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Sat Jul 12 22:02:02 PDT 1997

Northwest Teaching Mission Gathering
June 20, 1997
Friday night

*       Minearisa (Nancy TR):  Greetings, I am Minearisa, a member
of the Melchizedek corps in attendance at this fine gathering of
unified seekers in spirit.  It is my overwhelming pleasure to be
given the privilege of opening this session, this conference time
with all of you.  As one of the active melchizedeks in charge of
curriculum development for the melchizedek schools in which you
have voluntarily enrolled, it is such a pleasure to oversee the
development of you, our fine students.
        As you grow in understanding of relationship, indeed is
interaction the theme for this year's northwest region gathering. 
If you look into your own lives as well as into your group life,
you will see that this theme of interaction has been developing
for some time.  This is our curriculum for you, to develop
healthy interaction with all aspects of creation.  This type of
far-sweeping curriculum takes time and must be built upon.  At
this point in the curriculum development, you are learning to
function in pairs and in small groupings.  Learning to interact
lovingly and respectfully with one another is indeed a challenge,
even for those of you who are so highly motivated in your desires
to do God's will, for long has the shadow of the function laid
upon the planet as the result of the initial separation that
occurred from the Lucifer Rebellion.  So, at this time you as
groups are coming together to learn to interact more fully within
your groups and between groups.  In time this curriculum will
expand to touch ever broader groups and to encompass the
relationship of humanity with nature as well, for true
relationship, true interaction, must be widespread in every
interaction each of you has in your interaction with one another,
with your interactions with other groups, with your interactions
with other political structures geographically, with your
interactions with the non-living aspects of the earth, and in
your interactions with the living aspects of the earth.  This all
is part of the necessary corrections brought about during this
time, the Correcting Time.
        So, my friends, I welcome you to this kind of learning and
growing in loving interaction with one another.  What a beautiful
setting to contemplate one's interaction with aspects of the
earth, both living and non-living.  I will now end my remarks. 
There are, of course, plenty of others who desire to share with
you their thoughts.  As opening spokesperson for the celestials,
I thank you and open the floor.  Farewell.

*       Aaron (Bob):  Greetings to you, my friends, this is Aaron. 
It is a pleasure to be here this evening amongst so many friends,
well known and new acquaintances, too.  
        Tonight you are gathered in fellowship to celebrate the
reality that has been instilled within you that the relationship
between the divine and the human is a living relationship.  It is
not a theory but an actuality manifested in the relationship of
all things spiritual, even higher spirit beings with the lower
orders of mortal evolutionary spirits and potential.  As you have
and are moving from your infancy into the toddler stage of
development with the enthusiasm and joy that you have displayed
throughout the years of your involvement within this mission, I
would take this opportunity to comment regarding your transition
and areas of focus, emphasis.  
        Sometimes, when extensively participating on an ongoing
basis in some effort, there occurs a level of waning enthusiasm,
the diminishment of passion, innocence working its way to
maturity.  Once again tonight I, we, all of us here, would state
that well-known fact that this mission is real, not an illusion,
and that human involvement guarantees a level of distortion. 
Nevertheless, may I redirect your minds to those that have laid
witness to those moments when you knew with crystal clarity that
this was not the imaginings of the human mind.  As you mature in
your outlook, allow yourselves to ponder these prior experiences
born in a momentum toward faith building.  The suspension of
disbelief that you have applied in the past may need to be
considered once again as you proceed into the future. 
Characteristics of maturity are the transition from excitement to
determination, from passion to assurance.  
        The highest growth of your lives for many of you has come
about in a willingness to risk and to suspend your disbelief, to
experience the partial reality which, when given the opportunity
to unfold, will surely guide the honest thinking and sincere mind
toward higher truth and awareness.  Be not afraid to suspend your
disbelief again.  Remember always that, while the imagining, the
efforts, the romancing of the universe, may not always be of
absolute fact, the path, the seeking, and the exercising of faith
in and of itself, are always true.  Regain your inno-cence. 
Become more as a child again in your efforts to the extent that
you have lost this awareness.  It is not what you know or the
degree of your correctness or incorrectness that will bring you
into the embrace of the divine and eternity; it is your ability
to learn about love and then to know love and to express love and
then to have love for oneself, enough to be embraced by love. 
Everything else is a pattern, a system, a ritual to bring you to
the awareness of these realities.  
        I am finished.  I thank you for this opportunity to speak to
you tonight.  Welcome, and we feel equally welcomed by
yourselves.  Thank you.  

*       LinEl  (Thea):   Greetings, this is LinEl.  It is also my
pleasure to share in welcoming you to this event.  We are also
all in attendance and have great joy at the love shared among you
and among us.  
        It was no accident that this mission was introduced to you
by words of Ham saying, "Welcome to change."  As you know, many
of you are going through deep change.  Indeed, this is what we
hoped.  Yet we know also how difficult this is, for in the
process of possessing truth, beauty, and goodness in your hearts
much must be shed.  In this time when you must let go of the old,
of the distortions, it is difficult to grasp fully what is new
for you.  We know that you long to love one another, to love
yourself, to love the Father.  We know your hearts are true.  But
it is difficult in the pattern of the planet upon which you live
to move toward these things your hearts desire.  One of the most
important reasons for our coming amongst you is to help you learn
these ways of interactivity which are how you may love.  
        Remember that the most important interaction is always your
relationship with the Father.  No matter how many times you may
fail in this - and, indeed, I promise you will fail yet again -
you are imperfect; you are human, but you reach out over and
over.  No matter how you see it, this builds up a pattern of
reality in your reaching up.  Things grow within you that you do
not even know you possess, for all of you have much more love
today in your hearts, in spite of doubts and fears, than you had
yesterday, than you had last year.  You have grown much, yet it
is difficult for you to see it.  But we, dear students, dear
friends, do see it.  You are to us marvels of courage, for on
this world to accept the challenge of change, to accept the chal-
lenge to love one another, is always difficult.  Yet tonight you
are gathered here with dedication that works against fears.
        Interactivity is not something with which you are
automatically born.  On a world such as yours where the
fundamental patterns have been disturbed, it must be relearned. 
In a sense we are your remedial teachers.  But you are very
willing and good students.  I would encourage you highly this
weekend to deepen the interactions you have one with another,
also group to group, in the discussions of your growth and your
struggles as individuals and as groups, in learning to move
forward so that your ability to serve will be enhanced.  We
delight in these opportunities for you to come together, and we
look forward to the sharing that will happen here, the love that
you are building here.  
        From all of us you receive lessons in interactivity; in
whatever depth you desire, ask.  Ask us individually; ask us in
groups.  Ask us in every way you can, and we will help you.  
        I love you all; I am honored to be present, and I will speak
to you again.  Thank you.  Good night.

*       Ham  (Bill):  Greetings, my children, this is Ham.  I am
delighted to be party to your gathering on this auspicious
occasion.  I am always honored to share your time and space.  
        You have responded with serious and yet joyful celebration
to the announcement which I made in Los Angeles these several
years ago.  I said, "welcome to change".  It has struck a re-
sponsive chord in your hearts.  Many of you have been successful
in changing your approach to change.  Nay, all of you have been
successful in this regard.  Of course, you would not be a part of
this mission if change were a stranger to you, an enemy that you
feared and one from whom you might flee.  Neither are you wild-
eyed seekers of sensationalism who flit from one side show to
another in the fair of popular wisdom.  As I look upon the
mission which has just begun to remedy this planet from the
derelictions of unfaithful supervisors, I observe that our
estimates and predictions have been fulfilled and exceeded.  Do
not be put off in your minds by the apparent plateau which
suggests itself by a look at numbers such as attendance at con-
ferences, size of groups, numbers of groups, and so forth,
because you cannot know the variety and depth of interaction that
is occurring throughout the various aspects of planetary life as
well as we who can look from a broader perspective.  Your news
media do you a disservice because they cast a pall upon the mood
of the world in over-focussing on sensational tragedy, horrors,
and so forth.  Some of you have become familiar with other
sources of information which show consistently our knowledge that
things are actually improving in every way.  I merely point this
out because you are tempted to see white patches of good against
a black background of evil when in fact the blotches of black
against a white background are actually diminishing.  
        Your role as apostles is to be bringers of good news, and
this good news is, of course, the gospel of Michael restated for
this time.  You are indeed the interpreters in your lives of the
message of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  You are of all people
most blessed.  
        I have tried to give you an overview of the entire
Correcting Time in the sense that we are progressing in all of
our projects of which the Teaching Mission is but one.  You will
see in your lifetimes if our projections are correct, as they
have been, increased spread of the Teaching Mission itself.  New
groups are forming, and they are not restricted to the conti-
nental United States.  The Internet is providing one of these
communications connections.  
        So, my friends, on this third anniversary of the northwest
area Teaching Mission, I want to congratulate you all, my col-
leagues, and say to you that this is no time for discouragement;
there is no time for weariness.  Take a deep breath, and let's
plunge on into the future confident of our direction, of our
        I thank you for hearing me, and please know that, as one who
supervises others, I, too, am under supervision.  This is the
nature of authority in the universe.  Recognize your apostolic
authority as comprised by your submission to Michael, who submits
to the First Source and Center, and by your right to exercise
love fully and effectively.  
        Enjoy your conference.  I will stay in attendance.  I will
speak again.  Good evening.

*       Elyon  (Rick):  It is with deepest sincerity that I
acknowledge you and with an equal sense of gratitude I recognize
your acknowledgement of us.  We are always pleased to be included
in your awareness, to be considered part of your fellowship, for
as you know this entire universe is a rhythmic movement.  You are
keenly aware of your ascending direction.  You are knowledgeable
of the extension downward of many who love and wish to share from
on high.  All your interaction is part of the same pricinip.lel
of rhythm.  As you share you give.  As you give others recieve,
and this interaction brings interaction in the lives of another.
 The result is growth and consequent sharing.  
        The world upon which you live today creates avenues of
growth you would not have been able to experience centuries past. 
When you accomplish the unfoldment that lies as potential within,
you propel the forward movement of this planet into new arenas
which become blessings for generations that follow, that they may
likewise attain new heights.  
        It was once said that there is a time for everything.  The
giving and receiving you undergo now have immediate benefits. 
But please faith grasp the broad consequences of every apparent
microstep in your unfoldment.  It is true that each of you is
greatly important in the overall plan of Supreme experience.
        I am Elyon, and I welcome you.  Thank you.  

*       Lester (Ginny):  This is Lester.  I am not known to ever
miss a party, and I won't miss this one.  I have the special task
of helping those who traverse this universe to keep their hearts
light.  As you interact with each other this weekend, I too, will
be playing with you and enjoying your moments of contact, which I
hope will be a little on the light side.  In our efforts to grow
spiritually we sometimes forget to have a good time.  So, I hope
I can join you this weekend.  Keep your hearts light.  Be of ser-
vice in this manner.  Humor and fun are also service.  
        It is a great pleasure to be among you.  Party on!

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