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TRANSCRIPT OF: Teachers Solonia & Barona
Date of Transcript: April 8, 1998
Sent by: Daniel & Jill Megow
Group: Church Within
Date Rc’d: April 9, 1998

Hi TeaM Sibs!

Wednesday after dinner, Jill and I were discussing an Easter "First
Communion" Rite that we are planning for our son Danny.  He goes to
a Catholic school, and the rest of the second grade is soon to
receive their "First Holy Communion Sacrament"... which he will be
left out of because we aren't catholic. I was brought up catholic
and well remember the 8 year old joys of the "First Communion"
ritual. From my present UP/TeaM perspective, I remember that what
really touched me about it was that "communion" was the time I
talked to God and Jesus personally.  [My first Stillness?] So we
were talking about how to initiate a "First Communion" Rite of
Passage for The Church Within so that Danny could receive 1st
Communion in His church. We talked about using UP quotes relative
to "Communion with Father", and some "Last Supper" UP passages,
along with a dialogue about the importance of "stillness" time.
[yeah... we'll use bread too ;-)]

Jill and I also were talking about the successes of the
Psycho/Social Rehabilitation methods she uses with her clients at
Idaho's "Region 1 Mental Health". [Jill is a Certified

We were getting all kinds of new insights, and the whole
conversation felt like an "open eye" transmission of a sort. We
were alone for the evening, Danny spending the night at his moms, so
we got the bump to do a recorded [regular style]Transmission Session
to see if the Teachers had any particular insights for us.

The following Transmission is what transpired...

Solonia and Barona Session 04-08-98

***Solonia (T/R Daniel):
Greetings, This is Solonia. The time you spend in stillness with
your Fragment of Father, is the greatest gift imaginable. If you
could know how much those of my order envy the opportunity that you
have to spend time in personal communication with a Fragment of our
Universal Father, you would look for every opportunity to have that
time. You are becoming quite good at bringing Father into your
daily efforts, Ministries, Services. It feels wonderful when you do
so. You see opportunities opening up. You see the value of Love
being shared with those who feel unloved. You connect in these
times with your Fragment of our Infinite Father. If only you would
take more opportunity to have individual communion and personal
communication with your Indwelling Father Partner, you would so much
more easily accomplish the difficult things in your personal
spiritual growth. You bear great fruits from those times wherein
you allow your Father Fragment to have your personality for
expression. You feel the connection. You recognize it relatively
quickly now in situations. This does much for the growth of
yourself and your human life. If you would desire to actively
incorporate your soul, then you must communicate directly from your
soul. Over and over we have stressed the stillness in these many
years, yet we never cease to be astounded at how relatively few of
you take full advantage of the incredible opportunity this offers to
you. Again I say, Communion with Father, communion with Jesus. It
is the time of full focusing of your Soul upon and with your Father.
I cannot emphasize enough how much a regular practice of this
stillness will transform you beyond what you can even now imagine.
Please my dear ones, practice this. Be religious about it. It is a
Right that you have as God's child to communicate with your Parent.
It is a Rite that you should often practice. I have said my piece
for the evening. Hopefully I have given you something to have a
great desire for. You know not yet what you can truly accomplish.
Goodnight my dear friends, my compatriots.

Goodnight. Thank you for joining us. We have to do this more often
I think. It's of great benefit.

And Indeed you shall. You are the initiators in your relationship
with us, your relationship with others of your kind, in your
relationship with God, in the. relationship with yourself. You must
initiate the desire. That is the Faith that carries you.

I believe I'm speaking for both of us, but if not, I'm certainly
speaking for myself in that it has become such an active part of my
state of being in my daily routine to call on my teachers and on
Father and Mother, that I feel less of a need to regularly have
private, sit down, official, transmitting type sessions, and I know
Daniel feels the close connection and constant interaction also, but
these private focus sessions certainly do help to do together the
learning process and clarify it for us, and it's very important to
me also.

You have recognized truly, that the Father is there present for you
at all times, and that we are brought in to help as we are able.
You see it so clearly in your daily life that it is so wonderful
being with Father at these times, yet you enjoy sessions like this
because it gives you an opportunity to focus more clearly. This is
exactly what I am suggesting for your routine personal communion
time with your Indwelling Fragment of God. You can get by, and even
get by quite excellently by experiencing God about your daily life,
but you can truly thrive and expand when you take personal and total
focus with your Indwelling Partner and with God.

I just got a little revelation if you will, or insightful flash,
that what I do so beautifully with my clients, my brothers and
sisters, in asking God to guide me for their highest good and let me
be a facilitator, I don't do the same for myself and I think this
has been my issue throughout my life of giving myself the same equal
value in the eyes of God that I see all others having. So that may
be why the discomfort with going into the silence on my own is still
this level of accepting my own child position with my Father as
totally equal. So I'm going to, I think, be able to do stillness
with a renewed sense of self love and self worth. I'm looking
forward to it.

Yes. Indeed you have discovered something. This message is far
from being for just you or just Daniel. This is an issue with Most.
This is a fear of being seen for who you truly are. It is a
struggle between your ego being afraid of being seen in it's
immaturity, and the soul desiring to be seen in it's joyfulness. It
is a difficult struggle that a human must make between the human ego
struggling to maintain some form of control, and the evolving soul
desiring so badly to give control completely over to Father. It
does not come easy to any mortal, most especially on this planet.
You have made a realization tonight dear one. Now you must follow
up on it.

What I felt after I said that, and then started listening to your
response was, "Oh, for me personally, I'm afraid to hear what Father
has to say to Me." For all my brothers and sisters, because I see
them from my soul, and I see their soul, I see all their beauty and
I have no fear of what Father will say to them. And so, I think
this is where you're pointing out the ego and it's fear in it's need
to control, and I'm afraid to let the Father in. And from my soul
perspective, that seems so silly and yet I can feel that fear from
the ego self. It's quite a journey I will be on.

Yes. It is Quite a Journey. I have observed many in my time here
on this planet, struggling, recognizing and overcoming. You all
have this ability. Your ego fears to be shown how incredibly
beautiful the soul is, for it fears losing it's desire for control.
It tells you that it is afraid to see how bad you are, but in
reality, it is truly afraid to see how good you are.

And I interpret that as the conflict that I try to explain to a lot
of people I work with, of the conflict between the mind and the
heart, where we have two messages; The message we've learned from
our ego self about who we are, with all the criticism and the
demands to do better, do better, do better, without the validations
of how well we've done. verses our heart recognizing how well we've
done. Resolving that conflict is an ongoing battle, and yet the
more I move into living from my soul consciousness in my daily
choices, the more tired I get of having to do battle with the ego's
fear because it feels so uncomfortable now.

Yes. This is why it is so very important to give your soul personal
communion time with Father. He knows you as a beautiful complete
individual. He does not see your immaturity as negative. He sees
it as appropriate. When you choose to give your soul the still
silent time to communicate in worship and in questioning, this is an
example to the clinging human self which allows it to feel good
about itself. In these times it is captivated by the beauty of the
relationship with God. The more often that you do this, the more
easy it is for ego to cease the desperate struggle and to embrace
itself as partner to soul and partner with God. Stillness is a
golden key. Use it daily.

Once again you gave me another insight, another revelation. Even
though Stillness is the key, I had a conceptual problem. What I
think I've been doing and why I felt I've had so little success in
my stillness, you said it's the opportunity to allow the Soul to
commune with Father, and I think I've always approached it from my
ego self, and I think that comes from a socialized belief system
drilled into us from the time we get religious, Christian experience
anyway, of how imperfect we are and how inadequate we are and how
shameful we are and we're so guilty for all of our mistakes, and so
it is this shameful ego that reaches out in the stillness to talk to
God and not my beautiful Soul that I'm allowing to have the commune
time with. And the ego with it's shame blocks Father's message
whereas the soul would allow the message to come through because the
soul understands and accepts it's beauty, and that is me. So I have
a whole new approach now that I can try and see if perhaps that was
one of my major blocks to having stillness that rejuvenated and was
effortless, and becomes effortless. So perhaps others have
struggled with stillness from a similar conceptual misconception, if
you will.

Oh yes Indeed. Many, many others. The ego merely needs to make the
choice to allow it. It is a difficult choice to make for reasons
you have given, and others, yet when done habitually, it becomes
easier and easier of a choice to make. You would do well to make
your stillness time a habit. Ego is more easily taught in habitual
situations. You must stand firm in your soul, and demand the
opportunity for this quiet time with your Divine Partner. And you
must be firm until, through habitual practice, ego begins to
experientially learn that it is not a threat, but the most ennobling
experience there is.

I have enjoyed this communion time this evening. Let us leave it at
that. There is much to work with. Good night my dear friends.

Good night.  Thank you very, very much.

***Barona (T/R Jill):
This is Barona, and I would like to add one small piece of guidance
relative to stillness. After you have allowed your soul to insist
on it's communion time, I would like to suggest that you could also
then invite your ego to join in joyously in the sharing of the
Father's message. Your ego is the little child and it becomes very
frightened when it is left out, especially when it is left out of
Love in action. So with warmth and Love, invite your ego to
silently join in with you and you may just discover that one of the
benefits of the habitual practice of stillness is the eventual
elimination of all fear in your consciousness.

Joy to you on your journey into stillness dear ones. That is all.


It meant a lot to us. Hope it also contains some meaning for you.

BTW... I re-did the format of the web-site today. See if it's any
better than it was before.

Father's Love, Daniel


"Belief... is talking the talk. Faith... is Walking the Walk. Take
a Walk..."  (Celestial Lites '97)

("The Urantia Papers" Paper-132 Section-7)
"If we know God, our real business on earth is so to live as to
permit the Father to reveal himself in our lives, and thus will all
God-seeking persons see the Father and ask for our help in finding
out more about the God who in this manner finds expression in our

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