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April 6, 1997
*       Elyon (Jonathan TR):  The gathering of souls in a collective
focus upon our Creator is a beautiful sight to behold, one that
witnesses to the reality of the Supreme, that even in your mate-
rial incarnation God is present and functioning not only
alongside you - in reality, within you - as the Father, but
likewise is functioning as you through the presence of the
Supreme.  When we witness your actions in this regard we also
join you, for there is no greater pleasure than to be in embrace
with the Father and joined with one's fellows.  
        I am Elyon.  I will now allow my associates time with you.  
*       Malvantra (Gloria):  Today we will do another lesson on your
inner work.  This is Malvantra.  
        I see you struggle in some areas, each of you in your own
thing, and in other areas you have become very strong.  As your
wills mesh with the Father's will, you will become stronger and
stronger.  This week I would ask you to work on releasing, as in
the melting away of the snow, some baggage that you have that
bubbles up each day and causes you problems in your daily living. 
You each know what your own baggage is.  Choose one thing to work
on this week.  Do not try to dissolve it all but one particle. 
Do not dwell on the particle, but work through the will, work
with the will of the Father in dissolving.  Try not to do it by
yourself, but allow the partnership to come in to give you the
counsel that you need in order to become free.  It may be some-
thing that causes you to react in a way that is not in harmony
with your true self.  It may be something that causes
difficulties in certain situations.  It may be something that
simply gnaws at you constantly and will not go away.  Choose one
thing.  Pull it out and see it for the illusion that it really
is.  Realize how small it is in actuality compared to the goal
that you have set in order to prosper in doing the divine will of
the Father.  Feel no guilt, no shame, no unworthiness.  Know
instead that it is a healing process, a new level of existence to
go to by melting away these particles that keep you stuck; it
will allow you to go to new dimensions.  Once you begin to see
with what ease you can release these when working with the will
of the Father and allowing that will to guide you, it won't seem
like such a tremendous task, an overwhelming task, but one that
you would look forward to to refurbish and cleanse yourselves
with light.  
        I would like to take the time now if anyone would wish to
discuss this or ask questions before we move on. 
        Jonathan:  In The Course in Miracles anything that is not of
God is not real because only that which God created is real.  So
the other things are illusions we have created.  As you talk
about our baggage, I relate to that as taking the beam out of
your own eye, recognizing our fault rather than ignoring it.  I'm
battling with the possibility of denial in calling everything
illusion that appears to be a fault in oneself.  I sense truth in
both views.  What do you say?
*       Malvantra:  When you are in your daily living and the
negative part of you and the positive part of you are working
against each other, and it feels as though the gears are grinding
with no oil to smooth them, the negative is trying to force out
the positive, and then the positive tries to become a stronger
force to remove the negative; illusions become attached to both
sides.  The temptation is to go back into the negative and feel
as though it is permanently attached to you, where in reality it
is only temporarily attached to you and has been brought on from
years of conditioning in the way that you learn to respond,
react, and survive in the conditions that have been put forth.  
        When you can rise above it all and see it from the per-
spective of the divine will through your understanding at the
level at which you are, it becomes clear in that you can see the
mechanics of what is going on.  When you can get in touch with
the mechanisms as they are happening it is easier not to come
into denial than it would if you look at it after the fact, when
you begin to dwell and judge and sit upon it as in a victim
state, blame state, or bringing yourself down, beating yourself
up state.  Rise above it as it is actually happening and see the
reality in a truer light.  Does that help?
        Jonathan:  Yes, it does, thank you.  
        Ginny:  My understanding is that anything that comes up in
our lives that we struggle with is a signal that we are not in
balance.  Rather than thinking of it as burdensome, we can think
of it as an instance for learning and use it.  I don't understand
eliminating baggage.
*       Malvantra:  You are understanding if you do use it in this
manner.  Many hold on to things deep inside of them and are in
pain throughout their lives and are unwilling to let go or see it
as something to grow through, a lesson.  They will, as Rick said,
be in denial or hang on to something rather than even make the
attempt to let go.  It is time to go deep inside of yourself and
cleanse yourself of those things that you have been either
unwilling or unable to let go of.  On the day-to-day track many
things come up that are simple to let go of or easy to see as
lessons or a simple struggle that you know you can get through. 
But I am advising to go deep into those areas that you have not
been willing to look at before that are holding you back.  As
baggage, you are pulling more weight than you need to because of
some inner struggle that continues that can now be let go of. 
Does that help?
        Ginny:  Yes.  Thank you. 
        Jonathan:  I got this playful image of grabbing that
luggage, pulling it open, and throwing the clothes all over the
room, treating them more lightly.  Denial comes in when we see
our baggage as such a heavy burden, and it is if we refuse to
open it and see what is rags and what is good clothing.  
*       Malvantra:  Yes.  And some baggage is full of boulders.  You
can replace them with crystals.  
        Jonathan:  The Course seems to say the baggage is empty. 
Maybe on a Paradise level, but on a human level I think we have
all sorts of stuff crumpled up in there.  
*       Malvantra:  It requires an inner awareness that as the
turmoil, action, the heaviness is happening, you can be able to
deal with it at that point.  Everyone has something that they can
take at this point in time to release that has been a permanent
fixture within them for a long, long time.  It is those permanent
fixtures that are the hardest to release.  Once you begin to
learn how to do that on a daily basis, you will no longer have to
deal with the permanent fixtures so much.  You will become more
light beings and not so heavy physically.  
        Jonathan:  I like that; if we eliminate our permanent
fixtures, when the temporary ones come along they will be easier
to unload since we haven't become so attached to them, letting
them mold our identity. 
*       Malvantra:  Yes, you attach your temporary problems to your
permanent problems, and they begin to grow.  That is why many can
go along in harmony for awhile and then everything explodes and a
deep depression or the blow ups; it is because there has not been
a maintenance level along the way.  Gloria has the word "PM",
preventative maintenance.
        Jonathan:  It causes me to think of Jesus' words to take no
thought for tomorrow for today is sufficient in itself. 
*       Malvantra:  You will do fine.  You have a great gift in that
you are aware of all the help you have and the love that is
pouring and that you no longer have to do anything alone or
struggle alone but can ask and you shall receive.  It may not be
in the way you had expected but in the way that will bring you
fruit before the season.  
*       Helen:  This is Helen.  I want to give a short comment to
remind you when  you are doing this work to be in a state of
forgiveness for yourselves and for others for, when you get into
those inner passages, things come up that you may have thought
you had released or forgotten, but they are there waiting to
forgive.  Let go of these passages as you come to them. 
Visualize sweeping your hallways.  As you sweep the light becomes
brighter in each passageway through your systems in that your
forgiveness perpetuates more forgiveness.  As you feel the
brightness come through your mind, your body, your spirituality,
you realize what a gift you are giving yourself to be able to
open yourself up, to be able to do this in a way that is lasting
and not temporary.  
        Thank you.  
*       Elyon (Ginny):  There is another way to handle dealing with
baggage, as you are using the term.  As you sit in meditation, in
stillness, as you spend more and more time in communion with  our
Father, the easier it will become to act in a Godlike manner. 
You do not need to be picking at your wounds all the time in
order to heal them.  Healing comes from within, deep, deep,
within.  The deeper you can go with your communion with our
Father, the easier it will be to heal wounds.  The love of the
Father will automatically infuse your being with healing energy. 
Your work as such will be cut down, will be not so burdensome if
you allow the Father to act in you.  
        A word from Elyon.  
        Gloria:  Thanks, those words were really good.  I was
reading from Ham about control in the addictive process.  I was
feeling the controller at the gate.  Can you address how I can
open the gate and let the Father in there at the gate?  I feel
it's control; I have to have control, which is an illusion. It's
not real but it's there.  I need to break that control down to
let the light in. 
*       Elyon:  I think you have already answered your question. 
Allowing is a key word.  The Father knows what you need before
you ask.  He is more than willing to help you.  Your daily prac-
tice of stillness will help greatly so that you can form a habit
of being in God's presence, so that you will form a habit of
acknowledging His presence within you.  You know how easy it is
to perform habitually, good or bad.  Simply increase your good
habits.  Your meditations, your stillness, are good habits.  They
will take over if you do them often enough.
        Jonathan:  That's wonderful.  The time of day is finite,
only 24 hours.  If we do enough good habits there won't be room
for the bad.
*       Elyon:  Exactly.  You are not so much struggling to
eliminate as allowing to be filled.  
        Gloria:  That's right!
        Tom:  I'd like to ask Jessona if she has any comments she
would like to share with us.  Also, if Jeremiah is in the
vicinity, is there anything he would like to download?
*       Jessona (Jonathan):  I am Jessona, and I have comment for
you, my brother.  You are keenly aware of the sovereignty of your
will, and your understanding of the need to petition our counsel
is great.  I would share with you the process wherein this truth
becomes evident in action, that is through the use of the
master's image of a first and second mile.  When you relent to go
the first mile and recognize what you carry in your pack, you
make obvious your request for help, and what follows is the
second mile of correction, adaptation, and growth.  Here is where
we function more fully.  There is a significant event horizon
that is crossed at the second mile.  When in doubt as to your
direction, be less concerned for the results to be attained in
the second mile but focus on that first leg of your journey wher-
ein you will recognize, itemize, and identify the needs and the
goals which are revealed when you cross over to the second leg of
your journey.  Many times the hunger for the answer is stronger
in the drive to begin the search.  Grab that hunger and direct it
toward the search, and the answers will be forthcoming as
automatically as the outworking of a formula.  
        I thank you for your request. 
I assure you that I am in partnership with you in your upcoming
address to your spiritual brothers and sisters, and I have
complete confidence in you.  *                              Aaron:  This is Aaron; I greet
you, my friends, with whom I am familiar and do greatly enjoy
your company.  I merely seek to greet you, to, as you would so
commonly do, hug each other; I hug you.  That is all I intended
to convey.  
        However, I will also now address your request for comment
from your departed brother, Jeremiah.  He is currently in
attendance with his earth mate and is tickled that you are think-
ing of him.  Do expect his contact.  The uniqueness of this
Teaching Mission is that it is an out-of-the-ordinary procedure. 
It is pondered greatly by us what the implications are for a
procedure as the Correcting Time, especially on an experimental
planet.  Your apparent planetary orphanhood has revealed to this
universe the strength of the human being to manage his affairs,
to evolve in spite of the lack of overt guidance from your
celestial fellows.  Now, as we re-establish our presence with
you, rules are changing.  Some permanently, though many only
temporarily in this current correction cycle.  This I convey to
you so that you may be receptive.  I am finished, thank you.   
        Gloria:  That made me think of my son.  Give him a big hug
up there, will you?
        Ginny:  Send my love to Jeremiah.  *                                 Aaron:  Your
expressions are received.  I will convey them with joy.  

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