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May 18, 1997
*       Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Today I am going to address you as
tillers of truth for it illustrates your manner and approach to
both your personal climb to Paradise and your extended hand in
ministry to others.  If we, for the moment, consider truth as
soil in a field, you are the tillers.  You know that a tiller
simply turns the soil to freshen it, to reinvigorate it for the
inception of new life.  Beneath this topsoil is your subsoil, and
I observe you all have strong foundations that support you, that
provide stability while on the surface you are stirring things
up, creating new potentials.  Truth never changes, but at the
same time it is always in flux.  The tiller contributes to this
turning over, exposing new sides of the same truth to the light. 
Once in a while as you maintain this receptive field for input of
revelation, you establish a taproot which sinks deep into the
foundation to become part of you.  Other times in your work you
have discovered shallow rooted perspectives which fade in time
and cannot withstand the renewal as you dig further for greater
realization.  In this tilling, truth may appear relative, for at
each frozen moment this field appears one way and at another time
another way.  But beneath this field your subsoil foundation,
your core beliefs, is the absolute truth.
        In your growth and in your ministry the best approach is
tilling, not tamping, not packing but continual turning over and
refreshing, for growth is a living reality.  There is no settled
teaching that continues to nourish over long periods of time. 
Once the teaching is learned, new tilling must take place.  This
does not mean you must abandon all attained and acquired wisdom
and values, for, as I have mentioned, you will receive taproots
that hold fast to your very foundation.  They will prevent
erosion.  Remain flexible and yet receptive to those longstanding
values.  Presenting yourselves to your fellows in this manner
will appeal to their innermost sensitivities, for just as a
freshly tilled field attracts birds and other living creatures to
its fresh qualities, so will your ministries reflect in this
manner.  Those who seek what you have grown to become are very
sensitive to this fresh tilled soil.  Many a seeker has grown
weary of hardened ground.  And again, the deep roots within your
new field will reveal the stability that is obtainable, even
though you continually turn your life over seeking higher ways to
be a son of God on earth.  
        I perceive that you understand what I intend to convey
today.  I will open the floor to you all and my teacher partners. 
This is Elyon.
        Mark:  Thank you so much.  That was wonderful, a beautiful
        Tom:  What are some of the plows we can use to till the
soil?  I'm sure we can come up with some on our own, but could
you give us some tips?
*       Elyon:  I have mentioned in the past the word concept
"growth levers".  I have expressed that curiosity is one such
lever, and in this description today it can be seen as a plow. 
You can approach your life with a series of discs that can churn
this soil: curiosity, forgiveness.... 
        Mark:  Faith.
*       Elyon:  Correct.  Trust, my often repeated boldness.  
        Mark:  Am I correct in my perception that this ties in with
our discussion of how you sometimes churn up old wisdom for your
own benefit as well as for others?  It's all the same truth, the
same soil turned and exposing different facets at different
*       Elyon:  Yes, this is so true.  It allows for the stability
of the ever present and lasting truth and the flexibility of
growth through change, through ascension, and through renewal. 
To continue with this analogy, you know that old lessons learned
compost themselves and become new lessons, and that even worn out
concepts contribute to enlarged perspectives to be an effective
minister.  One plow you can apply is the master's approach of
questions toward another, sincere interest in their being.  This
will drive the tiller into the soil and begin the turning over
and the renewing.  
        Mark:  Through patience and diligence we are able to add to
this soil of truth, enhance it through our efforts.
*       Elyon:  You know that Michael referred to himself as the way
and the truth.  You describe likewise in your condition you are
part of the Supreme way and the Supreme truth.  The truth
revealed by the Father is the bedrock.  The truth you participate
in that sprouts life is your Supreme contribution to the rich
qualities of truth in time.  I won't even begin to address beauty
and goodness.
        Michael:  One thing about tillers of soil is that they get
their hands dirty.  I sometimes am hesitant to get involved in
what I perceive might be a mess.  Perhaps the soil doesn't get
churned as well with that attitude. 
        Mark:  The messiest of the messes, manure, turns into the
most wonderful soil additives.  There are no messes which aren't
improved by the addition of truth.
*       Elyon:  Truth tilling does have certain appropriate
approaches to make the task cleaner and easier, for as you know
it is extremely difficult to till muddy ground.  So, wise
discernment enters in when you observe a field of mud, that time
may be required and patience held firm while the field dries
sufficiently to be receptive to tilling.  These are times to
grant yourself the freedom to wait, to refrain from entering a
messy situation. 
        Michael:  Thank you. 
*       Elyon:  What would your feedback be if I add to this picture
the idea of rocks in the soil?  Comments?
        Mark:  Challenges each one.  With enough patience and
diligence one can in time clean an entire field of stones.  
        Tom:  I see the stones as the bedrock of the Father, and our
job is to chip them, break them down into soil.  
        Evelyn:  They could be used to create a protective barrier
around a tilled area, to minimize invasion by predators.
        Michael:  Or stacked up gracefully to produce an aesthetic
*       Elyon:  These are excellent comments and illustrate well how
these pictures can impart insight without resulting in fixated
viewpoints, as you have each described the presence of rocks in
the soil with various out-comes, all of which contain truth, pro-
vide meaning.  
        Tom:  If Jessona has any comments, I'd be curious to hear
what she thinks. 
*       Jessona:  You ask me what I think; I express to you that I
feel great love, and I admire your dedication to our outreach.  I
would desire at this point to utilize the conceptual field of
another TR so that I may broaden my expressions at these meetings
and do request to receive your willingness to TR. (pause)  
        A perspective to hold in your mind in all relationships with
your fellows is that all transformation and change on this world
begin with each of you.  Those who are in need of spiritual
nourishment often seek outwardly for this comfort through a
religion, through some social force.  Remind them of the inner
transformation, for this world will not be corrected if the
individuals will be uplifted, but the uplifted individuals will
right the world.   
*       Jessona (Michael):  To understand  the abilities that you
have to contribute to the growth of creation, it's a wonderful
thing to have understanding of others and their contributions. 
It is also a good thing as we observe your efforts, understanding
that your world is so different from the one we now work with, it
is interesting to observe that a common thread weaves between us,
and that is our desire to foster the growth of truth.  We do it
in our way, and you do it in yours, although the efforts are the
same.  And so I would encourage you to recognize, when you can,
this common thread of effort even though it may be manifesting
differently, and even take the opportunity to recognize your
beauty in this different manifestation of truth.  
*       Jessona (Mark):  In time you will realize how closely we
complement each others' efforts in the dissemination of truth,
how closely we parallel each other in our growth, and how our
sincerity towards the cause of the promotion of truth leads
unerringly in the same direction.  You must at this point embrace
so much with faith and trust that later you will embrace with
first hand knowledge and experience.  There is no substitute for
your acquirement of this faith/trust process except to experience
the process as it unfolds to you at this time.  Hold firmly to
your objectives, to your sincerity, and this will guide you in
your efforts of deciding on the details on how to spread and
disseminate the Father's truth.  You will one day enjoy and look
back to see that you were strikingly on track and sure in your
steps that you are now taking in your sphere of darkness.  Stay
your course with the knowledge that your course is the correct
one.  Never hesitate to engage in pursuits to make your course
the most effective one available to you.  Always hold to your
conviction and your faith that you are indeed a son of God, you
are indeed of service to the Father, that we are indeed both
engaged in growth to this end.  

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