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August 31, 1997
*       (Mark TR):  Greetings, my friends. This is your associate
Elyon.  I wish to begin today by conveying to you how very
impressive are your actions.  You have all done so great in fol-
lowing the desires of your hearts in manifesting the direction
you perceive to be of most advantage in the overall gain in the
Teaching Mission as well as your own personal, spiritual advance-
ment.  You each exhibit such faith that the onlooker cannot help
but be moved and impressed at how steadfastly you appear to
adhere to your direction, your intent, your purpose.  It may take
many forms; it may take travel; it may take hosting; it may take
coordination, facilitation, or simply offering yourself up at any
moment that appears right to be of service to your fellows. 
Realize that you do these acts of your own freewill with the
faith that you all possess.  If you did not have faith in the
process of this Teaching Mission you would not go to such great
lengths to participate.  Your faith is the force that propels you
forward to act as you do.  It is your faith that brings you the
rewards of growth from its action.  Indeed, your faith skills are
becoming so honed as to become a primary tool in your progressive
work.  You have reaped many benefits from your faith but still
you reach farther, try harder, extend yourselves further and
further.  You will carry this valuable tool with you throughout
your entire ascension career.  It will be your adjustable wrench
which you may grab at any time in lieu of any of your other
wrenches, as it may be made to accommodate your task.  
        It is indeed a pleasure to witness you disperse yourselves
to accomplish what you all perceive to be the Father's will and
to reassemble again as you perceive to be the Father's will.  You
may be led here or there to do this or that, but in faith you
will act, you will do, you will manifest the highest ideals you
are capable of.  This is all that could be asked or expected of
an individual, and the level at which you all participate in this
is most impressive.  
        I desire to offer each of you an additional pearl for you to
keep in your possession.  I harbor no doubts or apprehension as
to your commitment to the Teaching Mission, to the teachers, and
ultimately to yourselves.  Therefore, since I perceive it to be
your desire as well, I desire to more actively engage with each
of you.  
        There has been a mandate spoken here this morning that would
indicate that a quickening of advancement would not be perceived
on a large scale.  [We had read Margul's address to the Colorado
conference, 8/23/97. ed.]  I offer to you today that each of you
has desired this upstepment between you and me, between you and
the other teachers, between Michael and yourselves, and
ultimately between the Father, through His Fragment, to you. 
While it is true that an overall upstepment may not be imposed
upon individuals who do not thus desire, you do desire to climb
the next rung, to take the next step.  This shall be granted you. 
As it is your desire, so it is ours.  You may proceed as you so
desire; we will honor this request and acknowledge that it is
entirely appropriate.  I am quite sure each of you will find a
yet greater appreciation of spiritual contact, an enhanced
capacity for receptivity.  These will prove to even further moti-
vate your desires to be about the Father's will.  
        You are all choosing to augment your progression.  We have
not dictated any of this to you; it is by your own freewill.  You
desire to advance; it is simply our acknowledgment of your desire
that enables us to proceed forward.  Ask and you shall receive is
indeed accurate, for we wait to perceive in you the favorable
conditions and desires.  
        You are all coming to realize that this is not an awesome
process to be separated as spectacular or unusual.  Rather this
process is becoming more familiar to each of you, more accessible
to each of you.  This is as it should be.  You each will enjoy a
more relaxed approach to spiritual wisdom as you allow this to
happen.  In the beginning of this Teaching Mission it was an
unfamiliar process to all of us.  It carried with it respect and
reverence and uncertainty.  Now as your experience has shown to
you, has proved, there is no need for overawe, as the more this
process transpires, the more normal or average it becomes.  Those
coming into the Teaching Mission will still be struck with its
different nature.  It will be up to you to demonstrate through
your demeanor that this process is not intimidating, that it is
merely another facet of your human existence.  It is by your
reaction to this phenomenon that many others will gain their
perception.  Therefore, it behooves you, and us as teachers, that
we become more familiar.  
        Many lessons you have received that you are no longer in
need of our assistance to deliver.  You will show those around
you that spirituality is alive and living.  It is internal within
yourselves, and it is also external, without yourselves,
accessible by yourselves.  You will demonstrate this phenomenon,
and others will have many fears quieted by your approach to this
        You do such good work on behalf of Michael and the mission. 
We are all most pleased with your direction and your purpose. 
Continue on with your leadings, as there is no concern with false
direction.  Your signals are too strong at this point to be
misunderstood, and you do well to listen to those leadings.
        I make way now for other personalities.  I am available to
you as always should you so desire. 
*       Angrew  (Michael):  I wish to speak; I am Angrew, and I
would like to add to the words that you have heard.
        Over the years you have all practiced and developed your
skills at receiving spiritual input.  You have become quite
skilled at this endeavor.  You have been incorporating the teach-
ings of your text and your teachers into your continuing
consciousness, keeping a constant and smooth burn.  Your motiva-
tions are always colored with your spiritual intentions, and this
is as it should be.  Now, after so much time of receiving, you
feel an urge to put out, to allow the abundance of goodwill to be
felt throughout.  This is the thrust of my words, that I would
suggest that, as you take your moments of time everyday for
reception and stillness, that perhaps it is time to take time
everyday to practice and perfect your abilities of bestowal. 
Take a short time everyday and ignite the flares of your
spirituality.  Burn them hard for a short time either alone or
design circumstances for your radiance to be outpoured, at least
for a short time everyday.  There may come times when this skill
will be handy.  There may come times when the bestowal of your
love will be needed for longer than a moment.  So we wish that
you begin your preparation for the acquiring of the abilities so
that you can be the beacon we have spoken so often about.  Take
the opportunity daily to increase your good cheer to even greater
cheer.  Manifest it on the material plane as brightly as you can
for a short time everyday.  You will discover that this enhanced
illumination that you bestow will create the opportunities of
service that you desire.
        I am finished.
*       Jessona  (Jonathan):  Greetings, this is Jessona, and I am
here to amplify through a visual description your understanding
of citizenship and sonship.  It may by chance give further
insight into the messages of this morning.  
        Picture a sphere.  It is obvious that the center of this sp-
here is the Father.  Every radial line to the surface of this
sphere is your sonship.  Every connecting link to every point
upon the sphere is brotherhood in relation to your sonship lines
to the Father.  Picture now this sphere covered with marbles.  As
you do unto another you individually react with adjacent marbles,
you being one of the many covering the sphere.  This is ministry
in a familial sense.  
        Citizenship, on the other hand, is global and awareness in
an ecological sense of the total.  Every action you make affects
every marble on the entire sphere.  You understand the
distinction between brotherhood and citizenship in this way. 
Citizenship is brotherhood in action.  It is more than the aware-
ness of your interrelationship in the arms of the Father.  It is
your decisive actions based on this awareness.  
        You can have citizenship without the understanding of the
family of God, but you would be left with a hollow sphere.  Every
individual has an important position.  Though some of you may
rise as do your great mountain ridges upon this world to heights
that stand above others, and though many of you are pooled as in
the great oceans of this sphere, seemingly to appear so similar
to others, every region contributes to the entire makeup.  Be not
concerned over what you may dream possible to accomplish.  Be
rather focussed on what you are immediately capable of
accomplishing, knowing full well the repercussive effects upon
all others, both in immediate vicinity and across the entire
        Being one who is keenly aware of the global conditions of
civilization on this world, I encourage each of you to broaden
your cosmic awareness.  
        This is all I have to say today.  Thank you.  
*       Elyon  (Mark):  Elyon would return and leave you with one
thought for you to consider.  
        You are all becoming aware that, although you may have many
occupations, you have but one career, an eternal career.  Realize
the perspective this provides for you and embrace this this week. 
Thank you. 
        Tom:  Last week there was a discussion concerning ego.  I
understand that all spirit is minded and that my own soul is the
product of the Father and my own mind.  Is that minded?  Is the
ego minded?  Can it respond directly to conversation or
*       Elyon:  Your relationship with the Father indeed has a
cooperative mindedness in which gradually you assume more and
more of the Father's mind.  This aspect of the ascension ...(tape
flipped)... rose from first coexistence into united existence. 
The ego has a presence.  It is, as I stated during our last
lesson, subservient to the divine mind.  It may appear at times
as though it is a runaway personality, but it is at all times
subservient to the divine will, to the divine presence within
you.  It becomes recognizable as a separate aspect of your
creation, but it does not function alongside your mind with a
separate mind.  It is as a part of the whole to be viewed as,
perhaps, a vital organ to the body.  While on the one hand an
integral, necessary aspect of the whole, it would be more
appropriately viewed as a lesser vital organ, not in competition
with the higher brain functions which dictate the regulation of
the internal organs.
        Does this help to put the ego in perspective for you?
        Tom:  Yes.  What I was thinking was that the soul is the
product of my mind and the Father.  Is it possible that the ego
is a product of the soul and my mind?  If it is totally subser-
vient to the Father, why is it such an unruly member?
*       Elyon:  The ego is not a product of your soul or your mind. 
The ego is an aspect of your being.  It is not a creation of
yours.  It is merely an arm of your being to be exercised and
utilized appropriately.  You do not create the ego from within,
from your soul.  The ego is an aspect of you to be harnessed and
exercised much as a muscle group.  Therefore, do not think that
you are somehow creative of this aspect of your being.  Rather
you must in your existence learn to function in harmony with this
aspect of your being and, indeed, reign supreme, giving over the
lesser aspects of your being to the higher aspects of your being. 
As stated before, it is not a desired goal to eliminate the ego,
just as it is not desirable to eliminate the lungs.  Rather it is
appropriate to work in harmony with the organs of the body to
create an overall whole, all the time the higher, supreme aspects
reigning, controlling, and regulating the entire body.  
        Is this any clearer?
        Tom:  Yeah, got it.  Thank you. 
        Mary:  I feel inspired to make a request.  
        Elyon, Angrew, Jessona, and other beings present, as well as
my friends material present here with me, I humbly ask that you
all join me in prayer, and I also humbly recognize that Michael
might also join us in this prayer.
        I ask the Father that You bless us with the ability to ever
more finely tune into the knowledge of Your will for us in our
individual lives.  I also ask that You continue to bless each one
of us through grace with the ability to derive wisdom from these
experiences we have pursuing Your will, and that we may
coordinate this wisdom into further actions and experiences which
draw us ever closer to You.  
        Each of us on all of our different levels all experience the
profound desire in our hearts to pursue to the completion of our
desires.  It is awesome to realize that we will accomplish this
goal not only as individuals, an experience we have for ourselv-
es, but as a group that accomplishes this goal together with the
father and mother of our local universe leading us on.  We all
follow to the final pursuit of You on Paradise.  
*       Michael  (Jonathan):  Upon you this day is given, but alas,
upon you each day is given the grace fulfilled blessings of our
Father; your daily bread, forgiveness for your transgressions. 
The desire for the kingdom of heaven on earth, even your hunger
for righteousness, is planted within you with certainty by Him. 
I pray that each of you receive wholeheartedly His touch, His
gifts.  Receive them with no attached requirements, agendas,
obligations, or responsibilities.  Simply accept.  Upon a
wholehearted reception of His bestowals you have completed 90% of
your purpose, beyond which the remaining 10% of your function as
his son upon earth will unfold naturally.  
        As I have said, today is enough for you to deal with.  Let
tomorrow be.  This day receive His gifts.  This is all I ask of
you.  Michael.  

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