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November 3, 1996
*       Elyon (Mark TR):  Warm greetings to you, my friends.  This
is Elyon.  Today I would speak on contact.  
        This concept of contact has many different levels and many
different effects.  For sometime now you and I have enjoyed a di-
fferent level of contact than either of us had ever experienced before. 
This contact we have between us serves on many different levels to
strengthen awareness, to inspire growth and action, to refresh and
support each other with confirmation of our ideals.  All these
expressions of our contact and many more are instigated by the contact
we have with each other.  
        If you would, now for a moment step back and realize that the
contact you share with each other and with your brothers and sisters
around you has the very same potential for growth, for support.  This
service you can provide to those with whom you come in contact.  Every
contact is latent with potential for a variety of positive effects.  If
you would view your daily conta- cts with each other and with those
around you as having the same potential as the contact we share here
today, you might gain awareness that potential for the same benefits
        Contact is unique in that it is pursued and desired by the
individuals involved.  There is an underlying commitment when any
contact occurs between the individuals involved.  This is the first step
, the opening of the door, towards trust and acceptance of the benefits
of this two-way communion.  You very admirably pursue our weekly contact
and your individual contacts with the stillness.  In future you may come
to realize that all contact is beneficial to all parties concerned. 
This is easily exemplified by the fact that individuals who lack contact
with other individuals or any force outside of themselves often wither
and starve for this contact.  To deprive a human of this contact is
considered punishment in your culture.  You are social creatures, and
therefore it is a basic requirement to interact with those of your kind.
 I would encourage you to elevate this level of contact in your minds to
a more spiritual level, more like the level you devote to the contact
you share with me and with the rest of the teachers.  In doing this you
elevate those around you to a more spiritual focus even if the words you
use at any given time do not necessarily reflect a spiritual cause.  
Your attitude, if spiritually attuned, prevails no matter what exchange
you may have.  
        I would also offer comment on your previous discussion of
changes.  As has been stated before, changes are indeed impending.  If
you could picture the development of your planet as a sine wave, you
would interpret times of great change and upheaval as being the peaks
and times of long stagnation as being the troughs.  We are at a point in
this sine wave of climbing to an apex of peak where potentials are
brought to the surface and extra energy is provided as the impetus to
propel forward.  This is, again, nothing to be alarmed about.  This is
simply the status as viewed from the outside.  This is, in fact, a
glorious time to be witness to the unfolding of potentials on your
developing planet.  This upcoming season is why we as teachers have
uniformly attempted to prepare our students to have steady foundations
on which to ride out possible shifts in attitude.  It is why we have had
the lesson plans that we have had.  We have attempted to prepare you as
individuals to weather the seeming storm.  This may add slightly to your
apprehension of events to unfold, but we have made every effort to
dispel fear and doubt and provide you with the substitutes of hope and
faith.  It is quite alright for you to feel uncertainty; we have not
attempted to displace this, as uncertainty can provide the impetus for
further growth.  But fear and doubt are stifling to growth, and
therefore I hope our lessons have conveyed to you a positive tone, a
forward-looking approach and acceptance.  The faith in you has been our
goal to foster and build so that you may be at your most effective in
having a stabilizing effect on those around you whose uncertainty has
cast them into fear and doubt.
        There will come a time when you look back on the sine wave of
events to happen in your short existence here on this planet, and you
will smile to think how you thought at the time and how you reacted at
the time of these various transformations.  Your perspective in the
future will provide you with the wisdom and insight to dispense with
fears and doubts in favor of an- ticipation and faith.  
        It is a difficult task, at the same time, to attempt to prepare
you for upcoming changes and simultaneously play down the effect of
impending situations.  I am hopeful that our lessons to date have done
more to build on your positive tendencies than to illuminate any
potentially distressing aspects.  You all are in possession of great
amounts of faith, and I request that you reside there and in times of
question or uncertainty that you return to your safe house of faith,
that you return to your stillness, to your attitude of the desiring of
wisdom and that by doing so you will appear to those around you to be a
stable isle in contrast to the seeming changing sea around you.  
        I am not worried or unduly concerned for any individual in this
group.  I have every confidence and faith in you that, whatever gets
thrown at you in this life, you will triumph, you will prevail.  You are
more and more aligning your attitude and your soul with the Father's
will.  That alone is all that is required of you.
        I give you all my love and my respect and look forward to this
joyous time we have before us.  The fruits will seem to ripen; the
colors will seem to be brighter; the opportunities will be more for the
taking, and we will all go through this together and experience this
growthful time together.
        That is the conclusion of my remarks for today.  I am with you
as always as are others to be called upon.  We all welcome your
questions, comments, observations.  
        Jonathan:  In the past years you have mentioned that, in
relation to faith, doubt can be good as a stimulus to growth.  Now you
mention doubt in relation to fear as stifling growth.  Could you comment
on both the usefulness and the drawbacks to doubt?  *       Elyon: 
Indeed, the doubt card can be played in two directions.  In preliminary
stages of development, doubt is absolutely normal and can indeed be a
stimulant to enhance or increase faith.  It is also true that from time
to time throughout your development this doubt may rise to the surface. 
However, it is infallibly true that, as you spiritually progress in your
ascension, doubt inevitably becomes less and less of a factor as you
give yourself over more and more to faith and the will of the Father and
your progression.  The more you whole- heartedly devote your being to
your ascension, the will of the Father, the less room is left for any
doubt.  So that a fully developed spiritualized being does not grapple
with doubt as a factor; they are fully devoted to their faith in which
there is literally no room left for doubt.  
        Doubt has by its very nature a stifling, halting effect on
forward progression and movement.  In the beginning stages of spiritual
development this doubt challenges the individual to further increase
their faith.  So the doubt is seen as an obstacle or a challenge to go
around or to overcome, and therefore it is useful.  At some point it is
no longer a neces- sary element in your spiritual development and can be
released or let go from your spiritually progressive path.  
        Does this illuminate any further the dual nature of doubt?
        Jonathan:  As you were speaking I was playing with the metaphor
of water.  I see that if someone has an ocean to cross, doubting one's
ability to build a worthy vessel to cross this ocean, in faith utilizes
that doubt to research and develop a seaworthy vessel.  That would be a
good growth stimulus.  But at full sail at sea, that is not the time to
doubt one's effective construction and pull in the sails and climb in
the berth and cringe in fear.  That's where doubt has its negative
effect.  As we progress our assuredness of the care and provision of the
Father and our abilities to work His will should overcome those doubts. 
 *       Elyon:  My friend, you have done an excellent job of stating
the truths, rearranging in your concept frame and explaining perhaps
even better than I did the places where doubt exists and the
consequences therein.  Well done.  
        Jonathan:  It was team work, you and me.   *       Elyon: 
Speaking the way you just did is an example I would point to that we
have suggested in lessons lately of a message being so clearly and
profoundly delivered from your person, from your personality, not from
some hidden voice or some different source other than yourself.  The job
you did personally in expressing those truths goes to illuminate the
point that has been made recently of the value of lessons and ideals and
truths delivered by yourselves.  Each one of you in this room is
entirely capable of delivering profound and meaningful messages from
your own stores of information and your own self.  This is something you
all should attempt to be aware of and perhaps develop more, this
confidence in the fact that you are quite able to do this.  You are not
required to be in a group setting or in a transmitter/receiver capacity,
you are simply empowered to present ideals and ideas to elevate those
around you, even if it simply comes from you, yourself.  *       Linnel 
(Jonathan):  Greetings, northwest neighbors, I am Linnel.  I have
managed to get Jonathan to speak.
        It is heartwarming to all teachers to witness the widespread
growth throughout this teaching mission to experience with you your
reach for higher ground, deeper understanding, and a broader embrace of
one another.  This is a teacher's mission and, as Elyon has pointed out,
you have a vast reserve of educational material within yourselves, great
stores of inspirational messages of hope and of healing to be shared.  I
greet you warmly.  This exchange, this contact, with your race of humans
is an exciting adventure.  Planet 606 is having its coming out party. 
Take your big step of faith forward; leave behind the wounds of the past
.  Crippling experiences can only become strength when your faith and
trust are applied toward understanding the greater context, the peaks
and valleys, which an individual as well as a planet undergoes.  
        I share the love of Christ Michael this day and thank you for
this receptivity.  
        Evelyn:  It won't be long before we start planning our regional
get-together for next summer.  Since you work with the Oregon people, do
you have any suggestions at this early phase to promote such that our
gathering would be more meaningful? *       Linnel:  I would suggest
emphasizing a deeper commitment to family, the mission family, to apply
as much attention upon your needs with each other.  
        The outreach you long to give in ministry is best supported by
close and intimate interpersonal love.  Strengthen the bonds; this will
enlarge your ability to function individually through the expansiveness
of a team. 
        Events such as conferences are huddle circles.  It is good to
develop the next play within the huddle.  This is where the camaraderie
is amplified and the synchronous action is coordi- nated to bring about
the desired goals in outreach.  I give two words: bonding and, in this
bonding, building.  Drawing together and coordinating with each other. 
Specific functions are left to your creative approaches.  That is all.
        Evelyn:  Thank you.
        Tom:  Could you address the questions we had earlier about
last week's lesson, expanding from the group to the whole? 
*       Malvantra:  I am Malvantra; I will take this question. 
        Urantia is leaving quarantine.  Governmental structures existent
on your planet have been run under isolation.  Now begins the
integration into the overall systematic operation of worlds.  Each
individual on this planet likewise will need to work to break the
isolation of self from others and enact the brotherhood of man.  Just as
your planetary supervisors are now making decisions considering the
entire system, so likewise will you make personal decisions considering
the entire world.  This is an aspect of the Father's business, for your
freewill gives you liberty to do your business as an individual.  
        Within the whole the Supreme will of the Father becomes your
task.  It requires a degree of surrender and acceptance, a surrender of
your own desire and an acceptance of a greater will.  Some of this
enlarged view of living causes the individual to release agenda - those
long lists of what could be right and what is wrong that each carries -
in order to allow the unfoldment of the evolutionary process which is
not clear cut in its forward process.  Thus, often understanding the
unfoldment only leads to vague glimpses; this is where your intuitive
functions come into play in order to properly place yourself in the big
        Methods for improving this world are valuable.  The effort of
each individual is a contribution to the greater team.  Therefore, it is
not always clear how your individual efforts will contribute or conflict
unless you develop the view of the whole wherein even your failures are
part of the growth of the entire civilization. Remember always the
presence of the Supreme. 

Rick Giles 

Similar souls with similar goals - Elyon

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