Rayson and Ham

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Wed Sep 25 13:40:32 PDT 1996

Greetings, I am Rayson and I am happy that Ham has allowed me to
speak today.  There are certain of you who are worried or are
wondering about your lives ahead on this planet, Urantia. Are
worried about earth changes or are confused concerning the tree of
life, or are concerned about the Melchizedek arrival. You shall all
know the reality that is existence on your plain carries with it
uncertainty and unknowningness concerning future events and you are
all speculating we feel too much. 

When you are given a tiny bit of information, you expand it and make
it more or different that it was intended.   I understand that this
is normal and natural human beingness to try to understand
everything that you can but you must show more caution and restraint
in your ow speculations. Remember the apostles listened sometimes
with half their ears.  They took what they could grasp and expanded
on it, and discarded what they thought or unconsciously did not fit
with their preconceived ideas.  

We want to caution you all in the same way. You know some of the
past and rely much on the Urantia book for this understanding, but
the past will not repeat. This is a new time. I understand that you
try to put things in ways you understand and think in your mind
"well this future time will be like this in the Urantia book" or
your other reference frames. 

We are not usually allowed to correct erroneous thinking,
specifically.  But I do want to caution you all lest you build
castles in the air and are disillusioned with the teaching mission
when they crumble or fall.  That is my message, thank you, farewell,
Ham is present.

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I greet you with much joy.
You all are truly making great progress in the spirit, you are
moving mountains with your firmness of faith and your trust in the

Spiritual power comes only to those whose motives, whose soul, whose
mental understandings have all been cleansed of the contaminations
of fear, pride, of prejudice.  Much of your lives are concerned with
this cleansing process.  

Where are your fears, where is your unforgiveness, where is your
sterness or blocks in your attitudes towards others? To gain the
power of the spirit, which is all power, all these spiritual poisons
must be abandoned.  

The master said, blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see
God. This is his way of saying that the spiritually cleansed are
given insight into the heart of the Father.  When you see God, do
you not see everything? Do you not see his purpose? And can you not
align yourself with his will when all things are plain to you?  

Spiritual power comes in many ways, it is the power to heal, the
power of foresight, the power to see into your brother's heart, the
power to expand your potentials, the power of love itself. 
Spiritual power trusts, and this trust is the hardest thing to
achieve for in trusting you are letting go of your own initiatives,
your own plans, your own understandings of every situation.  

Trust is not just some vague notion that everything will work out in
the end.  Actual spiritual trust can be a daily or even an hourly
exercise in letting go.  But, or course, you must do the work that
is given you, it is the outcome that you must leave to the Father. 

You know that in this world you must toil to earn your bread, and
this is the way of this world.  So, if you toil, you can trust that
the bread will come, and if you toil, doing God's will, in the very
most  specific way you can understand it, then there must be a trust
that the bread will come. 

You cannot plan your futures. You can try, but in the end what you
can do is toil and trust.   I understand that many of you are
planning for your futures in very minute detail and there is nothing
wrong with doing this. However, the winds of chance blow across all
lives and your well laid plans are blown to dust.   This will not
make you fearful if you have learned to trust and have exercised
your spiritual power.  

Children, my greatest advice I have to give you is to exercise your
faith, learn to live in faith, learn to toil in absolute trust that
your bread will be forthcoming.  If you can do that, you will be
very far along the road and you will have learned the first lesson
of the mansion worlds. Are there any questions at this time?

Q: It seems like I can do that pretty well for a while, then I hit a
little bumpy patch and I  panic feelings that I have to do something
extra and I have to do it now or everything is going to crash and
burn. Are those bumpy patches going to be less and less, or is it
just that I am impatient?

Ham: Rebecca, you are learning to use some of the spiritual power
you actually posses.  You are learning to let go of your anxiety
little by little. All the anxieties are fear of ridicule and of the
unknown.  You fear not the failure itself, but the ridicule that
failure means.    The fact that you are usually successful in your
endeavors is somehow lost in the irrational childhood memory fears. 
This will limit your effectiveness until it is overcome. Therefore,
work on these areas by forgiveness and understanding for all who
were involved in your childhood, parents, extended family and
friends.  You took on the role of protector for your parents and
stood up to their ridicule as a child trying to shield them.   So
you still try to put up a wall to others to shield yourself from
ridicule.  Examine this process and you will make some headway in
this area.

Q: You know that Deborah called and wanted to ask some questions.
I'll just read it to you. Don's left clavicle has a non-union, would
healing help?  

Ham: Healings and prayers always help, certainly. 

Q: She had a question, what is my path, how can I help, and she
mentioned she was thinking about writing a book about her physical
disease, or marketing salsa?

Ham: Deborah, you have many talents. You are very gifted and
creative. I will not advise you specifically as to your future work
at this time. But you are only just discovering your great
potentiality. The overwhelming need to do something will eventually
channel itslef into what you need in the time frame you are living. 

Q: She said, do I have a special guide and if so how can I establish

Ham: It is too early for this question.

Q: Mary Jo is up there tonight, do you have anything to say to Mary

Ham: Daughter, you are at the beginning of a great adventure in your
life. Like jumping off a cliff and finding you can fly, you are
leaving the safety of earth and testing your wings.  Don't be afraid
to be who you are, child, for you are wonderful and greatly beloved
by many human and super human beings. The Father looks upon you with
great tenderness and love. Expand your awareness to include him
always in your life now.  Take time to establish your relationship
with him, personally, every day. Meditate, talk things over with
him, gradually let go of all the busy work and grasp his hand.  In
order to grasp his hand, you must do so with single minded sincerity
that leaves no doubt in your mind of your purpose.  

Q: We wondered if you wanted us to go to that Cincinatti meeting?  

Ham: It is good to keep in touch with others in the mission calling.
It is not required, however. Therefore, use your own judgment
concerning this get together.

Q: I would want to ask you for an evaluation and advice at this
time, or whatever you would like to tell me.

Ham: Jarad, you are progressing wonderfully. We are very happy with
your work.  You always follow our instructions and advice and this
is paying off, working for you.  Fear not the future is expanding.
Your role and influence is expanding. There is much promise for you.
 All is well, stay strong.

Q: I was interested in what you were saying to Rebecca. I was
wondering how much of that would apply to me to, you know the fear
of ridicule. That sounded like there might be a parallel.

Ham: Yes, there is to some extent. Certainly it is a common pattern
for children in alcoholic families to try to shield the parents from
the hostile outside world because the home is known and the
outsiders are strangers.  

Q: To try to shield the parents, in other words the denial thing?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Is that the greatest thing she and I have in common, our
upbringing in alcoholic families?

Ham: It is a similarity.

Q: Ham, it is interesting that you talked about cleansing. Friday
night I attended a Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. Are 
activities like this useful in helping us let go, in cleansing 

Ham: Yes

Q: Can you say more about what way they are useful or what aspect is
most useful?

Ham: Ritual symbolism is always useful in preparing the mind for
truth. When you are thinking about cleansing, this actual doing of
ritual helps to allow your mind the flexibility necessary to accept
cleansing of the spirit. You cannot cleanse your heart or your soul
if your mind tells you there is no need for it. But if you accept
that there is need for it, then the actual cleansing of the
spiritual self can begin.  Think what are your prejudices? Are you
somewhat biased in your feeling of like or dislike about your
students that are quick and do well in your classes compared with
those who are slow? Prejudice is a subtle thing, it is not so much
bigotry or overt clear cut prejudices as the subtle things.

Q: Those are much harder to identify, aren't they?

Yes. But if you decide in your mind, I am in need of cleansing, then
you can identify these things. If you say. I am free of prejudice,
then how can you identify it in yourself. 

Q: Prejudice, that is another way to try to be comfortable isn't it?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Besides examining prejudices, especially the subtle, are those
all the ones that I need to pay attention to cleanse myself

Ham: No this is enough for tonight.

Q: Would you care to tell me my main prejudices that stand in the
way of me doing my task?

Ham: No, these are for you to identify for yourself.

Q: I thought you might, because I don't know which ones I am serious
about. I have to examine my posture and poses.  I feel a need to say
something about what Rayson said, and I first thought it would sound
defensive. It is just that I, it seems like this group, our
curiosity, I am so self-centered that I don't have much curiosity
about anything that does not have to do with my task. It seems like
our group, this is just my perception, that we are more free of
asking the off the wall stuff than most groups are asking. It seems
like we are kind of more, I felt good about our groups being focused
on our own improvement to be a help or get better. I know that the
things that are given to this group are not just for this group.

Ham: You all have ideas that are more or less erroneous and these
more or less erroneous ideas are what cause divisions between people
and so we try to discourage speculation when we can.  

Q: I remember it says in the book that speculative, although
unavoidable, always causes delay.

Ham: It can cause some delay.

If there are no further questions, I will depart until next week.
Farewell and God goes with you. 

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