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September 7, 1997
*       Daniel (Jonathan TR):  I am with you today to share some
perspectives which you may find beneficial in furthering your ef-
forts to ascend ever higher in spirit standing and service-
        We have repeatedly asked you to practice stillness.  It has
been taught both as a means for ministry as well as an end in
itself.  Worshipful embrace of God is all-satisfying to the soul
who seeks His company, and if that were but its only purpose
stillness would be the only requirement we ask of you, for no
other activity holds the value that this does.  However, this is
not the end, for the experience itself had a multiplying factor
about it which inspires and invigorates and infuses all other
experiences of your life, increasing the value of these experi-
ences.  Unbroken communion with God is an attainment you can
make.  I stress unbroken; it is possible for you to experience no
lapse in connectivity with the Father.  Already there exists His
connecting link to you; half the job is done.  Now do you work on
your connecting link in return.  Prayer is a valuable process for
establishing and strengthening your link.  
        I now point you to a helpful manner in which you may pray. 
Prayer is often of the form of being directed outwardly.  By this
I mean you speak as to one who is another.  The case in prayer is
that the other is God.  Today I ask you to pray as you would
normally carry on an internal dialogue with yourself.  In this
dialogue, you are fully aware that your other self is fully
sympathetic and understanding of your expression, instantly
comprehends what you convey.  Praying to your Father with this
attitude draws Him into an inner experience.  The more you prac-
tice this method of praying, the sooner you experience your
everyday thinking process containing the mindedness of the Father
who indwells you.  The Father's presence has but one goal, to
elevate you to the point of permanent embrace of fusion.  
        When you behold the events of your life which seem to either
challenge your spiritual strength or distract from your sense of
wellbeing, realize that your Father's indwelling presence like-
wise holds this view.  But this adjuster does not pass upon the
worthwhileness of any particular event as good or bad; simply it
discerns its serviceability to grow.  I bring this up for I
endeavor to ease your minds regarding unbroken communion with the
Father, for I know the human mind is capable of devaluating its
thoughts as unnecessary ramblings that need not be foisted upon
the Father.  He truly cares to share your experiences; that is
the Supreme reason for His indwelling.  
        There are two manners of approach to this inward dialogue
with the Father.  Two simple words describe these approaches. 
One is the word "ask"; it is your assertive side of the relation-
ship.  The other is "acceptance", your receptive side.  The
Father Himself asks you to become more like Him.  The Father
Himself accepts a position of becoming more like you.  In one
respect you might alter the wording of "unbroken communion" and
instead say it is an unbroken commingling, your willingness to
acknowledge the divine presence under the most extremely mundane
situations.  By practicing stillness, you will find that this
experience of communion with the Father is constant.  It does not
break off following a period of practice, but will continue.  It
is similar to your electric circuitry wherein a switch is placed;
one line feeds from the Father to you, the other from you to the
Father.  Your side has the switch, you determine the continuity. 
Ever present, ever connecting is the Father.  
        I am happy at this point to receive your questions. 
        [A question is asked concerning contacting ones personal
*       Daniel:  You are making inroads in your connection.  You are
receiving input that is only hindered by trust.  You are
developing the human end of this circuit.  Every effort you make
in this method of receiving instruction that is geared
specifically for yourself is good.  It is when you are in the
position of transmitting for others that you are obligated to
have greater faith certainty of your contact.  In private these
reflective times have less chance for error.  This is why we
stress that you experiment with your personal teachers often. 
Continue your efforts; they will unfold.  It will become clear
before your eyes as you review the material that you are re-
ceiving and you are developing the skill at collating your
reception into an expressible form.  Does this answer?
        Member:  Yes, thank you.  
        Harold:  In our group we are dealing with an individual who
has a pretty skeptical approach to the Teaching Mission.  Is
there something we can do, an approach to use that might get
through that skepticism?
*       Daniel:  The Melchizedek effort at bringing this world into
corrective alignment with the normal spheres of Satania is a real
event unfolding in this system.  Human involvement is necessary,
but human handling of this teaching effort has developed a move-
ment, and movements by nature create a distinction of belonging
and not belonging.  The very core of the Teaching Mission is to
emphasize deeper worshipful contact with the Father, a real and
stable sense of participation with your unseen brothers and
sisters, and a profound sense of privilege to be part of the
ministering force to this world.  This is the essence of the mis-
sion.  We have utilized this technique of communication you
behold here for it has been relied on in the past on your world
such that you may have a concrete way to approach higher contact. 
But this is by no means the only method, and every individual has
their own technique.  
        Your friend has skills by which both fatherly and brotherly
contact is possible.  We ask only that each individual strive to
be not just a son of God aspiring toward Paradise, but a minister
for Michael aspiring for light and life on any world you will
find yourself upon.  
        I express to all that you be diligent in refraining from
defining any more in complexity what is the Teaching Mission, for
the true mission is defined at two extremes: one, your personal
encounter with the higher dimensions, and two, the system-wide
efforts at upliftment.  All else that falls between takes on
humanized constructs; it is the outworking of the social nature
of humans and the intellectual tendency to form comprehensional
frameworks wherein mutual understanding and acceptance may be
        Is this informative?
        Harold:  Yes, very much.  
*       Daniel:  I offer one more point.  Take note that several of
Jesus' apostles continued to work in association with each other
for years following his departure, but some were lone mission-
aries who took upon themselves the mission of extending his
message without any support from the early Christians.  These
single teachers were as valuable as those who collectively began
the church which holds Christ as king.  I say this to emphasize
that you need not belong to any movement to be part of our
        Evelyn:  Do we have an understanding of what was meant last
week by lighting the flares, based on our discussion earlier
*       Daniel:  You did grasp the intent of the communication.  I
might illustrate further:  A flare is a tube wherein combustible
material is placed for future use.  You have been for quite some
time packing this tube in conjunction with your Thought Adjusters
and the supernal teachers.  The intent of the communication is
for you to become equally diligent in igniting the flare, in a
sense unloading the tube for the benefit of others.  It is one of
the many ways through which we will continually express to you to
be about the Father's business.  
        Another way to look at the intent of our message to you is
that you have been assembling a casserole of spiritual truth,
beauty, and goodness.  Through the willful participation on your
part with both divine and celestial guidance, you have placed it
in the oven where you have prepared the message that you may
serve.  Lighting the flare is equal to removing the casserole and
placing it out for those to partake thereof.  
        Is this helpful?
        Evelyn:  Yes, that was very vivid.  We have a way of making
these things more difficult than they are.  
*       Daniel:  This week I ask you to practice letting the Father
look through your eyes and perceive the events of your life;
practice watching Him watching the world and do this with an
effort to become more aware of your joint participation in life. 
This is the unbroken communion.  Do not let the apparent
insignificance of your daily life cause you to separate Him from
your activities.  These activities are of great interest to the
Father, for without these seemingly insignificant events, there
would be no arena for soul growth and the subsequent joining of
parent to child.  
        I am Daniel.   
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