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June 15, 1997
*       Aaron (Jonathan TR):  I open this contact with a hearty
greeting to each of you as ones who are my fellow siblings.  I
always take great comfort in the experience of the knowledge that
we are family, that we do belong to one another, for we do belong
to our common divine Parent.  Beneath all appearances of origin
and stature and advancement we share equally as siblings.  I
would like to express to you that every difference perceived
between us is merely the desired expression the Father hopes for
that makes each one of His children unique, that gives purpose to
each one, for the Father has willed that there be more than one
son in this universe, that there be more than one daughter.
        In this life as you move through your day there are times
when you must of necessity change your wardrobe in order to
better be prepared for specific functions ahead.  Skill at
ministering to your fellows in need is developed through under-
standing that you are of greater help by dressing yourself in the
appropriate attire for the task.  There is not one garment in
your wardrobe that serves no purpose.  Skill in utilizing each
item appropriately promotes the accomplishment of your objective. 
We teachers like to view you as our garments in events such as
this morning, for you are an extension of our ability to manifest
ourselves in a variety of ways.  Sometimes you will be required
to put on your shabby attire and dig in the trenches, others you
will of necessity clothe yourselves resplendently.  I desire to
express to you that each manner has its appropriate goodness, and
it is your insight that chooses the appropriate manner in which
you convey your being to others.  Sensitivity helps you to ac-
commodate the needs of others and align this need of another with
your own requirements.
        The mistake of many a devout evangel has been the failure to
re-dress oneself so as to be better suited for the task at hand. 
Likewise there often is within your wardrobe items that need to
be dispensed with.  But variety is beneficial, for as you know, a
closet full of blue jeans serves no purpose, for it limits your
expression.  Underneath all manifestations is the oneness, the
commonality of your birthright in the Father.  It is in the
external relationships between others that your manner of
delivery must become adjusted to wisdom and love in order to
become serviceable.  It does not imply hypocrisy to dress
yourself for the appropriate occasion.  It is this re-dressing
that is in the pattern of your golden rule, for this rule is the
epitome of relationship.  As you know, each of you not only
dresses yourself for an occasion for the benefit of the task and
the people with whom you will be fellowshipping, but likewise you
dress for your own pleasure and esteem.  This reciprocity is the
balance to be sought for.  Your developing skill at discerning
the appropriateness will help you determine the proper method
through which you may make yourselves available for ministry.
        Having satisfied myself with my intent today, I will release
and allow other expressions of our Father's wisdom.  I am Aaron. 
*       Elyon (Mark):  Greetings, I am here with you as well.  This
is your friend Elyon.  I would offer my support and continued
encouragement for your upcoming engagement, of your conference. 
The preparations I witness are sincerely motivated by the highest
intentions and objectives.  Be aware, of course, that there are
no incorrect decisions to be made here, that it is merely your
freewill choices as to the details which are entirely of your own
choosing.  You are all well aware that we teachers are not
significantly stifled in our efforts to communicate with you
because of any erroneous details.  We manage to satisfactorily
convey our messages, if conditions are favorable.  Conditions at
your scheduled conferences are indeed favorable.  Therefore you
should not have the fear that somehow all will not be as perfect
as it could be.  It will all depend on the exact moment in time,
the willingness, the openmindedness, and sincerity of the
individuals gathered at the time.  
        Once again I would encourage you to expand your perceived
realms of reality to include potentials not yet experienced by
yourselves.  I realize this is an unusual request, since how do
you expand to embrace an unknown?  But I believe that you can
believe in the potentials and the possibilities of potent
spiritual times such as your conferences.  As you give, so you
will receive.  As you grow you are thus rewarded.  It is by the
efforts of your own spiritual growth that enhanced realizations,
new meanings, and new values are open to you.  You have done the
majority of the footwork in preparation for these new enhanced
opportunities.  It is now up to you to allow them to transpire. 
I call on each of you in the next few days to examine your faith
and its parameters to attempt to increase the scope of these
parameters, enlarge the boundaries of your faith so as to
accommodate as yet unfamiliar aspects of reality.  This spiritual
progression happens throughout your ascension career, however, at
times of extreme focus and concentration it is often possible to
accelerate this growth process and to attain new levels through
the elasticity of the time constraint.  I urge you to take
advantage of these opportunities to propel yourself through the
next growth ring in your ascension.  
        If you could witness a gathering of this nature from a
distance and from a spiritual perspective, you would see a vortex
of light, a pinpoint of extreme brightness opening the channels
and opportunities for enhanced truth and knowledge and wisdom to
flow.  Again, attempt to remain aware of this potential, this
possibility.  Indeed, seek this opportunity.  The benefits
derived will be well worth it and self-evident.
        I look forward to attending this conference with you, to
remaining with you as we together grow in our ascension.  I will
remain available to you throughout the event as will a host of
other teachers, all desiring to be of assistance at this apex of
spiritual activity.  It is then that we seek to use the energy
you have devoted to spiritually propel you beyond your
expectations.  We will be attempting this continually throughout
your gathering, and I urge you to remain aware of this fact and
to take advantage of the situation, to be prepared so that
together we may rise to a new level.  This does not mean that at
times other than these conferences or spiritual apexes we are not
continually with you to provide upliftment, as we are, but rather
to attempt to focus on an event which has potentially more
spiritual energy than is contained within a smaller group meeting
or by an individual.  So, look out!  Be aware!  We will all be in
attendance in eager anticipation of working together with you. 
We desire that you come to us with the same motivation and
        I have finished my remarks today and look forward to being
present with you next weekend.  Until then may we all seek the
stillness and the direction of the Father's will.  
*       unidentified (Michael):  I wish to convey our hopes that you
will all experience the good news with an attitude of good cheer. 
Your burdens are not so heavy that you can not take every
opportunity to enjoy the beauty and anticipate the truth.  As the
flowers in a field might bring a smile of appreciation, do your
best to be fragrant and uplifting. 
        Ginny:  Thank you.  I like those two words: fragrant and
*       Machiventa (Jonathan):  This is Machiventa, and I greet you
with one purpose, and that is to assure you that my staff will be
presenting to you that which you are ready today to receive.  You
will not be required to go beyond your current skill levels in
working in this mission.  So, you may rest assured that you are
not being asked to undertake any processes that you are currently
feeling inadequate to perform.  So, I would ask you all to be
relaxed as you receive our staff at your conclave.  Know that we
are working in a multitude of ways on dimensions of which you are
only of late becoming aware.  You may have set a aside a specific
time for our presentation, but I do remind you that we will be on
the clock from beginning to end.  For that matter, there has been
no beginning, and there will be no end, for as it has been
impressed upon you for quite some time, there is much work to do
on this planet.  It begins with your own internal processes and
extends into help for your fellows and will eventually culminate
in a spectacular display of recovery from a rebellion-torn sys-
tem, which will demonstrate the beauty of Michael and the
spectacle of creativity that he has in himself and he has placed
within you.  
        I will save my speech till next week.  I thank you.  
        Mark:  A detail:  Do you have any preference on the number
of TRs to be present on that Melchizedek panel? 
*       Machiventa:  I prefer that the various teacher associates
have the time to convey their topics.  It is of no concern to us
how many transmitters intervene.  Therefore I will give no
quantity.  I would ask your transmitters to be sensitive to
multiple contact.  Do not discount contact from one melchizedek
because that melchizedek has already spoken through a different
human.  We do relish the variety.  That perhaps is a clue to you
as to how many to sit as TRs.  I will place no limits, only
request that your sitting TRs be open for variety, to expect any
particular melchizedek contact.  It is for the benefit of all
that we choose to group ourselves thus.  I leave to you a certain
amount of responsibility to discern what is beneficial to your
fellows.  Do realize that there are far more melchizedeks
available for such an event than there are TRs to be in at-
tendance.  However, we are skilled with working within the finite
universe and can adjust ourselves accordingly.  This is my input. 

        Mark:  Thank you, I appreciate your insights.  We will look
forward to seeing you there. 

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