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November 23, 1997
*       Elyon  (Jonathan TR):  I greet you this morning, friends.  I
am your associate and your guide, Elyon.  I have some words to
share; these are around the notions of grace and growth.
        In these realms of the Supreme grace exhibits an entirely
different quality than that which is displayed in the eternal
universe of Havona.  Grace there is the bestowal of godly quali-
ties that are the inherent nature of the creatures therein.  They
are bestowals of actuality.  In our realm the word "grace"
becomes the indicator of the bestowal upon you by God of poten-
        As much as we each crave to receive blessings from the
Father, in our spiritual progress we have come to understand that
the blessings bestowed are not replacements for our efforts in
attaining higher stature as spirit beings.  Grace is therefore an
essential building block in the process of growth.  Grace is like
an electron or proton or even the entire atom, given to you such
that you, with this potential, create the molecules of growth. 
Grace is like the seed that initiates the development of a
crystal.  What the Father does for you, He in reality does with
you, and this is the meaning of growth through grace.  Grace is
therefore an initiator rather than a consummator of your
spiritual progress.  This provides insight into your understand-
ing of salvation through grace rather than salvation through
works.  It is not that grace finishes your salvation, it is that
grace initiates the causes and effects that result in your aware-
ness of belonging to the Father as His child.  
        I am your guide, and I hold a delicate position as one who
stands between the grace of God and the growth of you.  I humbly
accept the mission of providing the potentials wherein you may
apply growth, and I recognize likewise that I have no control
over your rate of growth.  It is good for you all to seek to
receive the grace of God, knowing fully that you are asking for
the reception of His powers wherein you may continue your ascent. 
Receiving grace is accompanied with increased responsibility to
apply its gift for your benefit, the benefit of others, and the
benefit of the Supreme.  Grace is formulative of future
        I can sum up my discourse by restating your humorous phrase
that you can give a man a fish, and he can eat for a day, but
teach him to fish, and he can eat for the rest of of his life. 
Grace takes on this second perspective.
        I am always willing to receive your comments and feedback.
        Mary:  I was seeing how your portrayal of grace differs from
my concept.  In my mind grace connotes some sort of help that God
sends you.  Also I thought of it being a pat on the back that God
gives you, help that flows to you when you have hard times, or
blessings, a reward of God's gifts. So now I include the idea
that it incorporates a challenge to push forward.
*       Elyon:  You express the grace of God which is bestowed upon
you during trying times, the comfort of the divine presence.  I
am sure you recognize that this comfort always beckons the Fa-
ther's child to face these difficulties with renewed enthusiasm
rather than erase the difficulty, creating a false sense of
having done away with the problem.  
        Mary:  The form of help might be additional strength, perse-
verance, patience.  Grace would come in the form of virtues that
help you handle what you have to deal with in life.  
*       Elyon:  The Father would not through grace bestow wisdom,
but He could through grace provide insights which lead to you
growing in wisdom.  
        I as a guide am merely a platter upon which grace may be
served which you may ingest and thereby grow.  But I must make
clear that I am an external agency that provides grace, but there
is within you an internal agent which is a direct source for the
reception of grace.
        Evelyn:  I was thinking of the word gracious and what that
means.  When someone is gracious they are doing what you are
doing, providing grace on a platter.  A person who is gracious
exhibits grace in their behavior, offering insight,
encouragement, attentiveness to others.  
*       Elyon:  For one who has made progress in their character
development, graciousness is a recognizable result to others. 
Graciousness is an attainment, and it is not something you
practice in order to attain, it is a result of work.  I enjoy
your perspective of graciousness as the serving platter for
        Mary:  I picture the Havona natives as graceful, inherently. 
We are graceful by increments.  
*       Elyon:  The acquirement of graciousness can be compared to
the idea of politeness.  You can make attempts to be polite in
order that you may become a nice person.  But true politeness is
the result of already being a nice person.  
        Mary:  Graciousness is genuine.  You can be polite on the
surface; the definition doesn't include that it necessarily comes
from within. 
*       Elyon:  Good comment.  I will return to the notion of a
crystal and its seed.  If this seed were to be a color and the
crystal clear, grace, the colored seed, would reflect throughout
the grown crystal and be observable as graciousness.  The
gracious reflections are magnified because growth has been made. 

        Mary:  I suggest that we take a moment to open ourselves to
the reception of the gifts of grace and love that God has for us
and to count ourselves worthy of these gifts and to actively take
a moment to open ourselves up to receive them.  (pause)
*       Elyon:  Father, teach us to understand that, as we reach up
to You to receive Your grace as it rains down upon us, that this
shower of Your goodness becomes useful to us when we acknowledge
that this rain is collected within us and rises as a spring of
grace to nourish our souls, to motivate our personalities.  May
we ever be willing to allow this grace to well up within as we
are ever seeking Your grace as You pour it down upon us. 
*       Machiventa:  Greetings, I am Machiventa.  I attend today as
I make regular rounds to all in this mission of the master so
that I might better be informed and abreast of the activities
upon this planet in the effort to reestablish all of Satania as
one in the fold of the constellation fathers.
        You who have embraced this mission understand the
implications of working in concert with the celestial a-
dministration for this world.  You understand the microsteps that
you must take in order to provide additional momentum to progress
we are attempting to make on this world.  You understand that you
are the overt manifestation of this renewed forward march.  
        How many human beings have asked themselves what great
contribution can one make to a world so large and so peopled that
one feels so insignificant?  This is a teaching mission.  You
need not seek to teach multitudes.  You may significantly
instruct one individual, and that individual may be your own
self.  As students you are ever alert for the opportunity to
recognize truth and to acquire wisdom, to learn and to grow.  You
have gained through experience an understanding of the value of
this process.  This in itself is a teaching from you to you.  
        If you visualize this universe age of supremacy as a bal-
loon, if you imagine yourself within this balloon at the very
surface, interiorly, you can through your own growth push the
boundaries, expand the volume, and thereby create capacity for
any within to experience a similar expansion of their being. 
What Michael did for Nebadon was in effect define the capacity
for expansion within Nebadon.  So I encourage you always to ever
be active both as a student and as an instructor, for even if
there are no other ears to hear what your own being can express,
you always have your own two ears to which you may apply your
understanding and your wisdom for increased attainment.  We
melchizedeks are self governing for we apply this principle as a
group and as individuals.  
        I thank you for this time together, and I will return. 
*       Elyon:  This is Elyon again.  I would encourage you this
week in an exercise of alertness.  Make effort to recognize a
grace potential already given and resident within you.  Go the
next step following recognition and exert yourself in
transforming this grace into growth.  If you find it difficult in
recognizing the grace that yields growth, try the reverse and
reflect upon growth attained and pursue from there back to a
point when grace was received that made your growth possible. 
Since grace can seem ambiguous, work at finding specific descrip-
tions of this gift in order that you may broaden your
comprehension of the work of the Father in your life.
        I give you my farewell this week.  

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