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August 23, 1997

Snow Mountian International Teaching Mission Conference 

Saturday Night Session:
Teachers: Abraham, Ham, (followed Margul - not in this transcript)

*    Abraham:   My greeting to you my brothers and sisters. It is my
privilege to be with you here on this memorable occasion. I am quite
honored to witness the Father's children if effort to promote truth,
beauty, and goodness on this world.
     The Master once asked His apostles, "Do you love me?" Upon
receiving the apostles answer, Jesus said, "Then serve my children,
feeding my flock." My friends gathered here today I would once again,
put this question before you; the Master would ask do you love me?
then feed my flock.
     We have spent many long hours in promoting the goals of our
mission to train you as individuals and assist you in bringing the
good news to others. I have no doubt of your answer to the Master, and
I know you are firmly committed to bringing about the brotherhood on
Urantia. Love in action is nothing more than the brotherhood. Said
Jesus, "Love not your fellows as you love yourselves, love your
fellows as I have loved you, with a fatherly affection. A father loves
his child without want of anything in return. A father would be ever
mindful of leading a child to complete truth. A father is committed
regardless of the acts of his unknowing children. Therefore I say love
your fellows as the master loves you. Know this that the basic goal
that mortals attempt to attain is plain and simple - love and accep-
     Each mortal is on common ground with the Master. Be you of human
and divine. It is known by us who watch from on high how you strive
towards that divine self. Your efforts are understood and commendable.
I would say that each time you gather there is an exercise of steering
your human self toward the divine. What better way to learn to steer
towards the divine than through the brotherhood. Working with on anot-
her brings many trials and tests of patience and tolerance. Your 
dedication to 'love one another as the Master loves' you assists you
in understanding the brotherhood. To love one another with a real
affection is to have understanding of one another, to gain more
patience and tolerance, to end most of the struggle with the spirit
     We on this teaching staff are this time teaching self-mastery
combined with the brotherhood. We have hoped that these days spent in
fellowship would bring about a unified commitment to the brotherhood,
to serving one another truthfully with love.
     It is our instructions to...more responsibility to what each
concerning these and unification...It is only your intent you need...

     [Be still my children. Feel my heart.]? This is Love in Action;
this is the brotherhood. This is the Paradise. Always
will you need these techniques...Always will you be tested.
     This gathering has, indeed, been a great test of caring regard-
less of... or agendas...

It is a grand...This is the wellness. This is what you have prayed take our challenge to serve your fellow, feed the flock.

     I am touched by your efforts to steer towards your and divine
self. I would ask that you proceed through the willingness of... I can
say that spirituality is becoming more...everyday.

     In the wellness of life there a lot of lives, your families, your
children, your job, your relationships, your environment. This is the
wellness. This is where you find truly the Fatherhood of God and the
Brotherhood of Man. I would ask you to be conscious of Michael's
presence now that He is in complete understanding in your efforts to
steer heavenward.

*    Ham:   Greetings children. I am Ham, and I also am grateful. And,
thankfully, through this TR help any of you in any way that I can do
     I understand that there are several of you with questions, and I
will endeavor to answer you.

Q1:  [Inaudible]

*    Ham: You, son, have already [given] your life over into our
Father's hands. You are walking carefully, and this is as it should
be. You have experienced and seen others crash by the roadside, and
are careful to avoid those hair pin turns at high speed. You have
received confirmation of your apostleship and understand the hardships
and sacrifice required. However, you're waiting and listening to gain
understanding of where to go. This...understanding will be given to
you. Be at ease and at rest in your heart. All is well. And is as it
should be. That is all.

Q2:   Ham, This is Ellena. [Gratitude expressed for Ham's help.]

*    Ham:   Ellena, daughter you are a beloved child of...Father who
is always and ever aware of every slightest thought you give toward
Him...Every hair upon your precious head is numbered. He knows your
every desire and every fear. You are safe in His arms, and there is no
yesterday or no tomorrow that can ever alter this...

Q3:   Could you address the progression we see in the personal clean-
ing aspects of the Correcting time?

*    Ham:   Certainly. All of you have had to be self-revealing, self-
understanding, self tolerance, self aware, in order to begin the
process of breaking away the dead shells that hold you... There are
many ways to do this work, many paths, many trials and many errors for
you all to experience.
     We with the teachers can only give you suggestions and sometimes
directions to look for the preciousness within. Be of good cheer. You
have truly been a... of light to those who know you. There is no wrong
way or right way to self discovery, only individual ways. That is all.
It that helping?

Q4:   Asks the views of the teachers on the positive and negative
features of a physical community. Also thoughts on spiritual (non
physical) community, and ways we can go about that?

*    Ham:   Once again, I am not in the business of directing deci-
sions that have to do [with you] personally. Everyone has their own
tasks to do, and no two are alike. Each one of you is destined to take
the seed of truth out into the world and plant your own tree. Communi-
ty is everywhere, everything. Community is all of your relationships,
all of your interactions with everyone, all the time. We would encour-
age community expansion, and our love and encouragement to all in all
of your endeavors. [tape flip]

Question missed

*    Ham: I am not a scientist, but my understanding is that life's
interaction in space would not permit this existence of such a...

Q6:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   Sexes are similar and yet also quite different in their
interpretations of experience. Women are much more easily giving now,
and have, for this reason, largely been the spiritual standard bearers
of your race. The male is more apt to exist in a planning mode and the
concern with the long term future. Women are not shortsighted  but
more concerned with immediate results and immediate comfort. Always
will there exist some misunderstandings and incomprehension between
the sexes. Because of this, different attitudes...

Q7:   Are all Teaching Mission members in the Reserve Corps of Desti-
ny? Do we understand Abraham...of that as we have in the past?

*    Ham:   Yes, correct to the first question, and yes, Abraham is
still the overseer of the entire reserve corp.

Q8:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   You have always been the rock which has given anchor and
shelter and comfort know. Always you have extended your
welcoming love to anyone who has sought it, and there have been many.
You have done, unknowingly,... of your role model of many women who
have been abused or frightened. Daughter you're service is constant,
and you steadfastness is severe. You are beloved and valued by a host
of beings. Never doubt that you have served and are serving and will
grow into even greater in your illustrious service.

Q9:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   ...and joyous always to love our brethren. None shall be
turned away.

Q10:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   ...children of the most high, you have shown great love in
you dedication to our collective work. Praise is upon you from the
Most Highs, and even from Michael Himself who sees all and knows all.

Q11:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   You have truly embarked on a life dedicated service and
unselfish ministry. Your hands are always open to give to all of God's
creatures, even His, tiny birds. Do not be discouraged or concerned if
not every creatures takes what you have offered. Be exceedingly glad.
Have faith in our Father that He will hold you and not let you stumble
or fall. That is all.

Q12:   ...all of our subconscious will be conscious. It caused rigor-
ous cleansing that really transformed my life. I want to thank you for

*    Ham:   Daughter, you have been [climbing?] to truth and have
sought goodness and beauty all your life. There is no obstacle that
will take you from further progress, though there are, as with every-
one, always another step to go. Have courage and faith for you are a
truly tenacious seeker who will never let go. Be of good cheer and of
light heart, for you are where you should be. You are receiving what
you need, and you will progress finely.

Q13:   [inaudible]

*    Ham:   The Teaching Mission has just been through a pruning. And
is already [for] fresh water, sunshine, and even fertilizer before it
will spring into great blossom.

Q14:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   Names are not for you to be concerned about. These things
are in the hands of seraphim and a host of spiritual beings. You will
all be heartened and happy to see this great...base is acceptable at
this time.

Q15:   [Inaudible]

*    Ham:   I have watched your progress some and am very heartened
and happy with understanding your great strides. Your are correct and
your are making good progress in communicating with your teacher. And
so I cannot interfere with this relationship and must defer... Be not
concerned with every little pebble in the path way. There are rocks
enough to step over in your future.

Q16:   [inaudible]

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