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December 15, 1996
* Elyon (Jonathan TR): We welcome you to our presence as you, this hour,
welcome us who are but a short distance beyond your sensory capabilities. If
your physical systems were morontia, you would realize the continual co-pre-
sence we share with you.
Personality has attributes; these are not fixed in the sense that you
are capable of removing and adding attributes, though your personality is al-
ways. It may acquire attitudes under which it may find expression. Your mind
is the applicator for these attributes as the mind encircuits the many lobes
of your physical brain. Patience is an application of a personality attitude.
I spoke of patience previously from the viewpoint of realizing the potential
pitfall in applying patience. Today I would address the benefits of patience.
The recognition of potential, the perception of growth, is good. You
have spoken of gardening; when your beds are seeded then the shoots sprout.
You must patiently await the arrival of the harvest. This patience recognizes
the potential. It is not the patience I referred to earlier of value judge-
ment, of bearing the hardship. This form of patience is pleasant; it speaks
of the maturity of the personality. When each of you expresses an attribute
your manifestation through your mind colors, transforms, an identical attrib-
ute we each share into a unique expression much like a round ball may be
constructed out of the tool box of the carpenter, the metal worker, the seam-
stress. The manifestation differs; the source for the expression is the same.
Understanding this relationship divorces the value of an individual from the
value of the act in the arena of judgement. Herein you can understand the
unconditional acceptance you may hold for anyone alongside with your variable
value system of behavior. The garden is not inferior mid-season because it
hasn't produced fruit. No patience is required. The potential is resident
therein. This is like the acceptance of another who may behave contrary to
your preferences. This patience is one of joyful acceptance allowing
duration, unfoldment, and attainment.
Each one of you is like a different seed, and though your radishes fruit
early; your corn is later; both are correct in their unfoldment. When
displeased with your own characteristics, the process of reforming yourself is
expedited through altering your applicator, the mind.
Some characteristics of personality appear to be disagreeable, when in
reality it is the application of the characteristic that gives it disagreeable
qualities. The attribute itself may prove highly useful in another method of
expression. Understanding this with another allows acceptance. But even
though you may find it easy to let slide behavior, it is a stumbling point for
many to accept an attribute with neutrality, for the behavior often leads one
to evaluate its source from which the personality has expressed itself. This
source is not to be judged.
I am hopeful this has increased insight into this topic.
Now for something different. Satania is currently celebrating its
success in its reinstitution. Your planet is celebrating seasonal fest-
ivities, and I express to you similar festive activities throughout this
bundle of planets. Michael is making his rounds addressing the administrators
and caretakers of each world, acknowledging the efforts. For, you see, each
planetary representative is, in a symbolic sense, a Joseph or Mary making
ready for the reception of the Son of Light on each of the darkened worlds.
Peace on earth, goodwill among men has been expanded to over 100 planets.
Please feel free to interject at any time.
Evelyn: What do you mean by that last sentence, peace on earth has ex-
tended to over 100 planets?
* Elyon: It is the awakening of the awareness of life on other worlds by
your planet that has begun the expansion of your high ideals to include more
than your planet's population. The global viewpoint is enlarging such that
the truth of the phrase can move beyond earth and mankind. Do you see?
Evelyn: Are you saying that 100 other planets in our system have
reached the point where they recognize that they share the system with other
inhabited planets?
* Elyon: "Recognized" is our goal. "Recognizing" is the current status.
It is the correcting time de-quarantinizing efforts.
Tom: So, we have 160 planets that went into rebellion. So, is this
portending that there will be some celebrating when all 160 get re-hooked up
into the circuits? Maybe the second coming?
* Elyon: Yes and perhaps. The celebrations, may I use another seasonal
phrase, joy to the world, is an ongoing jubilee that we have been celebrating
since the sovereignty attainment of our universe creator. In some respects
the celebration of these few planets is a minor highlight in the big party. I
know to you who have a dissimilar timeline to mine it may seem odd that such
celebrations may continue for thousands of years, but it is a remarkable
event. It is like Christmas everyday, and we are loyally dedicating to
massing the Christ-quality of each of you throughout the system, enlarging the
presence of Michael through his Spirit of Truth in each of your personalities.

For the record, this is Elyon.
Evelyn: I still don't follow the numbers here. I thought there were
only thirty-odd planets that were in this recent rebellion, not 100. I
realize that all the planets have to evolve and go through a phase of not
knowing they are part of system. I understand you are saying Michael is going
around visiting the ones coming out of rebellion. We can look forward to this
visit, too.
* Elyon: Planets that were not isolated through rebellion have been
affected. Please note that your world went into isolation at a fairly primi-
tive stage in its development. Some worlds were more advanced, and there were
connections between these worlds that were sorely missed by their admin-
istrators. It is these borderline worlds, those on the fringe of the
rebellion who likewise are receiving the benefits of this reinstatement. The
mechanics of this I cannot detail for you. It may be sufficient to realize
the consequences of all one's actions do have bearing upon another and must be
patiently awaited by the outlying worlds in relation to the quarantine arena
for the transformation.
Evelyn: That makes sense. On our planet when a country that was at war
gets over its warring the whole world benefits. We all have new potentials
that arise from being able to interact with a country at peace, rather than
isolated at war.
* Elyon: Excellent, Evelyn. Well said. This is why the correcting mis-
sion of the Melchizedeks has expanded beyond mere system assigned personali-
ties to include all under Michael's banner. The effects are wide in scope.
Light and life implies great interconnection between worlds, systems of
worlds, and aggregations of systems. No one in Nebadon will be left out of
universe light and life. It is a building process.
Tom: We were talking earlier about microcosm and macrocosm. When
someone passes on to the morontia worlds or goes into the sleep, it is a form
of quarantine for us. I have some dear associates who have moved on. Whether
they are in limbo or alive on the morontia worlds, if I were to go to a
celebration here, let's say that involved their children, can I petition their
presence? Or are they privileged to their own children's public forums? For
example, one friend who passed on, if I were to go to a basketball game of his
son, - I know we are supposed to ask for just about everything, you have
mentioned that many times - can I ask you to contact him, for him to come to
the game with me, for example? Or does he get to go to the game without me
even asking?
* Elyon: In relation to offspring, these resurrected parents keep con-
stant monitor directed toward their off-spring. Your petition for their
attendance is, in this regard, unnecessary, for they are so interested in
their children's progress. But rarely do they leave their assigned world, for
the communication avenues are quite excellent in perceiving the event like the
one you speak of.
The post-life mortal who has not resurrected is similar to isolation,
but I would alter your use of the word "quarantine" to be "isolated", for it
is not bad to die; it is not a contagious thing. But the personality does
experience a season of withdrawal from all external things but the Father,
whereas you know that the Father is within. The Father's personality ever
embraces the personality of the individual. It is an occasion of great joy,
upon awakening; many attend.
I would address your question about asking for attendance of beings in
morontia states. I spoke of parents and offspring. Others not so tied to
loved ones left behind on a physical planet do become so engaged in their
current career that their nativity world begins to be rather remote. Your
prayer is routed their way, and they may choose to monitor the activity for a
time. It is difficult when the vast potentials of the ascension career are at
your feet to spend much time in retrospect. This is reserved for times of
Tom: Thank you.
"Similar souls with similar goals" - Elyon

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