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Ham       04/05/98

Greetings, children, friends, I am Ham and I greet you all warmly
tonight.  Our lesson will center upon fellowship.  What is
fellowship?  What does it mean to share oneself and to receive the
sharing of another.

There are times when your sharing is obvious to you and there are
times when sharing is almost unconscious.  As you grow in the
spirit, you learn to balance this sharing consciously more and more.
 In interaction there is often one party that shares the most, talks
the most, wants the other party to see him and admire him.  And, the
other party is often more retiring and shares less.  You of the
spirit must recognize which tendency you have, either to share too
much or too little, and start thinking about balance.

Being interested in other people and willing to listen to their
sharing is very important.  Jesus always listened first before he
talked.  Then when he knew something about the person, he taught by
asking questions and letting that person discover answers for
themselves.  Many of you have never tried this technique of
communication and it would help you to do so.

Others speak too little and are so retiring that it is embarrassing
for you to bring yourself to the front and speak in a balanced
manner with others.  You are all just beginners at the art of
relationships and as you grow in the spirit, you will be more and
more skilled at bringing forward the spiritual core of an issue
without offending anyone or being embarrassed.

Remember that the majority of the art of communication is listening.
People will tell you what they need .  If you listen you will be
able to give them that.  You are all in a period where individual
ministry is very important.  Where a few well chosen words can
change someone's life forever.

There are several ways of meeting another's needs.  The most
important way is to show interest.  Next, is to show love.  And
third, is to actually impart spiritual food with your words.  You
may only get to the first part which is interest, you may get to the
second part which is showing love or loving concern, but once in a
while, you will go through all three and be able to impart spiritual
nourishment to one of God's children.

As this week comes up, I want you to all be aware of those three
steps and to try and balance out your interactions with others.  If
someone is not sharing enough and is being too retiring, then ask
them questions and draw them out.  If someone is being too
talkative, too self-assertive, send them love and be patient until
the time is right for a few well chosen words.  But, always show
interest and always show love.  Also, you must pray to receive words
from the Father that are suitable for his child.

Every person is different and every person's needs are slightly
different.  You must learn to open yourselves up to the Father's
guidance and let him guide what you say.  If you will do this, you
will begin to perceive that there are many opportunities for you to
speak a well chosen word.

Be joyful and interested in all of God's children and you will find
that your opportunities for service multiply.  Remember that you are
each like an angel or a person who has seen the other side and you
are brining knowledge of this greater world to those who cannot yet
perceive it.  What each one of you has to give is wonderful and life
changing.  Are there any questions?

In trying to determine where we fall individually on the continuum
between extroversion and introversion, can we trust our own inner
sense of self on that?  Do you have any guidance in this regard?

You can all pretty much see yourselves clearly in this regard.

Can you expand on unconscious sharing?

Yes, people reveal a great deal about themselves in how they
interact with others, more than they mean too I would think.  Humans
tend to think that their hiding very well behind their shields of
bravado or shyness.  To the higher beings and to most other  human
beings these shields are transparent as glass.  When humans
interact, they are really unaware of how much they themselves are
revealing because they are focused on figuring out the other person.
 I would say as a general rule people share more of themselves
unconsciously than consciously, they are unaware of how much they
are revealing.

When you said it, I was seeing that it is possible to be sharing
with someone some of these higher qualities we want to exude without
speaking them or otherwise indicating them


And they can pick it up, is that correct.

Exactly, yes.

Something you said about the importance of individual ministry at
this point sort of helped me relaxed about the mission and our role
in the mission.  Is that to be our emphasis, this one on one daily

For now.

Does that mean it might change in the future.

Of course.

When talking about the three steps, you said the first was to show
interest and the second was to show love.  Could you talk about the
step between showing interest and love,?

Yes, when you feel loving towards your fellow human being, you are
accepting of what he is sharing.  Love is acceptance and
nonjudgment.  These things allow the other to share and assure him
of your receiving what he has shared.  This is what builds trust and
confidence and opens him up to receive what you have to share.  Is
that helping?


Ham, a lot of communications I have with people amount to people
just talking out of control and is it totally wrong to put your hand
over their mouth and bring it to their attention that they are not
making sense.  That happens to me a lot.

Yes, you have to assert yourself more in conversation, bring
yourself up more in a balanced manner rather than always listening
and staying in the background.

It's mainly me?

It's always two in any relationship, but your task is to bring
yourself forward more.

Steve T. called and asked for a message.

Son, you are working out some difficulties in relationships and also
smoothing out some knotty areas in your past relationships as well. 
Be open to greater understandings and finer wisdom always.  Don't
regard these difficulties as punishment, but rather as necessary
opportunities for your own growth.

Do you have a message for me this week.

Certainly, Kellan, you are enjoying a new freedom and happiness by
focusing in the now time.  Remember to continue this practice,
focusing on the now, keeping yourself balanced, and opening
increasingly to spirit.

Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Yes, daughter, you are also staying more balanced in the now time
and finding increasing joy and happiness.  Welcome all input and
well meaning advice, have the courage to be vulnerable and open.

Daughter, already you are healing some deep scars, deep wounds, and
are finding an increased measure of freedom, openness and love.  You
are doing very well and we are very glad to see this good solid


Daughter, your life is becoming more balanced and less stressful and
will continue to do so.  Stay firmly on the spiritual path and you
will be guided to all that you need.


Son, life is taking a new turn for you and you must begin to put
down the old self-criticism that you turn to instead of action.  Let
go of the old fears and anxieties.  It's time to put them down. 
They cannot help you and are not appropriate for you any more.  Open
yourself up to love and let love transform you and let love hold you
and let love guide you.  Let go of all fear and all will be well.

Can you help me on understanding this, you must put down the old
self criticism instead of action. I thought we had been real active
for some time?  Do you mean in spiritual work?

I meant in spiritual work.

Ham do you have anything for me tonight?

Yes, Dillman, everything is going very well for you and you are also
making great progress in the spirit.  You are getting a new balance
with a depth, an anchor.  So your balance is very stable, once it is
achieved.  Do not neglect the stillness practice and I would
recommend that you journal including gratitude every day for the
blessing of the day.

A written journal?


Yes, Ham I would appreciate your feedback please.

Yes, son, Brodan, you feel like you have been climbing up mountains
and so you have.  You have been again very pressed for time and
having a life full of activity.  Again I say slow down a little bit,
take some private time for yourself every day, don't forget your
stillness time in addition.

I appreciate anything you have for me tonight.

Vontis, your ship has been through some choppy seas and you have
relied on Father to guide you.  The Father may give guidance, but it
is you who have to steer the vessel.  You are doing very well and
should be coming into clearer sailing soon.

If there are not further questions, I will leave you until next week
with my prayers and my love, farewell.

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