Elyon Group 3/15/98

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March 15, 1998
*	Daniel (Jonathan TR):  Good morning to you all.  I am Daniel. 
I am here to open this session with a few comments about healing,
for there are a few who would like to follow after me with their
insights and encouragement for you.  
	I have lived in human form, as you know, and was an
accomplished physician.  Elyon, your instructor, has relayed to you
that he is not assigned in the work of healing.  I am so assigned
and can be of assistance to you, for my training is both from the
physical world experience and morontia attained.  I am aware of
your compatriot who is physically ailing, and we, through our
associated Life Carriers and midwayers, will do our part to assist
you in realizing your hopes and prayers for this individual. It is
my pleasure to be in attendance today, and I will remain here on
*	Solonia  (Mark):  I would come among you today if I were but
given voice.  This is the Voice in the Garden, Solonia. I would
encourage you to view yourselves as being in your own garden.  You
have been given very much instruction as to your place within your
garden.  You have been provided with much insight as to your
position to each other and to those around you.  You have, in a
sense, been given your mandates to be about the Father's business
as well as your instruction as to how to accomplish this.  You, in
a very real sense, are similar to our material sons and daughters
in that you have before you a great challenge; you have much
assistance on the other side to come to your aid; you have been
given perspective on the operation at hand and details on the
mandate that has been issued. You have before you your own unique
set of obstacles to overcome for this challenge.  Just as Adam and
Eve were presented with a variety of challenges, you now have
before you your own set of challenges.  You have my presence as
Adam and Eve enjoyed, as well as the counsel of numerous other
personalities all desiring to be of benefit to you.  I desire you
to examine your particular set of challenges, see clearly what are
your obstacles to overcoming this long term plan and, in assessing,
your situation for what it is, attempt to determine what methods
you have at your disposal to overcome these obstacles, if not to
assault directly, perhaps to maneuver around.  What can be done to
further our cause, to pave our road?  As you are aware, this is a
long term event.
	There have been many changes on your planet, and I have
witnessed many new ages come to your world.  This is but another in
a long set of developments.  We must look afresh at our
circumstances, at what we have going for us in our new garden and
ways we can be about our business together.  I offer you the
assurance that there is great support on our side for your
endeavors, and we will most joyfully offer assistance, should you
desire to engage us.  
	Part of the process in bringing about these correcting times
is the more unbroken communion between yourself and your Father
Fragment.  As a personality, I am only here as an assistant while
you discover your more clear, direct link to your Father Fragment. 
Those who are in my capacity are ever willing to assist you in
these material/morontial transitions.  The most pure form of
guidance you can solicit is through communion with your fragment
within.  In lieu of this direct communion, we offer you our
assistance to guide you in that direction.  
	I conclude my remarks with my love for each of you and my
desire to see great fruition from our efforts together inside and
outside the walls of our garden.  Thank you.
*	Minearsa (Jonathan):  I also greet you; I am Minearsa, and I
have traveled here with Daniel to visit your group, to share with
you once again, as I have attended functions with you in the past. 
I would further elucidate Solonia's comments with this notion:
	You are all diligently seeking spiritual improvement, and you
are willing to work with all the teachers and with us, the
Melchizedeks, in order to grow more effectively and to serve more
effectively.  This is  beautiful for us to behold.  You are also
gaining an introductory lesson in political science of the
celestial government, for what you experience in the course of your
meetings is a glimpse at the overall orchestration and management
of not only a world but a system of worlds and as much the
operations of an entire universe when confronted with the difficult
task of reintegrating one of its sectors into the working whole. 
Meetings such as today are much like town hall where you work on
local issues and problems.  I would underline Solonia's comments
about the inner fragment by using the image that this indwelling
presence is much like the White House president in your own
personal life.  In a community sense, the White House is held by
Michael.  We teachers are like senators and congressmen.  When in
doubt as to our efforts at improving your conditions, whether on
your world or in this system, we do always seek for Michael's or
the Father's approval or veto.
	We have elected and have been elected to be part of this
program here on Urantia.  But as events such as have taken place in
Satania happen very rarely in the universe, we gain much in the
educational sense from the activities that are taking place at this
point in your evolution.  You might consider us like the National
Guard attending to a natural disaster.  I assure you that you are
all recognized as upstanding citizens and as valuable voters when
it comes to determining the actions that must follow in the course
of the events that are being undertaken at this time with you who
have joined this correcting effort.  
	I have finished my comments, and I thank you.  
*	Lester:  Lester here, in passing.  Don't let Minearsa scare
you about natural disasters, for you know that after a great storm
the beach is full of many shells which can be turned into beautiful
works of art.  You know this is possible, to create beauty out of
wreckage.  I know it is possible, for I am a very good example of
that.  Take care.
	Tom:  Jessona last week spoke of relationship having to do
with healing.  The faith aspect is between you and the Father. 
Within the brotherhood, morontial and mortal, is where other areas
of healing can be explored.  Can you speak more on that, please?
*	Jessona  (Mary):  I will speak. There are many levels of
functioning within relationships.  There are many levels of
functioning within the overall being of God.  As relates to the
relationship between creatures, beings, amongst each other there
are also various levels of functioning.  Healing can refer to a
number of different levels, as you are aware.  Healing can occur on
a physical level; healing can occur on the emotional level.  On the
spiritual level of healing it is more between an individual and God
or divinity.  When you experience spiritual healing it is in
relation to God. Yet the healing that occurs amongst the fellowship
is more on the emotional or physical level.  
	Mary:  I am searching for clarification on this idea.  I would
be pleased to interact with other teachers if you have input that
would help me clarify the idea I was getting concerning Tom's
	I am getting the idea that as a human being you have these
physical, emotional, and spiritual levels acting between us, and
striking a balance amongst them is difficult and important. 
Sometimes the lack of balance can create the need or desire for
healing.  Bringing balance to one aspect; physical, emotional, or
spiritual; can help heal the whole.  For a person desiring to
function as a healer, it is not always easy to determine what
exactly is out of balance.  As a healer in relationship to a
fellow, it would be wise to seek not just one form of healing, not
just to seek for physical healing or just emotional or spiritual
healing, but to ask God to illuminate the necessary balance that
needs to be struck for that particular individual to progress on
their unique path.  
	I still feel a connection but I don't feel any information.  
*	Jessona  (Jonathan):  I would draw a comparison to an
understanding you have from your training manual.  You are informed
of the orientation of the Thought Adjuster, that your spiritual
well-being and advancement is the preoccupation of this Adjuster. 
You also know .... who are not within you but around you.  These
attendants are working with the facets, the dimensions, the levels
of your life, those physical, emotional, mental, and event levels. 
They do so hoping to cultivate conditions that your Father's inner
presence can amplify and adjust for your spiritual welfare. 
Brotherly forms of healing effort are similar to these external
spiritual beings and forces. 
	One of your own associates even now is involved in a larger
picture of healing for your friend, even though the act seems small
and insignificant.  It is a factor in the comprehensive healing
effort. It is the way we can extend our hands into the affairs of
mankind.  Since we work from the outside, we need you to work with
us.  As you know that you can supply favorable conditions for
growth, so can you supply favorable conditions for healing.
Therefore if you are unsure what technique you can utilize to
directly heal, be certain to at least foster the conditions that
are favorable for healing to occur.  

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