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Business & Sharing
Opening Prayer

Most High Observer (Bill): "In the name of the Most Highs of Edentia, I am
the observer stationed on Urantia who has been given the opportunity to
address you this evening. Your conversations have been most accurate in
your appraisal of the spiritual pressure being applied to this planet and to
the other rebellion spheres as well. Indeed is there a spiritual revolution
of sorts which is intended to compensate for the retardation caused by the
massive defection of two administrations. You appear to me as people who
are living in two dimensions simultaneously, mortal and morontial, for you
the veil of flesh is thinning, is wearing thin, so that a crossover is
becoming easier. Your dedication and your enthusiasm is very impressive, my

One fine day you will stand upon the shores of Edentia, midway through your
Morontial sojourn and look back on these times with cherished remembrance.
But now I realize through the mind of this TR that such thoughts are nearly
incomprehensible. You are aware of the immensity of the spiritual universe
and the joyfulness entailed in the ascension career. Shortly the
Constellation Fathers will return to Satania its rightful sovereignty for
the rebellion has ended and the adjudication is complete, as you know. Yes,
many of you feel the heaviness of impending surprise, and you postulate
various events that you imagine may occur; but my friends, I tell you that
your minds are not up to the task of knowing ahead of time what God in His
wisdom is unfolding. Christ Michael is Sovereign in this universe and no
one can second guess Him either. He and Nebadonia surprise us all with
their magnificent mercy, their beneficence, their compassion beyond measure,
their true and righteous understanding of each of their universe children.
I now have concluded my commentary.

I thank you for your willingness to engage in this most faith-enabling,
soul-enhancing, and risky business of allowing God to be God in your life.
I look forward to the day when we shall meet in morontia reality. My love,
representing the love of all celestial intelligence, I give you. Good evening."

Daniel (Bill): "This is Daniel. Good evening, my friends. Isaac is
exhausted and I wish to ask for a volunteer, if there is one, to take his
place. That will be fine; and if not, I think he will recover. One moment."

Daniel (Bob S.): "Yes, this is better. I am Daniel continuing. I greet
you in the name of the vast number of those of us here gathered, especially
those who will not be able to communicate directly this evening due to the
limitations of time. However, they wish you to know they love you as much
as your personal teachers and regret they cannot convey that either
individually or to the group; yet know that you are all held in great esteem
by the members of our group gathered here this evening. The words which you
have just heard from the Most High Observer should give you some feeling for
the relative importance this group is held in by those in positions of
responsibility on our side. It is rare when this observer makes himself
available to mortals in any manner of speaking, so let me give you a pat on
the back from him and us, and hope you don't get too big a head over that;
but you need to be aware of your importance in the grand scheme of things
under Christ Michael's wondrous plan for the upliftment of this planet. I
now turn the time over to the next person who will be greeting you this
evening, and may have something else to say to you later this evening. Oh
yes, a special greeting to Bob Devine upon his return to the group. For
now, good evening."

Cathy (Minearisa): "This is Minearisa. Greetings to you all. I have but a
short comment to make, and that is, do not underestimate the progress which
you have noted earlier in your sharing time. The ability to analyze a
reaction, over and above simply reacting, is truly morontial level work. I
do not wish to take up much time. I will let the next speaker join you."

Aaron (Bill ): "I am Aaron, greetings. Once again I'm delighted to be here
in your collective midst. It is such a privilege for us who have once
walked the dusty planets, to once again be present on this beautiful sphere
and in this setting, in these mountains. Remember that as you progress
spiritually, intellectually, socially through the levels of mortal life,
morontial existence, and spirit existence, never do you forget or lose the
ability to perceive the levels that you have completed. So, therefore, I
see your mountains, I see your homes, I see you as you are, physically. You
are as real to me as you are to each other. It's only the other way around
that is the problem. For you cannot see me, at least not usually.
Therefore, I say I am very comfortable here tonight in your presence.

I wish to share only a small amount because as you become more capable of
teaching each other, which you are doing week after week, then we teachers
can continue to augment our new format of seminar approach, where you do the
research in your everyday life and bring back your findings to your weekly
meeting, and then we can interact with this research. For the most part,
you are no longer in the lecture hall.

Simeon, my dear friend, I wish to welcome you personally to the group this
evening and I will speak for others here and tell you that you have been
missed and we are glad to see you back.

I wish to comment on Kenneth's enthusiasm ..."

Ken: "That was love, my friend."

Aaron: "... in breaking the barriers of propriety (group laughter) and
taking a risk of faith, of love, and to say to you, personally, it is my
feeling that you are progressing by leaps and bounds.

Letah,Virginia, to you I would offer these words -- your assessment is
correct, for nothing good that is begun will fail to reach fruition; all
good is preserved. You will surely experience many times over being
fathered as well as being mothered, but while you are yet mortal this ache
that is so deep cannot be fully assuaged. Nevertheless, eventually all
deficiencies will be made up, all desires granted, all wishes of creativity
opportunities will be offered as you wish to fulfill them.

Simeon, could you attempt to assist Isaac, or are you too tired from your
journey, my friend?"

Simeon: "I could try. It's been a while."

Aaron: "I thank you, my friend, for your plucky spirit (group laughter and
comments). My friend, who is so versed with words are you truly unknowing
of the meaning of this word?"

Simeon: "No, I'm just tired."

Aaron: "I didn't think so. One moment."

Aaron: "Greetings, again, fellow friends. I recognize that I will need to
alter how I proceed this evening, due to the transfer of communicators, but
nevertheless it is my pleasure to speak with you about matters spiritual and
uplifting in your lives.

I would like to comment about the firm dedication that I witness within you
as individuals and as a group, your striving to comprehend more knowledge
than you had previously known. When you have this desire to know more than
what you already have known you open the door for insight to expand into
your consciousness, to bring new meaning into already well known terms,
situations and relationships. Your ability to express is expanding and this
is due to your increased sense of comfort with who you are.

Meetings, groupings such as these, offer you the opportunity to become
vulnerable with other human beings, to, in a sense, slay the ego by laying
bare your inner thoughts so that they can find expression, not so much for
or in the effort to teach another or bring insight to another as to bring
you an increased awareness of yourself through your inner expression. A
secondary result is the increased understanding of another, not only of
those concepts you find in expression, but the understanding of another
personality. You offer them the opportunity to truly love that which you
are through your expression, which brings me to the topic of love.

It is often times easier to tell you what love is not than to express
clearly in human terminology what it is. and tonight is no exception. I
would tell you that love, honest, heart-felt spiritual love, is very
difficult to experience toward another if the personality is thwarted in its
ability to communicate clearly that which it is and which it feels from
within. Through your expression, through your capability to expand in
expression of your personality, you actually offer the opportunity for true
love to be felt for you. A closed personality, a hidden human being, a
sheltered soul, may experience affection toward itself and even a sense of
love, but the reality of this expression toward yourself in such a state is
less of substance than if you are capable of expressing yourself clearly and
honestly regarding who you truly are.

And this is why tonight I would say that it is critical, (as you are now
doing), to be comfortable with expressing yourself to one another, for, as
you see, the more you do this the more you begin to sense a deeper feeling,
a stronger connection and camaraderie with those who share this inner bond,
this experience, this sharing of soul with one another. You truly are
capable of loving more deeply those who do express themselves more deeply
with you. This is actually a universal law to some extent. What is real
can be loved; what is illusion is difficult to have a true sense of love
for. So always would we encourage you to continue on the path of becoming
more real with your feelings and with yourself, for in doing so you offer
the opportunity for the universal laws to be known in your life more
consistently as a reality.

I am finished with my commentary this evening and would now step back and
allow you to converse at whatever level with your teaching staff, Daniel,
Minearisa, and myself, and any other passing celestial who happens to make
themselves known. Good evening, and welcome to love."

Ham (Bill): "My children, this is Ham. I am also present this evening. I
am aware of the fact that the hour is later for some of you than it is for
others. And we will respect your need to be about your business. However,
before we officially complete tonight's interaction, I would present a last
call for a comment or question on your part. Do I have any takers? If not,
then Daniel wishes me to offer you an assignment. One moment."

Daniel (Bill): "This is Daniel, I wished that Ham would speak, so I
encouraged him to do so, so that you would know that he is here. My
assignment for you today has to do with reading the part of the Urantia book
that deals with prayer. I suggest you use a concordance, concordex or
computer search in your study, unless you are quite familiar with the
content of the book. And I want you to share specifically this information
next week or the next time that you are present, since some of you will be
gone, with the rest of the group. It is not that we find your sharing
lacking in any regard, but I have an interest in generating a focus on this
topic. I know you all pray, I know this because I have seen you do this
repeatedly. So my friends I leave you this assignment for tonight and I
hope that you will find it to be most enlightening, encouraging and growth
producing. In the name of the Father, the Mother/Son, and the Spirit,
surrounded by the love of Michael and Nebadonia, all glory be to God on high
and peace be on earth, as men, as women experience and express good will. I
love you all. Good evening."

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