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Ham: greetings, children, I am Ham. I once again am grateful and
honored that you should come here tonight, welcome. Tonight the
discussion topic will elaborate somewhat on last week's discussion.

Once more, I am relying on your thought adjusters to help your
understanding because this lesson normally is not given until you have
reached Mansonia two. The Mansion world life is very different from
this life. You have freedom that you don't understand on this world.
Freedom that involves increasing self-discipline. You are starting to
understand that your time should be used wisely, that freedom does not
entail laziness or self-indulgence.

To the immature mind, the life on Mansonia two may seem restricted and
regimented, but this is never due to a coercive force being applied,
it is the intelligent understanding among its inhabitants who choose
to live in an orderly manner that causes this impression. The
inhabitants of Mansonia two take great delight in learning, in
applying their learning as well as relaxing, socializing, and
enjoyment of reversion. They look forward to the day when reversion
is not necessary, but they are still immature creatures who require
relaxation and rest.

It is beginning to dawn on these ascenders, as it should be beginning
to dawn on you, that you are educating yourselves and working toward
something very great and though it has not been entirely revealed to
you, you cannot help but be swept up in the excitement, in the
knowledge of working for the advancement of God. It is beginning to
dawn on you that you are being entrusted with something sacred. You
are beginning to understand that the Father of all creation is giving
you his trust.

Gradually, your doubts about yourselves are giving way to the doing of
the work that you have been entrusted with. Gradually, you understand
that there is nothing more important, even you are not more important,
than the goal, the trust, the work. Service, gradually becomes an all
consuming desire. You are beginning to find your place in the
universe and to acquit yourselves well in the tasks you have been
given. Gradually, your purpose becomes clear and all the doubts and
the worries and the hassles and the hang-ups cease to bother you,
cease to impede your progress.

The second mansion world is a time of great unfolding, where who you
are and are discovering yourself to be and the path that you are
choosing become one and the same. There is no longer a separation
between you and your purpose. You are becoming your purpose as it is
revealed to you.

As I explained last week, the second mansion world is one where the
Father in the form of your thought adjuster and you are drawing closer
and closer within the medium of the mind. So as this is happening,
you destiny also is being revealed. Freedom lies in this process. Once
you know who you are, who you are becoming, and what you are to do in
the Universe, there is no fear, or misconceived idea that can chain

There is great power in this knowing, this self-revealing wonderful
process. You will begin to have power over the old clinging human
weaknesses. Spiritual power is power of self-control. Gradually, this
growing maturity and establishment of your true character/identity is
stronger than the old fears and weaknesses which once enslaved you.
You are given the power to do what you now understand you must do. You
must do it as the fulfillment of yourself. You have no wishes that can
possibly go beyond what you have been given, so you have no desire for
self-betrayal. All you are, and all you will become is now focused
toward the goal.

Let me use an example that you may understand. Excuse the crudeness
of this example. Mozart was born a child prodigy. He knew his life's
calling, his life's work and fulfilled himself through music. This is
very crude, but it is somewhat analogous to the all consuming desire
that grows within your breast within this time in your development.
You simply must be who you are and find your expression.

Your life in the flesh rarely allows you to come to this point in your
development, but I would not be teaching this lesson if I thought it
was beyond you. Are there any questions at this time.

Q: This is not a question, but as I was thinking about this lesson
about the visions our religions have of life after death, and the
vision that you have painted for us is far more wonderful and
inspiring that any of these.

Q: This is a personal question, is the work that I will be doing to
the work for my task as part of this mission, is it similar to the
work I will be doing later, the same kind of work, how close it is to
what I will be doing later? I am curious?

Ham: This I cannot tell you because the work evolves as you go,
becomes grander and more meaningful and more fulfilling. I would think
that you are on pathway even now, and so yes it is similar, certainly.

Q: Ham during the lesson you repeatedly emphasized the gradual nature
of these self- unfoldings. I am sure you had a good reason for that,
could you elaborate on that point?

Ham: The young soul like a young plant cannot carry the full weight of
its potential fruit when it is but a seedling. Time is required for
the stalk to grow, for the branches to thicken, before the fruit can
be borne. Much of what transpires in this life is analogous to the
plants first sprouting to the growth toward the sun but for what
purpose, it is not seen until the first buds and the first fruits. As
in all things, the process of self- revealing and God-revealing is
time dependent. So, never be anxious or concerned about your
spiritual growth. See to it that your soul is fed and watered and the
Father will see to its growing.

Q: I understand this intellectually, but I don't think I have learned
it. I find that I am not patient and that I want to be at that point
without covering all the distance in between. I don't know how others
feel, but I want to move quickly.

Ham: When you were a child, and were waiting for Christmas, didn't a
day seem interminably long?

Q: Yes, I do remember that quite clearly,

Q: I thought just came to me that makes that whole thing simple, if I
am right, is that patience and tolerance are an integral part of love
and when you get love, you get all that stuff too.

Yes. Very true.

You said. "You have no wishes that can possibly go beyond what you
have been given, so you have no desire for self- betrayal. All you
are, and all you will become is now focused toward the goal". I was
wondering if it was really possible for us to achieve that state in
our lives in the flesh. More specifically I am finding it hard to
imaging having such a clear vision of our destiny, so clear that we
can see how enormously wonderful it is.

Ham: All things are possible, the flesh is very weak, and the release
from it and from the corruption of the physical world really puts you
beyond it in a way that is impossible while still in the flesh. So,
yes and no.

Q: In the example of Mozart, you are saying that he did have the
vision from early on?

Ham: No, just that he lived his life with the conviction of one who
did have vision.

Q: Let me see if I understand, this vision or insight, this level of
self-revelation is something that we have to allow to unfold gradually
over time. There is not flash of insight of bolt of lightening that
will strike us. We just have to be patient?

Ham: Yes.
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