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Wed Oct 8 20:02:08 PDT 1997

August 20, 1997

Snow Mountain International Teaching Mission Conference.

Last half of session - Wednesday evening.
Missed teachers: Ham, Aaron, Malvantra, Barbara, and Tarkas.

*    Elyon:  Greetings I say to you. I am Elyon. One have met and one
you know. I come to you tonight with great joy, and I take a moment to
honor the divine presence in each of you. What a solemn gift we all
have. So true. So real. And I honor you equally. Why? Because this
same divine source that resides within you holds you so dear that I
must give equal acknowledgement.
     And now moving from personal topic to planetary: You know that
the celestial floodgates have been opened upon this world. It is abun-
dant. You know that this world is parched by rebellion. And so this
refreshing water of celestial revelation beads up as if upon wax,
seeking to spread out. We call each of you to be as a surfacant, to
break the tension, to allow each bead of celestial refreshment connect
with another and spread out and soak into this thirsty world. You need
not be an angel nor a Melchizedek to accomplish your task. Simply be a
connecting link, and all will flow smoothly and as by plan.
     These are my words for you, my friends, and I truly look forward
to fellowship this entire gathering. Thank you.

*    Tomas:  Greetings. This is Tomas. I'm very happy to be with you
this evening. It is such a wonderful and large, diverse family. You
have much to experience through this conference. The joy of the
connection between people, between people of one heart. The joy of
comraderie. The joy of being on purpose with your own and divine inner
guidance. We welcome you all here and are looking forward to a very
interesting and fruitful weekend. We have much to learn from each
other, much to share with you, and much to learn from you. My friends
I want to welcome all of you here. Thank you.

*    Bersa:  Greetings. This is Bersa. I would like to share a few
words with you tonight about your spiritual mind. Each one of you has
awakened to the indwelling presence of the divine adjuster. Each of
you through faith and trust is learning to follow the guidance of this
presence. It is extremely difficult to spiritualize the physical...
mind. It really must be transformed. Transformed in intention. Trans-
formed through thought. Strengthened by action.
     You have the advantage of celestial guidance, each of you person-
ally and in a group. And this is the main purpose of our coming here.
To help you transform this world through motivating and changing each
one of you individually. It is our intention at some point you will go
out and awaken others to the presence within them, to the discerning
presence of living truth, of divine beauty, and everlasting goodness.
This is truly the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of faith believers,
brotherhood of God and men.
     The orders have been handed down. This world must be brought to a
spiritual awareness. The spiritual foundation must be established here
and now for this world to proceed forward, to allow us, your spiritual
kin, to come here and help you, to bring the rightful spiritual
heritage of sonship in a universe of love to your world.
     Our loving lord and master, Michael, is here now and never ceases
to bless each of you with his love, spirit of truth, his guidance.
Therefore it is up to each one of you to bring forth this love, this
evidence of spiritual transformation into your character, into your
habits, out into your actions, to become the living truth as you find
it within yourself. For it is eventually the brotherhood of living
truth which will transform this beautiful world into a spiritual one.
     We look forward throughout this weekend for communications and
for fellowship with you together as a group. Thank you, and my the
love of Father bless all of you.

*    [Inaudible TR]

*    Michael: My children, I love you each. I enjoy your wonderful
gift to me as your presence at this gathering. I journeyed among you
in the form of flesh two thousand years ago, and I had those loyal
friends who journeyed beside me and who witnessed my presence physi-
cally. I wish for you, my friends, to accept in reality my presence
with you, my friends, in the service of my children and of your
brothers and sisters.
     I come now in spirit, and this world will perceive me more in
spirit than that which was perceived in physical form. My living
presence through your lives will change this world profoundly, for our
Father has willed this. It is His will that you each are here and have
gathered here safely to receive of one another's goodness and sharing
and love.
     Go to your rest and enjoyment this evening now, and keep this
thought with you through out this gathering of my personal presence
here with you in spirit as real, and even more so as was my physical
presence. I bid you farewell for now. Farewell.

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