could organize in your thinking the intervals of time
that lie between your birth as a human and your attainment of
Paradise, you would come to greater appreciate how very near you are
to the morontia experience; it is but one broken shell away.  Michael
has demonstrated the path whereby you may attain this state of being,
and he returned to you to prove beyond any doubt its existence.  I am
confident that I have with me a troop that is capable of revealing
this to others.  I would hope that you would spread yourselves around
that you may be discovered by others as one who has been with the
Father, who has communed with Michael.  This will encourage any
hungry soul.  
	I have finished, and I thank you for your attention.  
	Jill:  Would you identify who you are?
*	Elyon:  I am Elyon.
*	Malvantra  (Mark):  This is Malvantra, and I would step forward
today with a slight commentary regarding the full to overflowing
classroom in attendance today.  Imagine any instructor coming into a
classroom so overflowing with eager students, overflowing with love
and light.  It is an extreme joy to be exposed to such eager hearts
and minds and souls as are present in this room on this day.  I would
also tell you that if you think this room is crowded with eager
souls, you would be amazed to see those others in attendance also
crowded in with us today, invisible to your eyes but nonetheless
present in observation.
	I make my presence known to you today with the single purpose
of desiring that you become more aware of my presence and
particularly of my order of being, the Melchizedeks, as we will
become more intricately involved with your life experiences in the
near times to come.  While we all as teachers work together, we as
Melchizedeks will become more present to you as time goes on. 
Indeed, we are resident here with you.  We desire to have a closer
affiliation with you and to work with you more directly.  We
therefore will take those steps as frequently as the occasion
warrants to once again make you aware of our presence in hopes that
repeated exposure to this presence will grow into easy, simple
	I have no lesson planned today, as there is none required.  I
simply send my love and affection as well as my heartfelt respect and
admiration for you efforts; your coming together at occasions like
this exposes the fruits of your soul searching, and they are indeed
sweet.  I encourage you all to keep walking the walk as well as
talking the talk.  You are all opening your minds to increased
perspectives, and this is the goal of the Teaching Mission and of
your individual ascension careers.  I leave you now with a fond
embrace and would extend gratitude from those who will be unheard as
well as unseen today.  
*	Solonia  (Daniel):  Greetings, this is Solonia.  In your search
for truth and goodness and beauty do not get discouraged in those
times when you do not seem to be finding anything.  These, too, have
value in that you have identified places where they are not. Each
experience in the searching quest has value to the Supreme in that it
defines for you and for others the limitations as well as the
opportunities seeking brings, enjoyment in and of itself, as you seek
with an open and childlike heart.
	If you would look back on these past few years you would
recognize that within your basket are very many things that you have
discovered, that you have found, that you have made a part of your
personal collection.  Remember always: one of the greatest values of
seeking towards a goal is the journey which you take to get there. 
Your Fragment of the Father does not place useless obstacles in your
path; there is great joy in overcoming those things which seem to
delay your progress.  When you do so it always energizes you toward
the next steps in discovery.  If you could see your own progress as I
do you, too, would be overwhelmed.
	I love you, dear ones.  I now enjoy participating in your
celebration of this day.  
*	Michael  (Jonathan):  I am with you.  I greet my beloved
children, my two year olds and my two million year olds, all of whom
I cherish deeply.
	Many expressions are being made today regarding the
significance of my presence on this world.  Many expressions of
adoration have been extended to me, and I welcome them all in honor
of the Father.  Such praise is only a reflection of the beauty of the
divine plan of Son ministry.  Today in this minute I wish to sit with
you and express no words, but rather let us each pause to acknowledge
the Father.  He doesn't sit among us but sits within us.  May we each
spend just a few moments expressing our love.
	Father, I once said that into your hands I give my spirit. 
Today I desire my children here fully to realize that into their
hearts you have given your spirit.  May this reality grow as a living
experience.  May we fulfill our mission of bringing to you exalted
beings from the very outskirts of space, beings who understand
remoteness from divinity and have comprehended the extreme closeness,
even union, with you.

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